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  1. My 29 gallon tank has been rockin' along just fine for a while now and is about as fully stocked as it can get. I've posted about it in another thread, but it was my re-introduction to fishkeeping. I did everything wrong up front, didn't know enough about cycling, how to set up effective filters, the benefits of live plants, etc. Just dumb. I got better due in large part to the Aquarium Coop Youtube channel. So, cut to my son's fifth birthday. We took him on a little mini-vacation and at one point were talking about rearranging his bedroom. One of the things we discussed was donating a lot of the toys he no longer plays with. He reacted so favorably to that idea that I was impressed. He had talked about wanting a tank in his room before, so my wife and I made a deal with him that once his room was rearranged we'd reward his generosity and get a tank for his room. He'd get to pick out the fish (with my veto power, haha) and I'd get it set up and do the maintenance at first. He always helps with tank maintenance, but over time I'll be handing this one over to him fully as he gets older. Actually did things correctly and did a fishless cycle. Got some plants from a local store and from Aquarium Coop. Introduced a few snails, then finally, when it was time, started stocking fish. We introduced them in stages, starting with some emerald corys. Next up was a gang of kuhli loaches (my son's favorite fish). A school of Endlers and Tiger Endlers followed that. Next up were a few mystery snails and some amano shrimps. Lastly were his centerpiece fish: a powder blue dwarf gourami he named Gimli (after the flame dwarf in the living room tank), two female dwarfs named Glenda and Olivia, and an apistogramma agassizii who is named (and this, here, is why you let a five year old name things) Max "Bad Boy" Tiger Death.
  2. I have a 45 gal freshwater with mollies, shrimp, snails, clown pleco, and endlers. I have one dwarf gourami and hate the endlers because of the millions of babies. I wanted the mollies to breed but no luck. I have tetras in other tanks. I wanted something fun to watch that will be great in the tank. Ideas? Thinking about focusing on more plants first. Hard water, neutral PH, cycled and planted aquarium.
  3. I just got a 45 tall tank from my dad. and would like some ideas for stocking. I am still somewhat new to the hobby, so I wouldn't want something to advanced. also don't want something hard to feed ether. So I just want some ideas for stocking the tank. Thanks!
  4. My question is until I set up my 45 gallon tank I want to add them to my 15 gallon flex and move the fish from there to my other 2 tanks would my apistos survive with my African cichlids in a 125 ?
  5. Hello, I was looking to upgrade my light for my 45 gallon tall tank. I currently have a NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 Aquarium Light that is 5200 LUX@12" air 78 PAR@12" in air and 25 W @ 1910lm. Would it be safe to move this over to my 20Long as its new light? Also what would be a good new Higher Par light for my 45 (36.3 in L x 12.6 in W x 23.8 in H) or atleast give a good amount of light to the bottom of my tank? Should I go with the Fluval for the 40 gallon that is recommended or should I look for another one? Also is there a Par in air to Par in Water calculator? OR should I keep the 45 the same and get a new light for the 20L (which is really the one that needs a new light because its running a NICREW ClassicLED Gen 2 Aquarium Light thats 4100 lux in air, 70 par in air, and 15W @ 1160LM that was made for a 10 gallon tank In the 45 Gallon I run CO2 and have a hodge podge of plants ranging from stemmed moneywort to crypts to amazon swords to monteCarlo and some annubis (always need more annubis though)
  6. Hi, My son and I are new to this hobby. Our current plan is to have: Rummyfish, Coryfish (julli) (absolute favourite), 1 Bolivian Ram and 1 Pearl Gourami (these would be our feature fish once the tank is well established), and a Bristlenose Pleco (love these as well). We were thinking about Dwarf rainbow fish, but not sure if they are flashy enough and thought I'd put it out there to see if there are other fish around the 2.5 inch mark that would be complimentary to our current choices. The tank is a 36 by 20 Deep by 16 wide Bow front tank. I have started planting it with a sand substate. We love some of the Live bearer fish, but do not want to deal with babies which from the sounds of most people there would be a lot to deal with! Any input would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  7. Hello friends! Today while looking at options for algea control critters, I was on the website of a breeder I found in my local aquarist club. He is not too far from me and breeds starlight bristlenose plecos (L183), and I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on these gorgeous fish. I was thinking of one to help control algea (knowing I will also have to feed). Allegedly they don't get larger than 5" but I am leery. I also want 1-3 pearl gourami but feel there might be fish overload if I get a pleco. My water is on the softer side and slightly lower pH (have to buffer with wonder shells so it doesn't fall below 6.6), and tank is kept at 78, so it seemed this would be a good option. I also loved the hillstream loach but don't think one would be happy in my warm, calm water. Thank you for any advice!
