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Found 12 results

  1. Finally had a move in day! I had to refurbish everything. The stand required sanding and paining. I went with the distressed look as it matches our décor more then the more traditionally stained or solid wood coloring. It has a new seamless sump system that operates with 55 gallons of water and has a total capacity of 75 gallons. I have done multiple power failure tests to insure no issue. I am using H2Overflows and Syphon Stopper returns both plumbed up with my custom plumbing. I didn't want the large black overflows it came with as with the paint and plant the piping will disappear mostly over time. 1350 GPH return pump. I might add a second for the just in case and peace of mind. 2 500 watt Vivosun heaters I wanted to be able to quickly heat the large water changes I do on a regular basis. I like that these have a digital read out or target temp and current temp. Shut off automatically if dry, has the adjustment for the temp on the outside of the tank/sump and the body is titanium so no glass breaking. Using two Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters for the breaking of surface tension. Might add a air stone in the sump to aerate the ceramic media. Using two Fluval 3.0 I purchased from Aquarium Co-Op as well for lighting. Has a new upper brace and the old one was brittle from the halogen lights it had baking it. New glass lids from Pets Mart. Sub straight is Eco-Complete Red. Spider wood Drift wood Plants Various. I will learn the names sooner or later. Fish as as follows: (currently as more are planned) 5 dicus - 2 mated when in the old tank. If this continues I will have to build a breeder tank. 3 Angle Fish - 2 older and much larger and a new guy 10 Rummy nose tetras 6 rainbow fish 4 males 2 females (at least with these fish you can tell the differance. 7 Celebes rainbow fish, 3 males and 4 females 2 gold nugget plecos 2 corydoras brevirostris - 6 more coming very soon. So the soon to add are 3 more dicus maybe 4. 4 more angle 6 more corys 6 loaches and 2 rams.
  2. Hi! I'm in the process of setting up a 150 gallon tank for a fahaka puffer. I would love to do a planted tank. I have struggled with plants in the past so I thought doing a plant substrate would be a good idea to help. I know fahakas need sand substrate but I was wondering if seachem flourite black sand would be okay? Any guidance is appreciated!
  3. Set up a new 150 gallon planted tank last week. Started with about $600 in plants. Even though I knew about crypt melt, it is still disheartening to watch my plants just die. I know they should grow back, but still.
  4. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a reliable stand online for a 150g?
  5. Just scored an INSANE deal on a 150 gal tank and stand far too good to pass up. How many sponge filters would I need for this thing or would you recommend something else.
  6. I have a 150 gallon tank. Water is soft 3-5. I want to keep Nerites maybe other snails but the fish I have are in their comfort zone. What can I do to help them survive? If I add a wonder shell or cuttle bone is that going to mess with my water hardness to a point my fish are stressed? I really don’t know how much these items effect the water the fish are in.
  7. Looking for recommendations for lighting for a planted 150 gallon 72"×18"×27". I plan on growing beginners plants. No co2. I want to carpet the bottom with Micro Sord or Montecarlo. I would like a timer and a dimmer, or at least comparable. I not to concerned about cost, buy I'm not rich either. Also will I need to get two of them?
  8. Hello all, I have an empty 150 gallon stock tank. I was going to begin my 3rd fancy goldfish colony, however I do have 2 other 150 gallon stock tanks with fancies, so I’d like to go in a different direction. As for filtration, it will have a XL sponge filter rated for 200 gallon that is currently running in another stock tank. It will also have a 4” Hygger air stone. It will have a black sandy bottom with tons of Val, and other plants to come (still undecided). Question is, is this adequate for a school of about 6 dojo’s? Are they escape artists? I was also thinking of starting with 1 dojo and stocking heavily with Goyder river rainbow fish. Anyways, any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly, Manny
  9. So want to ask here for some feed back on what to do next with my 150g tank. Quick back story the tank has been setup for 6+ years with Lace catfish and big Texas cichlid. The Texas has passed and the LFS is interested in the lace catfish so think it is time to revamp the setup into some thing different. Idea #1 Break down the tank give it a full clean change the gravel to sand drop in some large drift wood and pick up two Oscars 2"-3" long and let them live there for the next 10+ years. Even with regular water changes and vacuuming the gravel there is still a lot of fish poo still in the bottom of that tank. So if I do Oscars I will want to strip it all out and start off fresh (keeping the cycled filters) Idea #2 That gravel could be a gold mine for plants at this point. I could drop in some 2-3 Amazon swords and some Dwarf sagittaria along the front of the tank in the gravel. They should grow like mad for a long time. I will have to add root tabs at some point but that wouldn't be too hard to maintain. With live plants I can't do the oscars so thinking moving my Lyretail yellow mollies and maybe add some swordtails. That is a huge tank for livebearers but seeing 75-100 of these guys swimming around all the live plants would be awesome. So what do you think Oscars or Mollies with plants?
  10. I recently got this used 150 gallon tank and figured I would start a thread here to log my progress as I get it all rolling. I just painted the room last week from a gross pink to a nice blue that I think goes well with the colors of the stand. Today I got the whole ensemble from my buddy’s house and let me just say, moving a tank of this size is insanely difficult, it’s over 300 pounds. I hope to have it cleaned out by tonight and start figuring out the sump. I still have no idea how I’m setting it up as far as stocking lol.
  11. I am wanting to setup a 150 for Lake Victorian Cichlids (all male). I am currently planning on using a FX6 for filtration. So I would like to get some opinions, is that enough filtration, how many cichlids (I would like to over stock to keep aggression down), proper decoration? Any and all thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
  12. A Co-worker said hey buddy aren't you one of those fish geeks?? I said with absolute pride Yessir I sure am lol He had a buddy who had a Marineland cylinder type 30 Gallon tank he wanted to get rid of with all supplies and fish included for free! I thought SCORE!! Well once I got there I figured out why they wanted the tank gone pretty quickly. The Topfin CF60 canister filter they had on the tank had quit so the way overstocked aquarium housing 3 Oscar's and 3 Convicts were basking in Amonia filled water and not only that they unplugged the heater and seeing how its October here in the midwest it's been getting cold outside. So I get the water drained down and I would normally try to accumulate them before throwing them Into my cooler turned into an aerated portable tank, but with the shape of these poor fellas they got thrown right in. I get them home and instantly going to work on setting up the biggest extra tank I have available which is a 75 gallon. After 2 days believe it or not they are all still kicking and seem extremely happy to have a bigger tank. One of the Oscar's lower jaw has broke in the past and healed all sideways. These poor fellas have been through hell and back. I've got a new 150G I've been working on getting it finished and set up and I'm going to make it these guys new forever home cause God knows they deserve it. Rant over lol Have a great day and keep it fishy friends!!
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