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Found 2 results

  1. So I have been stocking up on second hand tanks ready for my fish room (well fish shed). So far I have four 7.5 Gallon tanks and one 15 Gallon tank. So far I'm thinking a small colony of multi's for the 15 gallon. For the 7.5 gallon tanks I am thinking a pair of peacock Gudgeons in one, two or three clown killifish in another. I was thinking 1 - 3 dwarf puffers in another but pretty much been talked out of that option until I get another larger tank for a group of 6. Possibly a pair of scarlet badis if I can find a female. I was thinking maybe a pair of GBRs but according to seriously fish they need a 60 cm tank as a minimum? So yeah I have two 7.5 gallon tanks I'm looking for unique ideas for! One may end up as a hospital/quarantine tank unless my cheap plastic 2.5 gallon tank would suffice as a hospital? I also have a (free) 8ish gallon BIORB tank coming which will house a Betta in the kitchen and already have a 20 gallon community in the house with neon tetras, panda corydoras and some male endlers. So I think I'll stick to species tanks in the fish room. Any ideas?
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-7-5-Gallon-Shrimp-Aquarium/dp/B07HHK92XX Hello there! I am a total newbie to the hobby , Last week I purchased this tank its been running for a week now with some easy plants that seams to be doing ok , added bacteria, and the substrate that came with the kit some rocks and so far its lots of fun!! In the long run if the water conditions are good and plants are good do you think that I could host some guppies in that size tank ? I love guppies but that's all the space I can have in my apartment , if not please give me suggestions to other beginner fish that is not a beta that s can fit in the that tank (nothing against beta just not feeling it ) Thanks!!
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