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Found 22 results

  1. I wanted to set up a short journal for my 90g tank set up. It’s not a Biotope but will mostly focus on CA cichlids, with a couple odd balls thrown in. I’ve traded in a few fish since my last post and lost one to a “decoy accident”. The current stocking is 2 Nicaraguan Cichlids, a Flier Cichlid, and a Sengal Bichir. The next fish I get will be a HRP, 1-3 Firemouths, 1-2 Topaz Cichlid (if I can find them) and some plecos. I am not sure how I feel about the driftwood right now so please give me some opinions. I also will get more anubius eventually.
  2. I am so excited for the next chapter in my fish keeping journey that I thought it would be fun to start a journal. I have butterflies as I get closer to picking it up this afternoon. Currently I have a 30 gallon so the day dreaming of what something 3 times the size will look like is fun. Making different tank set ups with different fish and plants. Doing lots of research to make an amazing community tank with fish that like to party together. I am leaning towards Angel fish or Rainbows as my star fish with some schooling fish. Stay tuned over the following months as a get it up and running. P.S. I will be asking lots of questions!!! 🙂
  3. Hey all, I recently purchased a 90 gal acrylic with a 30 gal sump. I’m going to use the tank for freshwater planted aquarium and was curious on recommendations for return pump size. I’m estimating approx 4ft head pressure. Tank was used and came with a QUIET1 9000 return pump which seems way more than is necessary and it draws 3.1 amps. Anyone have recommendations for a substitute that will be suitable for the tank? Ideally looking for one that draws less power and is quiet. Thanks for the help
  4. I have spent to last few days working on my 90g and I am at the point of adding my lid. My tank is old style so it does not have a middle cross beam. The glass would fit perfectly if it did. The tank did have these to made up cross beams so I thought awesome, all is well. Nope. The one is a tight fit and the glass slids nicely in. The other on is about 1/4 inch short so I just holding on. It only has slots on one side. Glass will sit nicely in the slots but than it means the front lid part is sitting unbalanced. It also leaves with about a 2 inch gap between the two. My light is attached there so need space at the back but would like gap closed. Soooo, looking for some fish tank MacGyver style hacks. Any suggestions that will not break the bank would be amazing. Thanks.
  5. So I am in the process of setting up a new 90 gallon tank. I have some fish I really want, but others im unsure if compatible? It's so hard to search one by one which fish are compatible with which. The fish I 100% want are: electric blue acara severums blood parrot Fish I am wondering if compatible: geophagus such as steindachneri, balzanii, pellegrini, pearl cichlid, altifrons, ect. I love almost all the geophagus species Any help appreciated! thanks in advance.
  6. Me and @candice_mckey just got this 90 gallon set up its still in the works I plan on adding a large piece of drift wood maybe some different rocks, but what fish should I go with? I'm kind of thinking a predator community tank if that's even possible. we just want some ideas I don't really want to do Oscars. I just want larger fish and something to really to look at and watch, which fish would go good together any input and information would be greatly appreciated
  7. I set up this 90 gallon tank about 3-4 months ago. I took GCory's lead and progressed slowly. Established an undergravel filter, added cryptocene plants (dozen or so), a couple of amazon swords, etc. NO fish yet! Added some biological filtration via a "seasoned" sponge filter. I let the tank "mature" for a couple of months, finally adding some white skirt tetras (5) and did nothing for another couple of weeks. More white skirts. More patience. Two weeks later I added two 3" discus and let them enjoy their new environment. Meanwhile, I was monitoring water parameters, etc...All good. I couple of small water changes (10-15 gallons) All is well. Couple of weeks later, two more Discus. Slow and steady. I even measured out the flake food (1/4 teaspoon) so I would not be overfeeding them. Two weeks later, Cory catfish, about 6 or so, followed by 6 more two weeks later. All is well. Waited two weeks before I added my Blue Diamond (5") Discus and kept a close eye on everything. Water was clear, fish were thriving and besides a couple of 25% water changes it looks a though my "display tank" was becoming a reality. Now in the fourth month, tragedy struck this week. The discus were huddled at the top of the aquarium, but not grasping for air. Just huddled together. Next day, a dead white skirt, then another that evening... I did a 35-40% water change with some fish "improvement" but the white skirt deaths continued, then the catfish, one by one. Another water change (35-40%). Some General Cure meds. Now, a dead discus (3" ones) then another, White skirts all gone. No more catfish. Three more 3" discus. Just the 5" and a couple of 3" discus are left. I expect a total collapse by the weekend. WHAT HAPPENED????? I am at a loss. Blue Diamonds look as though their skin is falling off, except there is no ammonia indicated nor a pH crash. All test "normal". I have had these Discus for over two years, raising them from a quarter size only to kill them in my 90 gallon "dream tank" As a footnote, considering with this tragedy, I had a outbreak of black hair algae. Any thoughts will greatly appreciated.
