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  1. Are there plants I should avoid as I prepare for a higher temp (82-84) discus tank?
  2. Hi Aquarium Co-op Forum Community! First time posting. :) My wife and I are looking to set up a new fish rack. In the past we used an old craftsman built-in to set up tanks on a shelf system (near our dinner table) and loved the experience of interacting with our fish every meal. Our current ambition is to keep one primary (75gal standard) and several secondary tanks on rack with storage underneath. Something like retail aquarium stands with nice trim/finish but built with clearance for a second upper shelf. We are generally comfortable with DIY but would much prefer to buy something reliable and nice-looking. (We're willing to pay for something specialized like this.) Do you have any recommendations? In return we'll post our build progress. :)
  3. What does everyone use for a quarantine tank? Am I just supposed to get a separate aquarium and leave it running when no fish are in it? We just got some guppies and put them in our tank and someone suggested we should put them in a quarantine tank first. Not sure how to go about it.
  4. Rainbow Darter is starting to color up. Read a NANFA spawning report that one aquarist had success breeding them using spawning mops (!) So, made a mop that blends in pretty well. We’ll see... Rainbow Shiners coloring up. Did light timer narrowing for a bit, now expanding to simulate seasonal change. Males have begun chasing females. Added a spawning tray. We shall see...
  5. About two weeks ago I received an Anubias Nana from the COOP. It looked good at first, but it has since shed some leaves and then the remaining leaves started to turn a lighter green and now have yellow parts. I dose with Easy Green and the floating plants are doing great. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi everybody! I have seen some lemon blue eyed bristlenose pleco babies and was considering to get them. The person selling them was going to sell 13 of them. I currently have two 20 gallon tanks and one 10 gallon tank. Would I be able to separate them around in those tanks? Also, what are your setups for them? I want to know how you guys breed and keep them. Would any other tank mates be suitable to keep with them if I'm trying to breed them? What should I feed them to get them to be happy and growing? Sorry for the many questions, but if you have any advice at all, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. This is my dirted 20 gallon long that I literally lost every fish in (ich outbreak). I am rebooting and need any and all advice on what to layer on top here before adding new fish. There was a sulphur/rotten egg smell in the tank that I noticed while emptying. Comments? I was planning on adding more sand (10 pound bag) on top before filling but am wondering if gravel first and then sand might be best. Advice? Can the phenomenal fish gurus here advise?
  8. Hi from BC, Canada...so glad I found this forum, I'm new to fish keeping & to forums 🙂 Anyway, this spot showed up three days ago on my Betta, Zora's dorsal fin, and it's creeping me out! So far it's not moving around on his fin. Not sure either, where it would have come from, except maybe the new floating plants I put in his ten gallon tank a week ago? Have since removed them to a 2nd 10 gallon tank I'm cycling. He hasn't had any other issues in the two years I've had him. Since I don't have a clue with what I'm dealing with, the pet store gave me Paraguard *their suggestion* to try. I gave him an hour bath yesterday, but I think he gets too stressed when I take him in & out of his tank because he got pale. So, can I just dose his tank w\one capful of Paraguard *he has no tank mates* but has a large sponge filter, so I won't be able to use carbon to take the med out afterwards. What about aquarium salt? 5 tbsp. for ten gallons? Or would this be too much to use all at once for him to handle? His parameters are: Ammonia - 0 or .25 ppm, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate 5.0, PH - 7.4-7.6, Hard water, don't have exact stats, Temp - 78 F, but does fluctuate in the green zone quite a bit. Sure hope someone has seen this on a fish before and can give me some direction to getting rid of it. Just so you know, since I live in Canada many meds are not available here. Hope to hear from someone soon & thank you for your time 🙂
  9. So I made my first impulse fish purchase today 😳 nothing crazy, just 3 mollies. (edit: they're poecilia sphenops mollies for reference) The only problem is that I was thinking of them going well with my endlers, but forgot to check to see if they'd eat adult neocaridina shrimp - turns out, yes they absolutely will. 😕 The mollies are currently quarantined by themselves in a 10 gallon. The plan before was to move my prettiest shrimp into the 10 gallon for breeding, and keep some culls and skittles in my community tank where they currently live so I wouldn't care if some cull babies got eaten. I like having the shrimp as a cleanup crew and seeing how they interact in the community tank, but I don't want any adults to get eaten. Current setup is a 20 gallon long community tank. Heavily planted (like actually, about 70%+ is planted). Over filtered with two sponge filters on different air pumps that are both for 40-50 gallons. Fish: 7 kuhli loaches, 6 endlers, 8 juvenile celestial pearl danios, 1 mystery snail, 1 nerite snail, and ~20 neocaridina shrimp. No one's bothered the shrimp so far and they're comfortable enough to be out and about most of the time. 10 gallon is medium planted, deep substrate, sponge filter, just the 3 mollies in there right now. My father-in-law is giving me a 100 gallon tank soon, but it'll be a hot minute before that's all set up and ready to go. What would you do? I'm thinking of my options as: 1 - Move all the shrimp into the 10 gallon and the mollies into the 20 (after mollies are done in quarantine), potentially put a divider in the tank so I can have part of the tank where I'm selectively breeding and part of the tank for culls/skittles. 2 - Keep the mollies in the 10 gallon, potentially moving them to the 100 gallon when it's ready. Get another 10 gallon or a 5 gallon for shrimp breeding and go with the original plan of culls & skittles in the 20. 3 - Move the mollies to the 20, move my breeding shrimp to the 10, and get another 10 or a 5 for culls & skittles. Shrimp tank will also likely be a grow out tank for fry.
