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Found 6 results

  1. Happy Tuesday! I have a very heavily planted 5g and just got nine Neos a few weeks ago. I ended up with three berried females. 😳 How many shrimp can I safely have in the tank before it gets overloaded? Parameters: Ammonia & Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 10 Ph: 7.6 Kh: 3 drops (I forget what the value is that correlates with this) Gh: 12 drops Thank you Nerms!
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm attempting to create a 5g snail tank to feed my puffers. It's been set up since March and has bladder and ramshorn snails in it. They cleaned the tank pretty quickly and I started to see die off awhile ago so I started feeding them algae wafers to try to get the population to increase again. I'm battling ammonia now even though the remaining snails make quick work of the wafers. I'm still seeing die off for some reason. I just can't get the population up! I feel silly because I thought this would be a breeze. What am I doing wrong? How do you successfully raise a large supply of snails? What's causing the Ammonia? The algae wafers? Tank parameters: Ph: 7.2 Temp: 78 Ammonia: .25 consistently even with water changes Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Ammonia from the tap: .5
  3. What does everyone like to feed their neo shrimp when starting a colony before fish are in?
  4. So I'll confess to somewhat of an impulse buy - a 5 gallon aquarium that was posted locally. I always wanted to do a nano planted shrimp tank so this was my opportunity. I seized it! I had some Fluval stratum leftover from mixing it with eco-complete in the 33 gallon, so I decided to go ahead and use that. It's not quiiiiite as much as I would like but I'm hoping with the displacement of the hardscape it'll end up perfect. I am a little concern about possibly creating an algae nightmare but with it being a planted shrimp tank, I think it'll be ok. They'll be well fed and the Fluval with help lower my naturally higher pH well water. I could add about 4 otos, especially if algae becomes a real problem, right? Anyway, tomorrow I will be picking up some rocks and driftwood. I ordered some fancy botanicals from a LFS that were on sale - coco-curls, almond leaves, pods and banana stem. I'll transfer my anubias on cholla to the shrimp tank when it's set up. I'm still undecided about other plants. This tank/light set up has approximately 33-34 par at the bottom so be limited to low-medium plants. I'm not planning to do CO2 injection. Scarlet temple and wisteria are doing well in my 33 so may try to propagate some of the former for that pop of reddish colour and wisteria help compete with algae. I know shrimp love moss so I'll try to find and incorporate that too. Planning to add Frogbit to provide some coverage. TLDR: I got plans for this nano tank! Here is photo from day 1. I'll update as I add!
  5. Happy Tuesday Everyone! I just finished planting my new 5g shrimp/snail tank and am so excited I had to share. Mostly coop plants -- java fern, various anubias. Also my first Buce, Christmas moss and susswassertang. Side note: the plants arrived four days late -- not coop's fault -- and still look beautiful. Thank you coop! Side note 2: I managed to kill some susswassertang in the process. 🙄 Cory once said he's never seen that happen. Let's hope the rest do well! Think the shrimp will be happy?
  6. I recently got a trio of sparkling gouramis and it appears I got two females and a male and I am newer to the hobby and I am interested in breeding these guys for a fun project. What would be the ideal set up for a new 5 gal tank I would start to move the trio to.
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