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  1. I started by removing all of the plants, rock-work, driftwood, substrate, and mesh bags that were being used as the base of the scape. It was a mess, and felt somewhat devastating to do, as all the work I previously invested into the aquarium was being torn out piece by piece. Though, I was determined to get it done, as looking at it was becoming a downer. I got the remainder of the substrate out, and used paper towels to soak up the remaining water to make the substrate easier to remove. After cleaning out as much of the substrate as I could, I heavily disinfected both the inside and outside of the aquarium, along with doing it multiple times as an extra precaution. The tank was in the way of the air conditioning unit that would be placed next to it, so I had to move the tank off of the stand, and completely dismantle the stand, measure the new placement, and move back each piece in the correct spot. Then, I added the tank to the top, and I quickly fell asleep shortly after from all of the work. I had started started at 7pm, and finished roughly 10 hours later after continuous work, as I was wanting to get it all done and over with as quickly as I could. I threw out all of the substrate, filter media, and almost all of the plants. I did save a few Bucephalandra and two anubias, one large anubias nana and one anubias nana ‘pinto’. With those, I decided to set up a tub to attempt growing them emersed, using ozmocote plus and sphagnum Moss as the substrate, saturated with dechlorinated water. It would have been wiser to cut the submerged growth off, and I lost a substantial amount of plants from rot, likely because of that mistake. But, it has been a fun experiment regardless, and I’d like to continue doing more of these in the future. Anything of the tank I saved: the driftwood, the rocks, and the filter, was disinfected as well. The driftwood was boiled, alternating which sides were in the water, and timing it. I scraped the rocks clean of spray foam, plant roots, and super glue. I then disinfected them in a bucket, let them dry, and then added extremely hot water over them. They sat there for a few days. There was still some residual spray foam, and the black spray painted coatings on them had been destroyed in the process, but they were ready for the next time I’d use them. I then disinfected anything I used on the tank, or had by the tank, including lids, test tubes, aquascaping tools, the siphon, and so on. After disinfecting, they also sat in extremely hot water, but for a couple of hours. I had taken a break before adding my Finnex light I kept from a 50 gallon that I dismantled years ago, after brain and spinal surgery, because I was becoming bed ridden and knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of it for much longer. The light was brand new, and I was never able to program it. Needless to say, I was really excited to be able to use the light, this time around. PS: I was working on a setup for a certain crayfish at the same time as I was redoing this aquarium. In the reflection, the cardboard and tape is from the outside of his setup that I had just moved over days before (a funny little Easter egg for you all). As the day was getting later, and I had taken many breaks at this point, I set up a quarantine tank, using the cycled filter from Gandr’s temporary tank that I had cycling on a small bucket. I roughly marked the QT gallon by gallon, installed the rest of the equipment, added boiled leaf litter, and had the lid ready to go. I finally had found the lost remote to my Finnex, which gets lost again multiple times later, haha. Although I didn’t program it yet, I watched videos on how to and devised a plan, with the help of some aquarium lighting gurus on this forum later on. For the remainder of the night, I began the scape. I wanted something convenient, what I would consider as foam and super glue free, not very close to the glass, easily circulated, and simple to maintain. Those were some of the downsides to the previous scape, that I didn’t want to have again. I fiddled with a few ideas, and adjusted what I did like, until I added the last piece of driftwood I had available. I settled on this, before going to sleep. However, I change this slightly in the future.
