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Found 4 results

  1. When I swapped my HOB for a canister on the 36BF (Mostly due to noise) it left a gap in the cover. There are 10 mystery snails in there that I hatched from another tank. A few days ago I found one on the floor in front of the tank (the opening is on the back) that I just about stepped on. I thought for sure it was dead but i dropped it in the 10 that is full of shrimp. 2 days later there were 2 clutches of eggs on the lib that I am now trying to hatch out. If I had stepped on the poor girl she would be gone and I wouldn't have all these eggs. My guess is she crawled out looking for a place to lay eggs and fell off although how she got from the back to the front I have no idea. At any rate watch where you step if you have big snails that can crawl out. I am going to fill the hole as well to keep the other 9 inside. Can;t wait for the eggs to hatch. This will be my first set of second generation.
  2. I started an accidental experiment by waiting too long to bring my tubs inside at the end of the summer. I ended up with a bunch of maple leaves in my tubs, covered in snails. I moved the tubs inside and dumped some leaves in each tub, but I had a bunch left. I put those in a bucket with a Co-Op Sponge filter to try to keep the snails alive, and see what would happen. I sampled some water a couple of weeks ago, and tested it last night: I decided to feed the test water to some houseplants.
  3. I’m sure we’ve all had them, but I had a particularly sad one today. 😞 I was transferring my 8 week old gourami babies to the ten gallon grow-out tank. I got three in the net at once. When I put them in the new tank they exited the net so fast that I didn’t get to count them. The net looked like it was empty so I squeezed the net to wring the water out. But it wasn’t empty. One baby was stuck in the back. I saw it pretty quickly and got it back in the water, where it fled under the sponge filter and panted, shivering. I watched it for ages. I felt terrible. Eventually it came out, very slowly. It has trouble moving forward and one of its feelers is stuck pointing backwards and it’s tail and ventral fin are torn. I feel sooooo awful. I added stress coat to their water and I’ll just have to wait and see how it’s doing in the morning. I’ve made enough mistakes in my life that I know I can’t beat myself up over this, but still. Poor little fish.
  4. I left my frozen blood worms out for a couple hours in my fish room. I think I know the answer but is it safe to refreeze and continue to feed or should I toss the package? Its a shame I just bought the package on Monday.
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