  8. I ordered a few things yesterday at 3:30 pm EDT. At 6pm I forgot I hadn't ordered a sponge filter, air stone, and nano pump. But before I could start an email "hello, can I add to my order...", I received the shipped notice!! That's never happened 2 1/2 hours after ordering. Insane! Question about sponge filter: I currently have a Marineland biowheel which has a charcoal filter. I want to add the sponge now for both air and extra bacteria, and as a safety in case of a power outtage, but could I remove the Marineland after a few weeks? If so, how is chemical filtration accomplished? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Maggie. Like so many here I recently became re-interested in fishkeeping after being out of it for many years (fam, job, cost, etc). I don't exactly remember what sparked my interest again, but first I read up on and looked at photos of what kind of fish I wanted. I watched several of Cory's videos to hear the descriptions and more about the fish. I knew I wanted a peaceful community tank but didn't really want tetras or guppies. It turns out I really love harlequin rasboras, so I built my dream tank around them, hopefully to end up with around 15 or so. I have a 45-gal tank that is now fairly heavily planted. My showstoppers will be 2 or 3 pearl gourami, and I love the peppered cory cat (planning on 4), but there are several other adorable cories, too. My tank is about 3/4 done with fishless cycling using ammonia. Algea started growing 2 days ago, nitrates are finally rising, up to almost 20, ammonia and nitrites have been steadily high w/dosing. I am at that "I can't wait" point right now!! I have some trumpet snails that came in on my plants and am wondering how they are still surviving the ammonia bath. I just know I'm going to want a 10 gal for some cherry shrimp, which I've heard are expensive snacks for gourami, so I need a separate tank for them. Then they'll need some fishy companions in the form of (maybe) green kubotai rasboras and a few cories. I am looking forward to learning a lot from everyone and sharing fish stories!
  10. What’s a good sand substrate for it that will be good for plants and bottom dwellers? And what is a good stocking idea for it ?
  11. I was contemplating what to do with my Corydoras explosion (I think at least 100 in my 20 gallon) so I browsed the local want ads. I came across a 30 gallon tank for $10 with gravel and lid. I couldn't resist. I messaged him and made the arrangements to come and pick it up. About 15 fry. Before I left, I looked up the dimensions of 30 gallon tanks and determined that I would be able to stuff one in my small car, which is a Scion FRS. I stopped at a store on my way to break a 20 so I could pay him. He had it in a trailered skiff with some other items he was getting rid of. He had carried it up from his houseboat. I'm not sure how as it had gravel in it still and two of us struggled to carry it. So we tried to fit it in my car and it Almost fit. He volunteered to deliver it for another $10 as I was only a couple miles away. So I took him up on the offer and we got to my house and placed it on the lawn. Whew. I measured the tank and it's 36"x12"x24" which makes it just under 45 gallons. No wonder it wouldn't fit. Tank Delivered! I took out the "clown.....dandruff" gravel which was about 60 lbs. I noticed a chip on one edge. I think he must have banged it trying to carry 120 lb 3 ft long tank by himself. It doesn't appear to be structural damage. Needs a little epoxy or something. Chipped edge Colorful Gravel Now I just have to figure out where to put it and what to put in it. I'm thinking Apistogramma. I might use the gravel to make a Sponge Bob themed aquarium. Maybe my LFS will trade catfish for Apistos. -Jeff
  12. Right now in my 20 long have guppies shrimp Corydoras and snails in it I want to add Corydoras to the 45 for sure and want to get a couple kuhli loaches what else would go good with it I have high ph and hard water at around 7.4 and up was thinking of doing rummynose tetras but heard they like soft water
  13. Very excited to be apart of this! I currently have two tanks that include a 75 gallon mixed African cichlid tank and a 45 gallon tall pea puffer tank with all live plants. Im going to try a share a few photos of my fish to test posting 🙂
  14. Guys, I really need some help. All my fish are dying and I really don’t have any idea why. They’re dying in tanks that have been “established” since about February. I’ve lost some fish before in them but my Mollies have been in there doing great since the beginning - and they just started dying two or three days ago. Then today, I only had about 4-5 of my 15-20 fish come up to see me when I went over to feed them - that’s a HUGE change. That’s in my 45 gal tank with a ph of around 8, 0.25 ammonia (that’s what it’s been since the day I started, it’s never changed), 0 Nitrites but 10-20 ppm of Nitrates. I don’t know what to do. I’ve got plants growing in there, a sponge filter with bubbles, and a HOB filter. ALSO, in my 20 gal tank (with the same water parameters), all my guppies and tetras died except for one of each - I took them out and put them in my 10 gal tank and they’ve been doing fine. Oh - my Betta in that tank has been perfectly fine (so far, anyway). SOOOOO, I’ve taken all my fish from my 45 gal tank and put them ALL in my 10 gallon. I don’t know what to do other than change out that tank every day and maybe empty and recycle the other two? I seriously need help - If my fish die, I’m quitting the fish business - it’s breaking my heart.
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