  2. Hey all! I wanted to document my adventure, or I should say our adventure. My spouse and I are curating our very first fish tank for either of us. Getting to the actual planting took months! I'll be adding to this as it grows, and be sure that I'll be asking for help! We both have backgrounds in research, so research we did. First was to catch the sale at Petco for a nice tank and a few other supplies. Then we had to get a stand. I initially thought I was quite the genius and was going to use heavy-duty, 1000 lb. certified wall stud brackets to hold a vinyl wrapped board. I was WRONG. One needs 2 studs for these, and the wall for the tank only had 1. So instead, we purchased a 400 lb. per-shelf certified shelving unit and bracketed THAT to the wall. With paint and some vinyl marble over the wood shelf for water-proofing, I like how pretty it is. Hardscape was next on the list; we went to a local river with some cardboard cut to the size of the bottom and height of our tank. It was an adventure, and we ran into some very confused ducks who appeared to assume we were there to feed them. After some appropriate cleaning and testing for calcium, we had some fun actually laying out our hardscape. Working with heavy rocks inside a glass aquarium was TERRIFYING but well worth it. I even added some curtains to hide the "behind the scenes" supplies and electrics. Of course, I had to play with some macro then... FINALLY, I felt confident enough to purchase plants! I really appreciated the help from @lefty o, @FishyThoughts, @Andy's Fish Den, @Daniel, @Fonske, and others. We really appreciate the direction. We waited for our order to get in (lightning fast by the way) and were ecstatic to spend the evening planting away. I can't wait to see what this grows into! After we're comfortable with the plants growing and the water specs seem right, we'll be getting some guppies to hang out with us. Since we spend most of our lives in this office, we're excited to add life to the space.
  3. Hello~ Okay current stocking guppies, (15ish) all very young (small) 3 albino cory, 2 pepper cory, 1 mystery snail, 2 shrimp and 3 otto's. want to add a pleco to clean up the wood and rocks, because the otto's are eating some of it.. but I think they might need some help. I was thinking of adding a Pleco, but was worried if it would be too small a tank for him/her? I have a clown pleco and a super red long fin in the 40G and as much as I like the clown, I NEVER see it. The super red long fin.. is out all the time. So I am hoping to get either a yellow or super red but the short fin variety. What is everyone's thoughts?
  4. Update, I was unable to find pure Ammonia locally. I guess I'll have to pull my snails out of another aquarium and put them in here. Per comments on this thread they poop enough to at least help. I'll probably be doing some heavy ghost feeding as well. Last time I used two shrimp, spot prawns, but I don’t have any now and oddly enough being in Alaska they aren't available locally. Do any of you know of any other way to raise my ammonia level? Got my new 20 high up and running today. I used the sponge filter from my 29 and Fritz Zyme 7 to kick the cycle. I stressed heavily over my 29 a couple of months ago and my original 20 high a little over three years ago. Not going to stress so much this time. Once this one is cycled and plants are established I'm going to re-scape my 29 and rebuild my other 20 high. I'm running out of room but I'm still considering getting one of my 10s up and running for a Betta. Gotta love MTS 🤣🤣🤣 Update, using Fritz Zyme 7 and one heavy ghost feeding my Ammonia is barely above 0.25 ppm. I'm just hoping that I can find pure Ammonia in a local store. I don't have access to a LFS, LPS or any chain stores. Other than adding the rest of the bottle of Fritz Zyme 7 and more heavy ghost feeding any ideas on how to increase the Ammonia level?
  5. Okay fishie folks.. I might be over reacting.. but wanted to more seasoned fish keepers if there is something I should say or if I should just "shut it". Here it goes. A friend of mine has a 20 G high tank that I believe is not properly cycled (she has set it up June 30th). She has about 6 live plants she added on July 3rd. She bought fish this weekend. Here is where it gets sticky folks.. these fish were all in the same tank at the LFS so she got all of them. she sent me a picture and my heart skipped a bit.. she has peacock cichlid, johanni cichlid, a flowerhorn, an Oscar and a pink Parrot fish. I very innocently asked her what the sales person told her about the fish and she said and I quote "the lady was knowledgeable about fish and said they would be fine together" That they would grow 3-6 inches. She wanted to get a bigger tank anyways because she wants more cichlids and she wants discus. She just sent me a picture of her chemistry Nitrates 20, Ammonia 1.0, Nitrites 0, PH 7.3. She said she over fed them and did a 20% water change. Her fish experience was taking care of 1 single gold fish for her brother, that she NEVER did chemistry on, but just did 30% water changes every week. What would you do? I don't want to break her spirit, I too am a new fish keeper and have ZERO right to say anything at all. At the same time I don't want her to have the heart break that I did before I found the forum.
