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  1. I just made my first batch of brine shrimp, and I was wondering what's the best way to prwserve them for feeding my fiah again tonight, and how long they can be preserved for. Thanks!
  2. is use api liquid test kit is there a way I can speed up water testing? specifically gh, kh, ph, nitrates I'm really clumsy and I spill/drop the test tubes all the time do the tetra test strips work well? are there quicker test or ways to speed up the current tests
  3. I'm trying to get a feel for quarantining when getting new fish. My searching makes it seem like it's an absolute must - I don't know if that's just the internet feeding on itself or if its a requirement to maintain a healthy community tank? I do realize that there is always a chance to introduce something to a tank through new stock, but I have no feel for how common that actually is. Is it likely to happen every time? Maybe once over my time keeping fish? Half the time? I guess even one time that wipes out a tank would be one time too many... I have a 75 gal that is planted - I'd love to run salt to help, but the plants will suffer. I currently don't plan to be adding stock often and don't have a good place for a dedicated quarantine tank (meaning in a common place where it's easy to keep an eye on). I do have an extra sponge filter I run in my tank in the event that I need to treat fish - so I can move that to the temp tank if needed. I've read the few current threads here and there were some good ideas there for 'as needed' hospital tank (tubs etc). Do you quarantine new fish every single time? Only when you get fish shipped? Only when they come from a LFS that maybe doesn't have the best looking tanks? Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if there is a UV sterilizer to treat green water in a 10 gallon tank? The 9w green killing machine says it's 12" long. Is it possible to lay it on its side?
  5. I have a Betta is in a 25g planted cube. I noticed this week that he has a growth or protrusion on the back left side of his body. He also has a partially white lip, but I can't tell if that's extraneous or just his coloration. I did quarantine everything that came into this tank with the med trio for a week. He seems to be swimming/acting normally and eating. The tank also has Ember Tetras, Otos, Amano Shrimp, and potentially some Corydoras Habrosus but I haven't seen them in a while. I don't see any growths/etc on the other fish, but they're all so small it's difficult to tell. Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates ~10 pH 7.4 Temperature 77.9F Thanks for the help in advance! Here's also a video of him:
  6. Howdy Nerms! Ok I am now ready to attempt a Dean Master breeder fry and egg grow out "like" system. I saw a video (way back), and I cannot remember where it is now in the Coop Universe, where Dean demonstrated his system. I would like ideas on similar system to increase my success. Can my fellow Nerms suggest ideas or videos for me to check out? Many thanks, Tedrock PS Isn't this the greatest picture of Dean! It makes me smile to see it. I want it on a T-Shirt!
  7. so I had a finnex stingray fall in my tank and apparently water damage isn't covered in the warranty and 60$ is a lot to me it still works luckily. so what can I do? @Brandy I've seen you do a lot of diy do you have any ideas? thanks everyone
  8. My 6.5 gallon aquarium make over for my short finned halfmoon (plakat) betta is in the works. Have to wait for my order to come from Aquarium Coop to come. the fake plants are going. any tips for a novice at a planted Aquarium?
  9. So I have two apistogramma cacautoides. I think I have a male and a female. I have had the male for 7 months and was sold to me as a super red and the presumed female for about 4-5 months. She has not grown a whole lot is about 1/3 the size of the male. They don’t pay much attention to each other. I even built a hole cave specifically for them. Is she really a female. How big do the females get? sorry taking pictures of fish is hard
  10. Video of mysterioius fry: Just noticed a few of these swimming around after I fed frozen brine shrimp to the tank. Could it be baby shrimp? They move like shrimp but they don't really look like them, and I've only had my shrimp for a couple weeks and no one looked pregnant. The only other things in the tank are kuhli loaches but they're juveniles and no sign of them making babies. The other option would be something hitchhiked on a plant from my LFS. But what on earth is it??
  11. Something is wrong with this guppy. He has barely moved in the last couple of hours.
  12. I got some short video of my pea puffer, Murderbean, hunting some snails. Thought it was cute so I decided to share.
  13. I have seen quite a few threads concerning a wide variety of algae, namely black beard algae (bba) and green spot algae (gsa). So i wanted to open up a discussion of algae, what are the positives and negatives of having algae in your tank. Why is bba and gsa so hard to get rid of. What causes and cures it. In my opinion algae is sorta like a bonus critter, akin to pest snails ( who wouldnt want a free, bonus algae eating invertebrate that tagged along for the ride when purchasing an aquarium plant ). Or the lowly yet somewhat disgusting detritus worms squiggling around the bucket from your water change. They are a bonus critter completely harmless to fish and plants that eat detritus, that stuff you spend time sucking up and out of your tank. I see them as a bonus, just like algae, all of these so called pests help complete and maintain your ecosystem in a box. Which is what an aquarium actually is, a small self contained ecosystem. If however you are set to fight the good fight against algae, or curb the growth of a particular strain of algae. The best to pieces of general advice i can give is #1 dont panic. Algae is a natural organism that helps remove nitrates and other organic waste in your ecosystem. It will not directly harm fish or plants, but if left unchecked can indirectly harm plants by covering leaves to the point of not receiving light. Basically do not go so far as to harm your existing ecosystem of fish and plants in an attempt to rid yourself of it. Algae is a part of life in an aquarium. #2 when combating algae be patient. As you apply treatments and make adjustments to your water chemistries it will take time to see results. Dont expect 24 hour miracles. I have fought with a bba explosion before, and it took nearly 2 weeks to see the results from some of the adjustments i made. The stuff grows quickly it seems, but dies very slowly. Give time for treatments to work before you decide it isnt working and move on to more extreme measures that could harm your ecosystem. Those are my thoughts, please add content to this thread to help everyone enjoy this wonderful hobby, instead of fretting the sometimes unavoidable but curable factors involved. Thank you for you time.
