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Found 3 results

  1. Well today was exciting! I got to add angelfish to my 95 gallon community tank. Found a breeder semi locally who breeds all of his in rock hard water. Seeing as how I want to keep them in my own liquid rock water, I'm super excited to have found them! The original plan was for 1, but he convinced me to take 3. At $5 each I couldn't resist. If they don't get along I'll just have to take a couple back. The guppy population got a little bigger than planned while I tried to connect with a breeder because breeder #1 had an equipment malfunction just as the ones I'd been waiting...and waiting...and waiting for got to selling size. Breeder#2 had a bigger selection anyway. Hopefully these will help to readjust the livebearer horde. I just had to show them off after the long wait! Now to come up with names... To make it an even better day, I also got an aqua huna order with kuhlis, ember tetras, and panda corys for my 20 gallon.
  2. First off I want to say thank you all for the help you have provided this year. You have all helped me successfully set up this tank and help me correct the issues I was having with the 75 gallon I set up on my daughter's 8th birthday in January. Back in the hobby after 20 years so my only knowledge was extremely outdated. That one might be her's but I'm proud to call the 95 Hex mine. I got a deal off C-list for a 95 gallon 26" diameter, 36 inch tall clear for life hexagon acrylic aquarium. My initial setup was on February 8th when I put fluorite 5" in the back to nothing up front and then filled the front with cycled 1/2" rock from the 75. A Hygger 969 titanium heater, hygger 957 LED light 24", 1 large and 1 medium CO-OP sponge filter. I then filled with 40 gallons prime treated city tap water (super hard). 2-14 added 4 giant Vallisneria along the back, 2 Anubius on either side of center, 2 madagascar lace in the middle with driftwood and a java moss covered driftwood up front. At this time I also added 2 tablespoons ammonium chloride and topped off the tank. Ammonia 4ppm, 0 nitrite. 2-18 had my first drop in ammonia to 2ppm and nitrites to .5 ppm. 2-20 ammonia .25ppm nitrites 2ppm. 2-21 added 1/2 tablespoons ammonium chloride. 2-22 .25 ammonia 2-5ppm nitrite 2-23 <.25 ammonia 5ppm nitrite 2-24 same 2-25 <.25 ammonia .25 nitrite 20ppm nitrate. I cannot tell you how pumped I was!!! I added another tablespoon ammonium chloride to get to 2ppm. 24 hours later I was down to 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and being my plants were going nuts I was still only at 20ppm nitrates. I was CYCLED!!!! 2-28 I transferred 4 mystery snails 2 nerite snails and 6 amano shrimp to the tank to take care of some algae that had formed from having a desk lamp pointed at my BBS hatchery (as a heater right next to the big tank) lesson learned(see picture below). They took care of it in a hurry. 3-3 picked up 8 male, 18 female long fin cherry barbs, 2 male 6 female Platy and 3 bristle nose pleco. They are all doing great so far. I am surprised how low in the water column they are hanging though. Looking to finish with 8-10 Molly and.... I have no idea! Open to suggestions. I'd really like something to swim up top but I'm sure everyone will be more comfortable and explore more up top soon. I love Corys but don't know how they will do with the fluorite (should have covered with sand). Angels? Pearl gouramis? All the extra guppies breeding like mad in the 75? 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ Send your thoughts my way and thank you again!
  3. Hello everyone, The 95 Gallon project is progressing to the point of making some stocking decisions. Currently, there's a very cheap, very nice group of corydoras available on our local fish club auction, and they're precipitating my question. I LOVE bottom-dweller/cleanup crew fish, but I don't want to end up overstocking. Here's what I'd LIKE to do (all added very gradually. Starting with 8-10 guppies who will increase from there) -Livebearers, main focus of the tank--mostly guppies, plus a few platys and they'll increase their own population to be controlled eventually with the planned last addition of the tank: -1 Angelfish Then I'd really LIKE to add-- -Kuhli loaches -Corydoras -Hillstream loaches Too many cleanup fish? How many of each for the best behavior/balance? With a population of guppies/platys and an angel (eventually), how many of each would you suggest for a 95 gallon tank? I know the guppys and platys will carry plenty of bioload as they reproduce, so how do I figure out the bioload of the "other guys"?
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