  6. I decided to dedicate a journal to my new twenty gallon high! I’m excited to post updates as it progresses in the future! The past few days have been pretty tedious, with a lot of cumbersome lifting, back and forth spray painting, and plenty of adjustments.. with some occasional amounts of frustration and tons of determination in addition. Most of the work lately has entailed building up the rock structure. I originally had it set lower, but realized that the height needed to be increased; I used mesh bags full of rock to add to it. Unfortunately, that had offset the half of the structure I had built (the right side was almost completely bare at the time). So, I spent well over four hours trying to get it all back into place, which finally resulted in the placement I was looking for. Afterwards, I added the rest of the structure and stabilized it all into large sections with spray foam. Following that, once the spray foam had dried, I had to remove the sections to take them up to the attic to spray paint them. It was a little frustrating at times, and a mesh bag was stuck to some foam and pulled off a small section before I could remove it in time. But, it was a small error, and I moved on to spray painting them all as thoroughly as I could before calling it a night on the brunt of the work. Though, I did clean the glass to try and remove all of the gunk and dried spray foam aftermath. There are some spots I still might need to touch up on, but a vinegar and water mix seems to be taking care of most of it. Today, I was mostly spray painting everything every few hours, rotating all of the rocks every time I did so. I did leave the bottommost structure in the aquarium to try and keep the placement of the other structures more consistent, as they all have to fit in place. In order to spray paint that one, I tore up some old newspaper and used that to block the glass on the sides and bottom, then I applied the spray paint. To try and minimize the fumes, since I sleep in the living room and right next to the tank (and my betta fish, Samphan, is in a holding tank on the table tray close by), I covered the top of the aquarium with a blanket and a pillow from off of the couch. It seemed to do the trick well, but I made sure to monitor my fish just in case, as well as fan out the area by him with a magazine, since the ceiling fan doesn’t work and it was too cold and snowy to open a window. I spent a couple hours over half the day on it all, and once the spray paint was up to my liking and the touch ups were completed, I took all of the rock structures back down and added them back into the tank. I made the mistake of adding them out of order and managed to offset everything, so it was maybe two hours of adjusting them all back into how they were originally placed, though not completely the same. The friction from the adjustments chipped a little paint away, so I added the newspaper back in and touched up the spots. A paper moved without me noticing, and some spray paint got on the glass. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. This is the resulting product, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. This is my first attempt at a hardscape, and I made my own sketch of how I would maybe envision the scape to be prior to doing this all. So, that is what I would go back and forth referencing at. The rocks were collected years ago from Oklahoma when I visited family and spent a few hours in the insanely hot weather collecting rocks and driving a car for the first time, although that was the only time I was ever able to drive. I remember seeing a lot of scorpions, snakes, and frogs while collecting them all. They were much bigger than this, and filled the entire space of the trunk, but my mom and I hammered them down to make some interesting, but decently sized, pieces for this tank. Here is the rough sketch of the hardscape, although the driftwood is included on it, it has yet to arrive. So, I will add it later on to the aquarium. I really enjoy sharp angles and curves, so I tried to implement some of that into my original concept. I didn’t reference any photos, so it probably isn’t accurate to nature, but this is what I had fun coming up with. I tried to pick rocks that matched this, and I’ll add some smaller ones to the bottom once I add all of the substrate (I plan on using organic potting soil and Seachem fluorite dark, capping it all in black sand). I like heavy contrast and black is a great color for it, especially when mixed with plants and a brightly colored betta, so that is the color I chose for the rocks, though they were originally a rusty orange color. The spray paint hopefully will prevent the rocks from eroding much in the tank, as it has a primer in it as well, and I applied a lot of layers (though the spray paint is aquarium safe). I think it worked out well, and I’m surprised I was able to match it pretty close to my concept sketch, though I did change some things, like bulking out the left side, and bringing the other down a little lower. It is definitely a little more sizable in person though. The next steps are to add substrate, and hopefully the driftwood, once it arrives. All of the mesh bags and spray foam will be covered, and I’ll have to add smaller rocks in some spots afterwards. Following that, I will add my plants. I do plan on purchasing more tomorrow, as I have a case of ‘Plant Collectoritis’, which I’m thinking will be some tissue cultured and sustainable Bucephalandra, Bolbitis (I’m thinking maybe Bolbitis heudelotii or maybe something smaller), Java Fern Trident Leaf, potentially something else. I have a holding tank full of plants that will also be apart of this scape, and I will try to implement the majority, as I enjoy a bit of a jungle.
