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Found 4 results

  1. I’ve got two Threadfin Acaras (Geophagus heckelii) that were amazing g buddies… until they weren’t. Basically, when they grow old enough to spawn, they go into high gear every once in awhile and start digging a hole to China through the substrate. Plants come up… everything gets shoveled around. One began abusing the other, so I separated them. I’ve got in mind selling them both. But I’d like to learn more. Anyone have experience breeding these? Raising them? Heres a video where I ask some questions and show what’s going on more…
  2. So I have a dilemma. I have Electric Blue Acara eggs that showed up unexpectedly in my 40 breeder. The parents have been diligently guarding them, and they appear viable. They are about 3 days old, so I expect them to hatch soon, and the parents have been digging little hollows to put the fry in in preparation. Their only tankmates are a cloud of mutt guppies who are curious but not gutsy enough to challenge an acara. They have been SUUCH good parents. I bought a Ziss EZ Breeder box because I would really like to grow out the fry, and I did not expect them to be this successful. I assume that if I left the fry with the parents they would raise them for 2 weeks and then possibly eat them and spawn again. So I think I should pull the rock, but I kinda want to see if they will raise them? Ahhh, decisions decisions. The fry will be easier to target feed in the box, and I would get more to adulthood maybe. But if they can raise them to the brine shrimp eating stage I would be able to catch the fry in a few weeks before the parents spawn again...And it would be easier maybe? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  3. First, 48gallons, yes really. Weird size around here, but I found it used. (EDIT: I am not so smart: Do not trust a craislist seller's measurments--it is a 40 breeder) It is going to take me a week or two to get it set up and cycled. Plan is black sand and gravel substrate, rocks/caves, Valisneria, Tiger lotus, epiphytes like java fern and anubias, all secured to/by rocks. IMPORTANT POINT: this is a low wide tank, footprint is 36X18 inches, 17" deep (nope, 16"). It is actually bigger than the standard foot print of 55g: 48x13. I am set on at least one electric blue acara (EBA), which is the purpose of this tank. Stocking options are as follows: 1. 1 EBA + 1 feather fin squeaker (Synodontis Eupterus) 2. Breeding pair of EBA + 1 feather fin squeaker (Synodontis Eupterus) 3. Breeding pair of EBA My understaning is that the EBA will be about 6" when grown, and the Synodontis will be 8-10", so I am concerned that any amount of Synodontis might be too big in this tank. I don't WANT a pleco, but I realize that is a better option. Looking for opinions on these options from people who have kept both fish, or other very similar species. Thanks!
  4. When I first got these two dwarf flag acaras, they colored up and laid eggs right away but the tank wasn’t ready for fry. Now I’m ready and they aren’t breeding anymore. Anyone have tips to encourage that other than having a flat stone surface for them? Pictures below of them in their “normal state” and some of them while they were guarding the nest. Amazing color change!
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