  8. I am absolutely dreaming of starting a 75 or 90 gallon goldfish tank for our next aquarium project, and luckily, my husband is completely on board. I'm thinking 3 or 4 fancy goldfish, pool filter sand bottom (or bare?), and an Attempt at some tough, sturdy plants. I'd love some adorable orandas and ranchus for my tank (I am not interested in telescoping eyes or bubble eye goldfish), and I'm debating whether to add hillstream or dojo loaches for the bottom. I'll probably throw in mystery and nerite snails, maybe some bamboo shrimp (fully grown ideally), but the goldfish will be the main focus. Who has experience with fancy goldfish? What works for you, and what plants/hardscape/substrate should I consider with these cute guys? Some enthusiasts advocate a species-only goldfish tank, some say you can add a few other tankmates in with them. Most sources say to research a goldfish breeder, but I think I'd definitely have to order online because I can't find many within reasonable driving distance.
  9. So I got a phone call yesterday from a small local fish store asking me if I want a 350L ( somewhere around 90 gallons) juwel corner aquarium for free. It has to go out asap from a waiting room in doctor's office. And I said of course I want it since it's 3 times bigger them my biggest tank at the moment. So I need inspiration what could I keep inside, my daughter and wife would like a bigger fish since biggest one we keep now is siamese algae eater. What we have at the moment : -panda and juli corridoras - few hundred or maybe thousands different strains of guppies (20 tanks in basement set up for breeding) -kuhli and brown loaches ( think they are called brown, same as kuhli just no stripes) - some bristlenose plecos - agassizii double red (1male, 2 females, trying to breed them but no success for now) - neon tetras - few hundred cherry shrimp - Amano shrimp We are interested in some maybe bigger fish that could comfortably live in that size thank but I was mostly focused on guppies so know little or nothing about other fish. Maybe something that could potentionally be breed for fun and getting little return from hobby since I have fish store where I can unload fish. Not sure should we go with community tank or species only tank ? Maybe something that could occasionally snack a 1-2 months old guppie culs ? ( I'm not talking about the ones that are not right color or shape those are exchanged for some fish food in store and he is selling them for cheaper, talking about the ones that have genetic deformities and their quality of life wouldn't be the best ) Counting on some ideas from long time tank keepers since there are hundreds of fish Thanks
  10. It has been close to twenty years since I have owned a tank above 40 gallon. I may be acquiring a 90 gallon sooner than later. What I am unsure about is filtration. Nearly all my aquariums have been hang on the back, sponge filter, undergravel, or a ziss filter. With a tank this size, any tips on planning filtration? or also should water movement be a concerned? The stocking for fish at this time would be a consolidation of some of my other tanks. I would be looking at combining my neon tetras (32) with honey gouramis (6), and panda cories (8). Plus maybe some other fish depending on how stocking go. Would an angelfish work with neon tetras and honey gouramis? Since, I do plant my tanks fairly moderately, I was thinking filtration perhaps would be the ziss bubble bio moving bed filter and one large aquarium co op sponge filter. Both to be located on opposite side of the tanks behind two amazon swords (currently they are about 2' + in height). And should I add wave maker(s)? If so should it just be one? or use two on different sides to keep circulation going? Thanks for your input fish Co op family! I am kind of getting excited to look at having a larger tank.