  7. Starting a Journal on my new 20gal high aquascaped planted tank. Equipment: - 20gallon High - Finnex 24" - Timer plug - Thermometer - Fluval 100w Heater - Background vinyl cling 100% blackout - Aquarium Co-op black airline - Aquarium Co-op USB nano air pump - Aquarium Co-op nano sponge filters - Seiryu rock - Drift wood - Ecocomplete Black - Black gravel - Sand Plants: - Red Melon Sword - Moneywort - Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green - Dwarf Chain Sword - Montecarlo - Anubias Nana Petite - Bucephalandra Buce Godzilla Kedagang Red First Day Setup: - Layed out rock and driftwood before putting in substrate. - Put substrate in, rock, and driftwood - Planted and filled with water - Added Beneficially Bacteria and now the cycle begins 🤗
  8. Looking for ideas on stocking this 20H. Last month I decided to rescape my big planted tank (see profile cover pic) and I didn't want to pull all this nice Java Fern off the wood. I set up this tank up with a Fluval Nano light, some sand, and a small sponge filter. Its in my heated fishroom so temps are upper 70s. I don't fuss about water hardness or ph, I've always had fish adapt fine. My first thought was Celestial Pearl Danios but I want the opinions of other Nerms.
  9. I am setting up a 20 high with dwarf baby tears and I was wondering peoples experiences with co2 tabs. I’m trying to get a good way to set it up under something that will catch the bubbles and let it dissolve into the water
  10. Guys, I'm sure I'm not the only person who set up a tank, let it run for a few months, and then really just not be happy with that tank. Well, that happened to me and my 20 gallon high tank. The Plan: planted tank, cool piece of spider wood, lots of floating guppy grass, some crypts, some val/dwarf sag in background. Stocked with guppies, albino cory cats, and cherry shrimp. What I got: the guppy grass I scored locally was FULL of bladder and ramshorn snails. At first this was great, I have a pea puffer, so I just plucked out a few snails here and there for that puffer, and all was hunky dory. The crypts completely melted back and haven't started thriving yet, the val died, the dwarf sag is barely holding in there, all the guppy grass just started disappearing, despite all the fish/snail waste and ferts, and the tank just looked.... sad. So, yesterday I gutted the tank essentially. Removed all floating plants, the hardscape, did a huge water change, and physically removed as many snails as I could before my hands got prune-y 😆. Which leaves me here: natural gravel, root systems of two crypts that I am crossing my fingers for, and what was labeled as dwarf sag but I think might be val in the back. I added a little cave type decoration that I had in my supplies and some trimmings from my Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus left floating around to give the guppy fry a place to hang out. I need your help! My fiancee and I were thinking we would like to just have rock as hard scape, and tons of live plants. If I can make it work I'd love a thick patch of crypts on the left side of the tank where the flow is higher from my HOB. Other than that I am totally open to other plant scape ideas! I would be thrilled if the cherry shrimp and the corys would breed in this tank. I'm not loving the guppies and would like to have other fish that would add some more color and interest to the tank. I included some pics for reference, this tank is located in the middle of my living space, so fish that aren't too shy and okay with lots of activity in the room are preferred. I have hard water, ph 7.6.
