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  1. I am looking at getting the python water changer. Any reason I can't buy the key parts and use a garden hose? I have a long run and the longer hose kits are costly compared to getting a garden hose. Anything I need to do to the hose before I use it for fish?
  2. Had a surprise spawn of Cobalt Blue Zebra Chiclids and have previously only bread various live bearers. I purchased a 2 and 1/2 gallon tank using a cycled sponge, water from another tank, and a plant from another tank and have not lost any. My main question is I have siphoning the bottom once a day and replacing the water with tank water from the tank they were born in. Is this to much or should I do this every other day? I am not sure how sensitive baby Chiclids are to water frequency of tank maintenance. Thanks. Trevor
  3. I'm pretty new. I just started keeping fish this summer. I completely love it. I bought this house recently. It has a water softener from like 1975. The bypass is stuck, and I can't turn the water softener off. I've been getting water from the garden hose because it doesn't go through the water softener. Anyway, I noticed my fish weren't looking so great and tested my water; my nitrates were too high. I changed probably 3 gallons in my 20 long. Almost immediately, they were better, so I did another 5 gallon water change, but then they didn't look so good again. The next day, they were great. They were swimming around, investigating things, grouping up (guppies), acting just how they should. I think they were shocked from the temperature. It did drop by a degree or two when I changed that water. I really want to be able to match temperatures and do a water change whenever I need to, but I have this undesired water softener, and I can't turn it off. Is there anything I can do to my softened water to make it okay to use for water changes? PS I love my guppies so much.
  4. What would you improve about your water change set up? Would you use a mixing valve to control water change temperature? I am adding a fishroom sink around November within the utility room next to the fishroom. I hope to add a thermostatic mixing valve to set my temperature. We live at 9200 feet in Colorado and our cold water comes out of the mountain at 40 degrees pretty much all year long. I use a python and added in an RV hose inline water filter (carbon / sediment filter) before the python hook. Are there models of mixing valve that allow for a controllable aquarium suitable output temperature? What would those be? Would you use one? Thanks kindly. Vr Matt
  5. I recently got my first python system and from the getgo had issues with my sink and had to DIY a new way to use it. I wanted to make this thread a way for other people to show off their systems and if anyone has any tips or tricks to be able to post that here.
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