  11. I have a tempered 90g Marineland tank that I'm brainstorming for at the moment. It's eventually going to be a Discus tank. Tempered glass...aka you can't drill. With that said, I've contemplated doing a sump for it. My reasoning is that I REALLY want to hide heaters, and a thermometer. I found this hang on back overflow. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/deluxe-cs90-with-lid-and-aqua-lifter.html My only worry is the bulkhead in the overflow leaking at some point. OR, there's this DIY pvc overflow method. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/this-guy-want-a-beaslbob-trap.36891/ Yes, I know: the safe route is to just hide the heaters with plants. But, I'd like to avoid having to hide them, if I can accomplish this safely. If this were you, would you do it (either overflow method)? Regardless of your answer, please explain.
  12. This is a brief overview of the tools and techniques I've used to build three aquarium canopies this way. My intent with building a canopy is to block the glare from the lights and light spillage into the rooms. I also want enough room inside the canopy to be able to reach in the tanks if I have to without having to remove it. I use 1/2" Sande Plywood for a nice paintable surface while still being lightweight enough to lift on and off. It does require a moderate set of wood working tools and the knowledge to use them. I used the following. Tablesaw and Dado blade set Miter saw Kreg Pocket Screw Jig Drill To start I take measurements of the aquarium frame that'll determine the inside dimensions of the canopy. This is a 48x18, 90 gallon tank. I like the canopy to cover the black plastic frame of the tank. You could extend this lower to cover the water line as well. Once I determined the dimensions I use a tablesaw to rip the plywood to length. I like to start by assembling the front of the canopy where the doors are. I found a 10" tall opening was good for fitting my arm in and out of easily. I assembly the entire canopy using pocket screws drilled with a jig. I then make the sides of the canopy. I use a stack of dado blades to cut a groove in the sides. The groove will hold a strip of wood the will sit on top of the aquarium frame, holding it up in place. I screw the sides into the inside of the canopy front so that the cut edge will be hidden from the front view. I attach the back of the canopy the same way as the sides. I screwed the back panel on within the inside of the canopy so the side hides the edge of the back panel. At this time I glue in a strip of wood cut to a specific width to fit fully into the dado and extend out enough to sit on the rim of the aquarium frame. Take care not to make it too wide so you can get the glass lids on and off. Test fit confirms all is good to proceed. After that the top is the last major piece followed by fitting the doors. I found a 1/2" overlap on the doors is good. These are the hinges I use. Finally I attach some simple trim around the top to hide the edge of the top panel to give it a nice look. I painted with a semi-gloss black paint. I don't have any filter equipment running over the rim of this tank but you could trim out to allow access for filer tubes, HOBS, etc. I do plan on trimming a small access cutout on the back, for wires and airline, once I determine the light orientation. I'm no expert woodworker but I found this easy to make. May it serve as inspiration for you to design and build your own aquarium canopy instead of buying one.
  13. I got a 90 gallon for Christmas but a light did not come with it. I was wondering what is a good light for low to medium plants in a 90 gallon. Would a Finnex stingray do, or would I need a 24/7 Planted+. If a 24/7 Planted + would be the way what kind should I get? I don't have enough money to spend on a Fluval 3.0 as it would be $220. Thank you for your response.
  14. Okay...I've found a good deal on a 90 gallon tank, which is what I've been looking for for our dining room. It seems to be a less popular size, but it's the same footprint as a 75 and gives me about 20% more water. If I'm overlooking a big downside here, please feel free to speak up! I've only done a 20 and a 10 up to this point. Anyone have 90 gallon planted tank lighting suggestions? Budget ones? Dream scenario ones? I'm looking to grow mainly easy plants--anubias, java fern, some crypts and val hopefully, water sprite, hopefully something floating. Nothing that needs CO2. I did check out the Coop lighting guide, but I'm a little confused there: For 75 gallon Low/Med Light it suggests 2 Fluval 3.0 48 inch lights and Med/High 4 Fluvals For 90 gallon (4 inches taller than 75) Low light it suggests 1 Fluval 3.0 and for Med/High it suggests 4 Fluvals (4 are not going to happen budget wise, but I don't think I need high lighting anyway.) I think I'm looking for the low end of Medium--kind of wondering about starting with 1 Fluval and a second budget one like a Nicrew or whatever is coming with the tank. I'd love to hear your take on this plan and what you'd set up for your tank in a similar situation!
