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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Folks, I've been keeping fish off and on since I was a kid and have been getting more serious about it lately. I currently have a 72g Bow front tank that I love. And am in the process of setting up a 37g in my home office, since I'm spending Much more time up there these days. I'll be starting a journal of how its going on this sit if you care to follow along. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!
  2. Hey folks, I'm beginning my journey on setting up a tank that was gathering dust for years. I spend a lot more time in my home office these days and want something low stress to keep me company. The tank is a 37 gal (30lx12wx27h) was sized for the opening (built in). So far I've got the tank, hood, Fluval 204 (yes it's been that long) and 6 bags of caribsea eco complete. 24 inch Fluval 3.0 is on its way. I'll post pics when the light comes in this week. I also have some asst decore. I have the back and one side painted black. Still working out the CO2 setup due to the limited space I'm thinking of one angel as the centerpiece fish and dwarf rainbows for schooling apisto and Cory's for the bottom and a cool pleco. Stay tuned for more.....
  3. Hello name is Bob, Rew is a nickname I’ve had forever. I live in not so upstate New York. I’ve been in the hobby for years now wife calls it the obsession, I call a passion! Went from one 30 gallon to 37 tanks from 10g to 125g. I keep mostly goodied, some Angelfish, various Barb’s, Bettas as well as Kribensis. Just in the past month finished the fish shed for most of the tanks and pond with a greenhouse. Nothing but projects here.
  4. A pair of angelfish and a pair of Apistos in a planted 37 gallon? "That would be glorious!" or"Your sir are insane."?
  5. After moderately planting my 37 gallon tank, I discovered I was seeing more and more bladder snails. Two Assassin snails later, and I have no bladder snail issues. However, I am seeing more brown algae diatoms. I have a clown pleco in the tank, but he refuses to emerge from under the sponge filter or one of my pieces of driftwood, so he's no help. I don't want to get other snails, since I figure the assassins will make quick work of them. I'm thinking my two options are Siamese Algae Eaters or a Bristlenose Pleco. I would love thoughts and opinions, or even if anyone has any other ideas! As a reminder, so far all of my fish, except for the school of cories, have an orange and black color scheme. If it makes a difference, the vast majority of the brown algae has populated my Windelov Java Fern, which sits nearly under my filter return. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello everybody. I am planning on redoing my 37 tall aquarium, (same dimensions as a 29 but taller) I think I want a valisneria jungle Was wondering if this stocking list would work. 20 neon tetras 8 marbled hatchetfish 3 honey gouramis (1 male 2 female) 5-7 kuhli loaches. Just wanted some advice. All comments welcome Thanks!!
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