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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I still very new but I’ve kept two standard 10 gallon tanks for 6 months and I am moving in a new 20h! I’m super excited. My initial questions are 1. Should I dose my new tank if I am using pre-used substrate and then cycle or use my old substrate and fresh plant cuts from another tank and then cycle? 2. Can an Aqueon 10 gallon filter handle a 20 gallon tank? I prefer a heavily planted tank in general, can my tank mates/plants handle a smaller filter? This is the tank with the said transferring plant cuts and the new 20. Lastly, should I take water from my 10 to my new 20? I plan on moving my loaches over because they are getting big.
  2. I'm in the process of rescaping my 20 gallon tall. I found this awesome piece of driftwood to use a few weeks back, and now I'm wondering what plants I should add to this aquarium. I might end up removing one of the sponge filters, not completely sure though. The tank is at the moment empty, but I will be adding a clown pleco to this aquarium somewhere down the road (not sure of what other inhabitants I'll include just yet). The light is just a Nicrew, fertilizers would of course be Easy Root Tabs and Easy Green. Substrate is just Caribsea's Sunset Gold sand. Low light plant recommendations are greatly welcome. 😊 bonus points for stocking suggestions too.
  3. 20 gallon community tank 8 neon tetra, 6 panda Cory, 5 oto, 2 rams head, 1 nerite, 1 mystery. 2 medium sponge filters 1 small internal filter. 18 inch nicrew light Removed some anarchris and trimmed some tall plants in the middle. Trying to get more light on the red stem plants, as they are struggling wilting away, especially lower portion of the plants
  4. PH 7 ammonia 0 nitrite .25 nitrate 1 KH 5 Gh 13 auto heater keeps temperature in the green bar I think 72-78 but the lines are very small for my eyes. Started as small dots of green couple days ago and expanding. 50$ Amazon light on timer from 1300-2300 Growth on Anubis and Java were from previous build, trying to save the plants, a newly cycled tank some dwarf Anubis melted the stem plants are taking off. Generic aqua soil and ACO and API root tabs covered in aqua sand. 20 gallon high with HOB filter and small ACO air stone
  5. So I have a 2"x4" shelving unit made by husky. The dimensions are 47 3/4" x 23 3/4" but I want to put 2x 20g high on the stand on either end with 2 10g in between them anyways they are 26" wide and I want to add 3" to the plywood to support the edges of the aquarium but here's the question do I stick with 1/2" plywood or go 3/4" because of the overhang?
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