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Found 4 results

  1. I recently upgraded from a 29 gallon, to a 46 gallon bowfront. I moved all my fish over but now it looks empty with all this extra room. My giant betta is my centerpiece, I also have 6 false julii corydoras (2 fry in a breeder box), 11 harlequin rasboras, and a bunch of nerite snails. I'm debating on getting more harlequins and just having a HUGE group of them, or getting some rummynose tetras that could really stand out and actually display schooling behavior (my rasboras mostly do their own things and occasionally shoal together). I'm basically trying to liven up my tank and make it really interesting to observe, so I'm just looking for some opinions on having a really large number of 1 type of fish, or to have 2 groups schooling/shoaling fish?
  2. I'm putting together a 46 gallon bow front tank & I need to get lighting. It will be a planted tank. I like clip on lights because they are out of the way & not resting on glass top. Do you think I could get two smaller clip on lights for the tank? My budget is tight & I can't get the $100+ lights at this time.
  3. Didn’t somebody post an angelfish biotope plant list not too long ago? Or maybe that was a discus plant list? I can’t remember now which it was. If somebody has an angelfish biotope plant list (I know that actually covers a range of variable biotopes) that’s what I’m wanting. I know that swords, Vals, Amazon frogbit would all be reasonable options, but what else? I’ve never been a huge fan of stem plants but I’m willing to try. The tank is 21” deep with moderate to low lighting. Plants will need to be relatively low maintenance. Very much NOT interested in duckweed no matter that it would fit the biotope. 😆 I’m planning a sort of eroding stream margin look with driftwood branches arching over from high on one end to simulate exposed roots and Vals as the main focus plant to help hide the spot where the branches arise. I’m thinking I’ll have to use some kind of hook over the side of the tank at an upper, back corner as an attachment point for the “origin” point of the “roots”. I already have some plastic hooks designed to go over a door that I think will work. Then zip ties may be my friend for attaching the branches. I’d like some smaller plants to look like they “caught” and rooted around where some of the branches hit the sand bottom, I’m thinking maybe ‘Red Pearl’ swords for this. It will be a pool filter sand cap over heavy clay soil with some Osmocote mixed into the soil. I’ll probably have some half buried river rocks (I have plenty left over from the 75 G project). Might do some ‘Red Flame’ swords for between/among rocks. With light green Val as the most abundant plant, plus some moss(es) the tank will need some more color. I’ll only be using fairly plain colored rocks since I don’t want them to be the focus. I'm very open to thoughts, recommendations, ideas on how to attach the branches at their “origin” in an upper corner. I have silicone, can get fish safe epoxy putty, superglue, etc, for attaching wood but don’t want to glue it to the actual tank wall. I could also make a slate piece to drill through, then into the bases of the “roots”, then hang the slate for the origin point. Do you think I will need to put some slate at the bottom tips of the “roots” to help keep them in place and give them weight? I have assorted mosses that I’ll pick from to put on some roots and could use to help hide the “root” origin. Any other thoughts for reasonably low maintenance, moderate to low light plants to fit the angelfish biotope? Since I got so long-winded, here are my questions: 1. How do I attach my branches/“roots” at the top, back corner of the tank without gluing to the tank itself? 2. Do I add slate to the tips of the “roots” where they meet the substrate to add weight and stability? 3. What plants fit a fairly broad definition of an angelfish biotope besides Vals, swords, moss, and Amazon frogbit? (duckweed doesn’t count because I’m not going there)
  4. Good morning all. I recently got back into the hobby when a teacher my brother works with had a Jack Dempsey she needed to rehome. I reset up my 75 gal and then restocked my 55 gal. I have since rehomed the Jack and have added two more nano tanks. My issue is I have been running into problems with a couple tanks and lost 2 bettas and have already started getting stressed and over whelmed. I am going to be down sizing to a 46 bowfront tank I had set up a few years ago and will be using sand substrate and adding in various plants and driftwood from the other 2 tanks. I would like to move some of the fish I have to it then rehome the rest. Here is the list of fish I have and my thoughts. Please let me know what you think. In the 75 I have 5 medium size Angels, about 26 black neon tetras, 11 pepper corys, 3 otocinclus cats, 3 clown loaches (still under 2") 1 Siamese algae eater and 1 male PK Betta. In the 55 I have 5 pearl gouramis, 2 otocinclus cats (all the oto's are around 1") 9 San Juan corys and 1 mystery cory (was given to me by accident as a San Juan lol) 1 male Betta. Out of all these I'd like to keep the neon's, the algae eater and loaches, move one group of corys to the 46 and split some up between a 10 and 6.5 gal. The one of the Betta's is going to the 10 gal and one will be going to the 46. Not married to the gouramis or angels. And would all the Oto's be ok in the 46? Thanks in advance for your help!
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