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Found 10 results

  1. I have a couple of little 3 gallon rimless cubes that were housing some shrimp. The shrimp moved into the community Tanks and the little cubes were looking sad. I had some supplies laying around so on the spur the moment I decided to see if I could make one of these cubes look decent while I watched the live stream. I think it turned out pretty well. No fish, but some snails probably hitch hiked in. Plants are: Java Fern, Rotala H’ra, Baby Tears, Java Moss, Guppy Grass and Moss Balls.
  2. This Petsmart tank includes everything filter with media and pre filter sponges, lid, light, gravel, background and a way to apply it and a net. I highly recommend getting this at your local petsmart for $40 on sale right now but in stores only! It’s a great deal I would get it if I had the space. The price is different online then in stores. The perfect shrimp tank on a budget! Here is a link to the online listing: https://www.petsmart.com/fish/tanks-aquariums-and-nets/aquariums/top-fin-shrimp-and-plant-oasis-tank---3-gallon-69438.html?cgid=300129
  3. So I am setting up my spare 3 gallon tank and have been watching TONS of aquarium co-op nano videos. I really want to do something cheap and really cool. Thanks!
  4. I have huge respect for those of you that keep are able to maintain nice looking pico tanks of three gallons or less. The little three gallon display tank at Aquarium Coop is a good example. It always looks absolutely perfect. My three gallon snail only tank is about a month old and I’m not sure how to keep it looking good. It’s currently filter and heater free with a little Nicrew clip light. I can tell it’s at the stage where it needs a little care. What are your secrets?
  5. Trying to keep bioload low because of the tank size but wondering what would be considered betta safe that actually eats algae. Not looking to avoid water changes, just keep things clean.
  6. I just upgraded one of my three betta tanks from a 3 gallon to a 10 gallon. My betta is finally enjoying his roomy 10 gallon. My question is whether I should dismantle the small 3 gallon or keep it running as a future hospital tank? I have three betta tanks now and don’t plan on more, but knowing the beneficial bacteria in it is gold, I’m hesitant to take it down. It helped to establish the 10 gallon. It has a few plants, moss balls and a mystery snail. If I keep it, the snail would stay to keep it cycled. If not keeping, then I’d reunite the snail with his betta in the 10 gallon. So is there anyone with multiple bettas that keeps an “empty” spare tank?
  7. Hi guys! Trying my hand at live plants for the first time in a 3 gallon Betta tank. I need help on the best low-light easy to grow options. I’d like to fit a good number of plants if possible. The tank is 10 x 10 and it has a gravel substrate. Thanks for any advice or help you can share.
  8. Greetings fellow fish-keepers! I currently have a 3-gallon Betta tank and I soon want to replace all the decor and gravel in it. I want to switch it up because when I originally got my tank, I put glow in the dark gravel and neon/rainbow/unrealistic colored decorations in it but now as I get more drawn into the fish-keeping hobby, it's starting to look pretty ugly. I want to take everything out of my tank and replace it with natural looking substrate, natural looking decor (driftwood, mini-logs), and even some plants. My problem is that I'm concerned about damaging the beneficial bacteria in the tank. Does anyone have any tips or anything helpful to say to help me through this process without running the risk of hurting my tank's bacteria or water parameters?
  9. Yupppp. My apartment restrictions have not discouraged me from aquarium keeping. I wanted another 3 gallon to sit next to the one I have currently. I got 4 easy planters and some spider wood from Aquarium Co-Op and pieced it together in 5 minutes. Now to get me some plants. Stay tuned.
  10. Hi, name is Adee. I only have a 3 gallon aquarium. It has anubias and java fern. 4 red cherry shrimps, 2 of which are pregnant and 2 red racer nerite snails.
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