  15. Planning out my 90g heavily planted Discus tank. Here's what I'm thinking: It's going to be filtered by two AquaClear 110s. -8 Discus -12 Rummynose Tetra -6 German Blue Rams Too much?
  16. Any thoughts on what this may be? It doesn’t quite look like ick but we are at a loss. This is our 90 gallon community tank. The only major change is that we added in some Hummingbird Tetra two weeks ago. We did quarantine them with full rounds of treatment but moved a couple back to quarantine last week because the color looked a little “milky”. They do not have any spots that look similar to this so we are at a loss here. Any opinions and thoughts are appreciated! Thank you!
  17. Looking to start up my first Cichlid Tank soon. Its a 90 Gallon with Sump. Planning to set it up with a lot of rock work and a gravel island in the center heavily planted with Jungle Val for a line of sight block. The rest of the substrate will be a combination of pool filter and black diamond sand mixed. Not sure what would be best for color, personality, and limited aggression. I was thinking small M/F groups of yellow labs, pseudotropheus acei, and pseudotropheus saulosi. I was going to get them all as juveniles from local breeders to help with aggression but not sure what numbers I should focus on and if this group will work or if I should look at other fish groupings. Just looking for advice from Cichlid people out here for a novice with no cichlid experience other than angelfish and multis.
  18. 90 Gallon Aquarium setup 6 months ago Weekly water change Substrate sand Filter Fluval FX6 Temp 79 Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate 5, pH-6.90 No changes to tank, other than it started to get very cloud and pH was dropping (i do buffer with crushed coral as we have low KH) The next day pH dropped to around 4.50, and most of the angels in the tank died, platys were fine. I then replaced the crushed coral and did a water change. The pH is back to normal and seems somewhat stable again, but this was 2 weeks ago, and the tank is very cloud and won't seem to go away. Everything is testing normal. I don't know what else to do at this point, i have confirmed no dead fish remain in the tank or the filter. Any suggestions?
  19. I have a 90 gallon tank with crushed Coral sand and I was thinking of starting shell dwellers I know of Multis is there any other species that people recommend plan on breeding them I'm giving extra to my local fish store and maybe a tank mate or two to go with
  20. I unfortunately lost the mate of adult fully grown Angelfish. Now the male is just by himself, lone Angelfish, so I would ideally like to give him company. It is community tank, but he is the boss of the tank, only other larger fish are two blue Acaras. The tank is also heavily planted so there is plenty of hiding places. I have read about that the best way to introduce new Angelfish would be to get young ones, that are clearly smaller than him. Probably 3-5 of them. This way he would not view them as threat, and no one would be singled out by aggression. However when they get older, and they form pairs I am afraid of breeding madness unless having enough them somehow helps here? I've kept other type of cichlids before, and usually having a lot of them divides aggression enough for there not be huge issues, but I do not have practical experience with a lot of Angelfish. Problem is there is a LOT of information and misinformation in the net, and doing research is hard as its often conflicting. So I try my luck with Co-op forums as Ive seen quality and effort Cory and Dean put to the content. Ive seen plenty of Dean's videos, but he doesn't of course go into this very specific scenario. But perhaps there might be people here with very long history with Angelfish to offer some guidance and thoughts. Thanks for reading this! I hope someone has tons of experience to share!
  21. Getting ready to set up a brand new 90 gallon community tank... lots of smaller fish and plants. Should I go with 2 aquaclear 50’s or one 110? Also plan on at least one sponge filter... maybe 2. Thoughts?
  22. Hey Nerms, Scored (2) 90 gallon brand new tanks off Facebook marketplace... Need to build them now but starting with one Look for the best shopping list through Aquarium Co-Op... Here is what i got so far for the first tank 2x usb air pumps 2x large sponge filters 2x no clog air stones 25ft tubing Filter Media Pre-filter sponges 3x plant holders 2x amazon sward 1x scarlet temple 1x easy root tabs Question, would yall change anything above? am I missing anything? I am going to need other items I cant get from the Co-Op like substrate (Black gravel), going with two HOB filters that honestly I will probably hot rod( I don't want a canister filter), and I have lights already. Have chemicals but thinking I might order the fritz products to help start...thoughts?
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