  11. Hello and good day! I thought I could start this thread to document my journey into fish keeping. I figure that it is also a great way to get help when problems arise and/or to get people to bounce ideas off. 😁 I mentionned in an intro post that this is my second attempt at fish keeping. My previous setup was about two years ago on this same aquarium. I must unfortunately say that it did not end well. I had a betta who got sick and I did not notice fast enough. So here I am now, starting again. My current tank is a 20 gal.US high that has been planted and in water since October 9th. I had started scaping it a few days before. I have an Aquaclear 30 HoB, an airstone with USB air pump, a Fluval heater (not submersible) and a basic T8 fluorescent light. The substrate is some planted tank I bought in a small aquascaping shop. It just says ''Aquarium Soil, Black Brown Soil'' (that I can read I should add). My tap water is around: - pH 7.8 - 8.0 - GH 120 mg/L (ppm) (+/- 6.7 dGH) - KH 70-80 mg/L (ppm) (+/-4.4 dKH) Few days after filling it with water (Oct. 13th): - pH 7.8 - GH 60 mg/L (ppm) - KH 70 mg/L (ppm) - Ammonia 0.50 - 1.00 ppm - Nitrites 0.0 ppm - Nitrates 0.0 ppm And my aquarium parameters are currently (dated Oct. 26th): - pH 7.4 - GH 40 ppm (+/- 2.25 dGH) - KH 50 ppm (+/- 2.80 dKH) - Ammonia 0.25 ppm - Nitrites 0.0 ppm - Nitrates 5.0 ppm My plan is to get the most Neon Tetras I can for my tank without having to do massive and/or frequent water changes. I am thinking anywhere from 12 to 20. After that I might get some Otocinclus, around six to eight. But first, I want to get two or three Nerite snails as I have a lot of decaying plant matter (I do not know if my Vallisneria will pull through 😕). Seeing as I am dosing Seachem Stability to help establish bacteria, I am wondering if I can add the Nerites this weekend? Also, I might have to add that I have dosed one pump of Easy-Green twice now (Oct. 21st & 25th) and I did not see a spike in ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. As I am writing this, I realise that although my tap water is somewhat hard, I should probably add something like a Wondershell or crushed coral to help increase my GH & KH since it went down so much. 🤔
  12. Greetings! I would like your opinion on my stocking plans. I am looking for a nice, peaceful no agression community tank : 10 green neon tetra. 6 false julii 3 honey gourami (potential agression?) My pH is around 7.4, gh is 12. 1) Is it feasible? Some place seem to say that green neon tetra like pH under 7... 2) In which order should I add the fishes? 3) What is the % of the tank that should be left unplanted for the cory to be happy? My tank is cycled. I had 12 White Cloud Mountain Minnows. Sadly I had to part with them. And in order to better suit my cory, I will change the substrate. And I just removed all my plastic plants/decor to plant real plants. I wonder if my cycle can survive? I have an aqueon quietflow 20 and a sponge filter (added few days ago). 20 gallons high.
  13. Hello everyone! My name is Sydney and I live in Roseburg Oregon. I kept fish as a child in a bowl, and in August of this year I bought a 6.8 gallon tank and dove right into this hobby. Currently I have a betta, pond snails, baby Ramshorn snails, and plants in the 6.8 (50W heater). I also got a 20H I got at the end of October because my betta had killed two nerite snails I tried to add, and then I noticed him pecking at my grandpa Ramshorn snails so I moved the snails into the 20H. Currently in the 20H (aquarium co-op sponge filter no heater), I have 2 grandpa Ramshorn snails, an assassin snail, a bunch of pond snails, 4 horned nerite snails, 4 low grade cherry shrimp (they were culls), and a bunch of plants. I included images of the 6.8 and the 20H but the 20H has algae on the glass so the image isn't too great. The 6.8 gallon tank I have has a built in sump filter that I do not like and I have been running the sump at the lowest setting I can and have a sponge filter going with the usb nano air pump. Is this too much flow for my betta fish?
  14. hi! is it possible to have a breeding pair of angelfish in a 20 gallon vertical planted tank with a lot of filteration. i have black marble angels thanks
  15. I am going to be moving the current fish and some of the snails in this tank to a 40 gallon breeder planted tank with some Apistogramma in the next couple of months. I plan to keep this tank running as well. What would you suggest in an established 20 gallon tank? I've thought pea puffers, cherry shrimp only (with some of the snails currently there), or maybe a few different shrimp species like a bamboo or vampire shrimp with a bunch of neocardina and maybe a small schooling fish. Any other different ideas out there? Anything fun I can feature?
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