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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! So I ended up coming across a group of 24 Least Killifish (HETERANDRIA FORMOSA) for sale at a really good price, and was wondering if this sounds too much for a 12g Patio Tub? It has no filter, just heavily planted with different floaters and bog plants. If it does, I have my main 37g Tub which I was going and still plan to use for Ricefish but since those are coming in a little later in the Summer, would it be a better idea to throw the least killis in there for now?
  2. This is the tank AIO Biocube. Needs a light thinking a Finnex Stingray to fit into the hood. If the Finnex won't work may take the hood off and go with a AI Prime Freshwater light. Might also downgrade the current pump as I think it might be to much, or could also maybe make a DIY spray bar. Also for inhabitants thinking of doing Aquarium co-ops centerpiece fish idea with a gourami and tetras. I'll post more info once I test my tap water and see where that stands or might have to use my RODI water and re-mineralize it.
  3. I am looking for some stocking advice. I have a 90B (3 foot bookshelf tank- 36 inches by 8 x 10 - 12 gallons) that is set up with wood from ADG in Houston, La Plata Sand, dragon stone, a dwarf aquarium lily that has yet to sprout and lots of different Anubias (petite and golden from the coop and some rarer varieties like paxing that I picked up on aqua bid and such). It has lots of filtration (Fluval 307 with 4 pounds of Biohome Ultimate in it). I am adding a pair of Apistogramma macmasteri. I am thinking I would like to add 5-6 Honey Gourami instead of a schooling fish. My question is, can I get away with adding 5-6 panda cories as well? Any other suggestions for stocking would be welcomed. Pic is taken before adding any fish (other than some Clithon corona snails)... ignore the HOB filter, I just have that running with mature media to get the 307 seasoned. I promise the tank will look better soon once the Anubias anchors itself and I can remove the Wood Tight that is securing it to the wood.
  4. Hey everyone! I was cleaning a few of my tanks and doing water changes today, and decided to test parameters too (I do this about once a month). My longest running tank is a lovely planted 12 g, well established, a month shy of two years old. I was surprised to find the pH way down, 6.4, maybe lower, when normally it's closer to 7.4. This has happened a couple of times previously, with no negative results, and I add some crushed coral to bring the pH back up. But I was wondering why this happens. I feel like I know the answer, or should know, but wanted to ask here and see what others had to say on the subject, and also if it's something I need to concern myself with. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm brand new to the hobby, decided to get a tank partially because I thought it would be good for my toddler, and partly because I wanted some life in the house! We live in a strictly no pet building, but pretty sure I can get away with fish 🙂 . The irony is that the toddler barely cares (so far), and I am becoming obsessed. Got a 12 gallon tank and a bunch of plants about a month ago and just added five neon tetras a few days ago. I am absolutely loving it and looking forward to adding some more friends. I've been watching a lot of Aquarium Co-op youtube videos (thanks Cory!) and am still unsure about what the best would be for my tank. I'm thinking a female betta because I like the idea of a fish with some personality, and I think the toddler would like that too. If anyone has advice on what kind of bottom feeders are best, and how many I can feasibly (and ethically!) put in I would very much appreciate it. Happy to be learning from all of you, especially in what seems to be such a respectful and open forum. Cheers!
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