  10. I currently have 10 mollies and one dwarf gourami in QT. Two of the mollies aren't looking so hot right now but I just started the med trio Saturday. My question is, after the full med treatment if these two mollies still arent acting right is it still ok to move the rest out of QT into my main tank?
  11. Hello all, hopefully this is the right place for my question. I have a friend willing to give me clippings of water sprite, but I know their tank has a planaria problem. Will "disinfecting" the plants in a 10% bleach dip kill planaria? If not, any other suggestions? Is it worth the risk of introducing the planaria to my tank, or should I just be buying my own new batch of water sprite from a seller? Any answers appreciated, thanks!
  12. one of my pygmy corys is acting weird all the other fish including other pygmy corys are acting normal water parameters ph 7.2 gh 150 kh 80 nitrate 20
  13. hey team, Any tips on how to make bubbles look like they do in this George Farmer video of an ADG tank? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-EqyI7Z_HVw
  14. Ordered in about 1/2 lb of live black worms this week. Oh my . . . feeding this is so fun! These fish have never been happier. You'll enjoy watching this . . .
  15. I have a 10 gallon with a couple of grow out guppy fry. I would like to breed corydoras, what types can I breed in a 10 gallon (if any) and what will I need (plants, type of substrate, breeder box?) is it ok to leave the guppy fry in there until they finish growing out there is only 4? Does any one have tips? Is there a good place to get them from?
  16. After over an hour of arts and crafts, I am covered in glue but I now have alllll the plants I want for the tank. I have a few different kinds of crypts, anubias nana petite, swords in the back, dwarf sag in the middle that I think I will totally need to keep trimming and a Java fern on the left that I had no clue would come that big. I really have no clue in general, but I'm proud of myself and think it looks pretty. Anything I should be concerned about? The tank lighting is just what came with the Tetra kit I got.
  17. Hi, I've been noticing air bubbles rising from the sponge instead of the tube. There's about 4 inches of sponge w/ the large filter... What's the best placement for the Ziss air stone(top, bottom, middle)? How tight do you twist the Ziss? thanks!
  18. I have a 3.5 gallon tank i'm currently cycling that will be planted and I hope to get 10 or so shrimp for a shrimp only tank. I've been fish keeping for over a year but never any shrimp. My tap water parameters are Ammonia .25-.5ppm nitrite 0ppm nitrate 0 ppm pH 07.2-7.4 GH 125-150ppm KH 120ppm temp 74-72 (no heater) I would love a blue variety shrimp, but which shrimp species will thrive given my parameters? The only chemicals I use is seachem prime for water changes. I am using a sponge filter rated for 20 gallons for filtration. I have a gravel substrate, capped with about 1 inch of sand, plus a handful of small stones (quarter size). Any advice about best shrimp species, foods, or other shrimp specific info is welcome!
  19. These are not my fish of course! It's just a video I found worth sharing with you guys. Another reason why Corydoras should never be kept alone in an aquarium!
  20. After one smaller fry drop, our Tangerine Painted Lyretail Mollys have dropped about 20 fry. We used a cheap breeding box in order to preserve and observe. Interestingly, the fry are a tossed salad of colorations, indicating (if I've got the Punnett terms correct) that the parents are heterozygous, with genetics from a cross between black and koi mollys. Hoping for a successful BAP entry! The 5 that dropped a couple of months earlier are doing great. Two were black, and three were the koi . . . tangerine / painted, etc. Here are a few photos of this batch:
  21. So I was hoping to add some bottom feeder fish to this tank but I used eco complete. I know most need sand and read coarse substrate can hurt them. I also will have a single blue ram in the tank and didn’t know if that would be an issue. I was hoping for at least a bristle nose pleco or two. I plan to add a lot more plants I have some trimmings from my other tank in there at the moment.
  22. Let's start a Lake Tanganyika thread to share our experiences with different fish species from Lake Tanganyika and be a resource for new Tanganyikan fishkeepers.
  23. I am just learning about this nitrogen cycle. Very interesting. Lets say you set up a new aquarium and added some plants (no fish yet). Would ammonia build up in that tank and start the cycle? Or is the only way to get ammonia in the tank (to start the cycle) is to add fish? So, I am asking if you just put some gravel and plants in an aquarium with a filter and heater would ammonia ever be present or would you never have ammonia in the tank?
  24. I am new to keeping plants and I am growing so much algae. I could really use some help in adjusting the settings on my Fluval plant 3.0. The tank is 29 gallons and i am fertilizing with easy green and root tabs. The plants have been in for about a month now.
  25. I was wondering if is a way to make a bubble like bar thats 24" with these ziss never clog air stones somehow? Is there a product that could sort of daisy chain them from just one pump? I have a 45 gallon tank with a tetra whisper up to 60 air pump. Thanks, Ted
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