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Found 5 results

  1. So this is the tale of my biggest tank. It was purchased used in June of last year as a birthday present from my hubby. Due to other circumstances (unplanned breeding of rescued Jack Dempsey’s and over 1500 fry taking over my world) it wasn’t set up and started until mid-March this year. I wanted to plant heavy from the beginning and I started accumulating plants around December or so. I found a used piece of driftwood that I liked for the right price and started soaking it, then found a couple more pieces with a similar texture and look and started them soaking, too. They even froze inside their barrel of water during Snowpocalypse in February. Finally got it started on March 13. Put black, opaque, cling window film on the back. Carefully layered my baked clay dirt, Osmocote granules, then black blasting sand. Very carefully placed my wood pieces. First pic is the main inspiration piece, then substrate added, all wood added, fiddling with placement, planting process, floating wood after filling with water despite rocks on top (🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️), additional rocks attached to wood by those super sexy zip ties, then current wood placement and first day planted.
  2. Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a 100 gallon acrylic tank. It came with 3 drill holes that i want to cover up/patch. Im worry about leaks etc. Any recommendations, tips etc that could be helpful? Would i have to get the same thickness of acrylic to patch it up? TIA
  3. I am setting up a 100 gallon stock tank pond. I have some mosquito fish that my kids collected last year from a local pond and they have outgrown their current setup so we plan to move them to the stock tank. My 8 year old son is convinced we have fully tamed them and they cant handle the wild 🙂. We were considering adding some white cloud minnows and celestial pearl danios to the stock tank pond. I have read that mosquito fish can be aggressive....any thoughts on compatibility based on experience?
  4. How many neon tetras in a 100 gallon tank
  5. pH - 7.8 Nitrates - 20-40ppm Hardness - about 390ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - about 150ppm Water Temperature - 78F In my 100g tank, my 2 severums have developed a massive ich infestation. I have no idea why but I suspect due to stress cause I previously had a green terror here and well, terrorized the whole tank. He has been moved now but the severums are in bad shape, but the thing is, only the severums ahve ich, the blood parrot, the vieja and the Oscar are completely free of it. How would you treat ich in this scenario? Mind you, it is a big, 100g tank so I would like a cheaper alternative to ICH - X. I have purchased aquarium salt (attached), Do you think this will be enough to get rid of the ich? I remember Cory saying in a livestream that with Cichlids he always uses salt cause they can tolerate it no problem. I've even see them hiding all the time, they're super stressed it seems.
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