  14. I got a 75g ready to be stocked, I originally wanted about 6 tapajos but after watching cory's neon tetra tank with vals, I fell in love and now want to do something similar. I'm planning about 50 neons/cardinals, whichever I have locally available, (but I prefer cardinals since they're more colorful), and a couple medium//big sized, peaceful fish,=. I know the general rule of "if it fits in the mouth, it will be dinner" but was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for bigger fish that might live in peace with the tetras and at the same time be intimidating enough to encourage schooling around the tank. I'm thinking: Electric blue acaras - Super peaceful right? Pair of Red spot severums - Also peaceful Pair of Festivum cichlid - Dunno much about this guy Single Texas cichlid - They say it can be extremely aggressive, but love the coloration A few firemouth cichlids - Maybe peaceful in a group? Pair of Keyhole Cichlids - Peaceful Pair of blood parrots - A bit feisty but mouth doesn't let them do much damage Group of silver dollars - peaceful right? A salvini - Aggressive? Any other suggestions are welcome, though I'm trying to steer clear from the classics like discus, angels and rams (if I can lol!)
  15. Hi. We just noticed that the rams were laying eggs on the sponge filter. The eggs are translucent. We just got the rams from the Co-op on Jan 20th. Should they be laying eggs this young? Does it mean they are a pair? Should we turn off the filter so no fry (if any) gets sucked in?
  16. So I got bored and decided to do a video of some of the african dwarf frogs. Here you go! Enjoy. And yes, I am aware there is a small algae bloom in this tank. I relocated some of the plants and planted a few new plants. This has caused for the time being a small imbalance. I am sure it will clear up soon. You can also find it on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@ben_r_f/video/6922579820886985990?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1
  17. Hey guys, I aspire to someday soon own a local Fish Store/local pet store. I would like to know what info, advice, and resources you guys can provide. I'm in New York so a very expensive market and I have no clue how to find good wholesalers. Again, thank you guys for any help😁
  18. Apologies if this is in the wrong place or if there is an existing thread for these kinds of posts. I just watched the newest Youtube video on the processes behind the warehouse facility and I was blown away! That is a top notch, super professional operation! I wish all places had that level of care and professionalism. I own my own business (auto repair) down in Florida so I have a real appreciation for efficiency and doing things right and also know how much you have to stay on top of things. And efficiency is king. Suffice it to say I was very, very impressed.
  19. I am wanting to start a Discus tank. Can anyone recommend what type of filter and heater system to use? I am using a 75 gallon tank. I am not new to keeping fish, as I have a 55 gallon community tank. But new to Discus. Thanks for the help.
  20. Using Dr Tim's ammonia, my started level of ammonia was ~4-5ppm (API test kit). I added 1oz of FritzZyme and in few days, the ammonia level was under 1ppm. I repeated this and once again, the ammonia levels went from ~4-5ppm to under 1 ppm. Clearly I have establish the ammonia munching colony of bacteria. The nitrites levels are difficult to read as they are on the bottom end of the scale (.25ppm) and being color blind doesn't help :-). Same issue with nitrates. I did a comparison test using tap water, there was a significant color difference for nitrites and a very slight difference for nitrates. Initially I expected to see the normal cycling curve with nitrites spiking at high level then ramping down which confirms the establishment of the bacteria. But on second thought, if you seed your tank with live bacteria, this is what you should expect ie: no significant levels of nitrites. I believe my tank is cycled and ready for fish once the ammonia levels drop. FritzZyme recommends adding fish right away but I do not agree with this, Spiking your tank with ammonia confirms the bacteria was alive when added to your tank. Time for a major water change and finally, buy some fish on Friday! Mark
  21. Tell me about hospital tanks... with my African cichlids, I feel like I’ll need one eventually. I treated an recent injury using a mesh basket because that’s all I could come up with at the time. Lack of funds & space prevents me from purchasing another complete setup. What is the most economical way to be prepared? What size do you recommend? Do you keep it up all the time? If not, how do you fill it... water out of main tank or new water? What else should I know? Thank you!
  22. I got my USB nano pump and like all things the first thing I did was take it apart. I was surprised to find this 51 ohm resistor in parallel with the pump. (I also recognized the motor/pump under the silicone sleeve as one I already had several of for another project. oops!) I noodled over why that was there some tonight, and I think its because the pump doesn't sink enough current to be detected by most USB battery banks. Without the resistor most power packs will auto-shutoff. If you're running two or more off the same battery or have a USB "UPS" instead of battery bank you really don't need this resistor and can clip this resistor off to get about 2.5x more battery life (when fully loaded, more if there's not much air restriction) off of a battery backup. You can also clip the resistor if you just want to save 1/2 watt of power consumption. Some googling also turned up the little known feature of /some/ usb battery banks. If you turn it on and hold the button for 3s it won't auto shut off. I tried it on my battery bank with no success so YMMV.
  23. These fry are much smaller than my normal guppy fry and they also are blue and seem to have allot of shimmer. I've only ever had guppies in my tank, it could've come in on a pregnant females but doesn't look like my other fry? Thoughts?
  24. In a lot of my responses to posts you may see me link these two videos. These were two videos that helped me the MOST when figuring out what was wrong with my planted tanks, and some of the most frequent questions asked. Do you have any videos that you found EXTREMLEY helpful? Link them below: I link them so often I made a playlist with them:
  25. So, this would be a first.. i understand you dont get retail, but there is some value from a tank breed fish over a huge farm correct whats a fair value for fish store for endlers.. i was thinking like $1.50, is that to high. And blue neocaridena like $1.75... anyone have their experience??
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