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  1. There are lots of questions here, but I'm really just looking for ideas. I'd love thoughts on any/all of these. I'm looking at setting up my first big tank--a 75 or 90 gallon depending on the best deal I can find. I'd like to do a mix of livebearers--guppies for sure and then thinking of adding in a few platys or mollies. We have the hard water for it, I think guppies are some of the prettiest fish out there, and I'll have a perpetual supply of fish that's always changing. I like that the platies/mollies get a somewhat larger and can add some variety, but guppies are definitely my favorites. I started out with 5 community guppies from Twin City Guppies and ended up with the 2nd generation of males all being dark blue/black delta tails and very pretty females with large yellow and black tales. I'm planning to move some of these over out of the smaller tanks, but I'd also like to end up with some more color. The females are virgin at this point and could be mixed with anything. Right now everyone's pretty but also all the same. So here are my questions: 1. Do I just get the cheap assorted guppies at my LFS this time and pick out the colors I want? Throw one each in with a female in a breeding box for an hour and see what I end up with? 2. Do I spend A LOT more money on higher end breeding pairs the colors I want when I'm not planning on trying to breed true--just wanting variety? Will they end up imparting better genetics and make better fish? Anyone have a good source suggestion for these if that's the case? I honestly don't think I'm prepared to spend $50 plus shipping for 2 fish from Twin City, and I can't pick anything out for the community selection. I could see swinging $20-$25 a pair if it would lead to better fish down the road. 3. How many guppies/platties/mollies would you recommend starting with in a 75/90 gallon tank? My thought is to start out "slowly" with livebearers--I know the population will EXPLODE after about a month--and then add a single angel to manage fry population and because I've always wanted one. I'm hoping if the tank is planted up a FEW fry will make it but not enough to overrun everything. People with lots more experience--think that will work? My LFS is an hour away and only accepts guppies for donation at this point, so there's not a big market for fry, and I'd like to keep my water changes down to about weekly--not daily! 4. Unrelated to the fish--does anyone have suggestions on substrate/plants that would look particularly good with this kind of setup?
  2. I think I’m seeing spawning behavior, but really I’m just guessing. She spend most of her time in one of the caves, cleaning and occasionally spitting stuff out. Sometimes she’ll come out and swim up to the dominant male then roll onto her side and swim back to the cave like she’s trying to entice. I caught it on video - what are your thoughts
  3. We have little swimmers, as of tonight. This is our first spawn with our German Blue Rams. Throw me ALL of your tips and tricks. 😃 Super Exciting! I was expecting that they maybe would have eaten their eggs as they did last time and I was expecting to need to give them one more try... so this was such a fun surprise!
  4. I am interested in getting a big-ish, individual fish that is personable towards humans and happy alone in a tank. I have considered as housing somewhere between 40-100g, and I want something "pretty". I get that some people like the look of a flowerhorn, and that personality is great, but the head bump is not my thing. I like colorful fish, and I would prefer an easy keeper that isn't going to be super fussy about...well, anything. So unfortunately that leaves out larger puffers, who again have great personalities (Murphy!). I was considering larger goldfish, cichlids, want to know what I might be missing, since I have mostly kept small fish thru my life. I have an angelfish, he is a character! I want a fish that notices when I approach the tank and swims forward instead of hiding, like a guppy but big. Those of you who have kept bigger fish what are your favorites?
  5. Hello I love Killifish fish but I can't find any videos on annual killifish especially Pearl killifish if anybody has information please drop a comment
  6. Hi there fellow fish lovers, I am new to the forum but not new to the scene (10+ years of fishkeeping). I just wanted to share a personal experience with you guys here, maybe some will find it helpfull. So I recently (half a year ago) did an experiment with combining kissing fish (Helostoma temminckii) with cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi).I really wanted shrimp (fell in love with their behaviour) but I did not want to get rid of my long time friends (have kissing fish for more than 4 years now) but I have read everywhere online that these do not mix well. Don't do it I read everywhere. However, knowing these fish for years now, I did not believe this piece of information to be true (never believe 100% of what you read online guys, follow your own experiences aswell). Because kissing fish are gentle giants, in nature they graze algae of rocks and even do filter feeding, they are not active hunters. So I bought 50 baby cherry shrimp with the idea that 99% would become expensive fish food for my kissing fish. The first two weeks or so, I did not see any of them, not a single one, even if I tried hard to look for them. Waste of money I thought... Do not go well with large kissing fish. Confirmed. Then about a month later I started seeing medium sized shrimp appear again. They survived! Not a few of them... But all. They just needed to adjust to their new environment and lose their stage fright. Now they come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Even a (rare?) golden one. I have seen baby shrimp literally touch the lips of kissing fish. But they won't go in. They are super fast and there is no intent for the kissing fish to snap at them. So there you have it, kissing fish and shrimp. Good combo if you ask me. I am now at a point that I am certain that even if they started hunting (which I have not observed so far) that the shrimp population would sustain itself. In fact, I am now thinking of getting a blue acara to remove some of the surplus shrimp (seeing way to much shrimp everywhere now!). I have added pictures of my kissing fish (the big one is called Eddy the Eagle), and the shrimp (spot the golden one). Kind regards, Josha
  7. Santa is bringing me the Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery, with all the fixins: Never Clog Airstone, USB Nano Air Pump, Fritz Freshwater Salt, and ACO Black Airline Tubing. What will Santa be bringing you?
  8. Hi, I've seen both of our male Honey Gouramis build many bubble nests but this one looks a little different. He also seems to be protecting this particular nest more aggressively than I have seen in the past. Does this nest have eggs? And if not, what should we look for in the future? Thanks!
  9. We are 3x weeks into raising up a small batch of Corydoras aeneus for BAP at our fish club. Just wanted to share this little video.
  10. Hi there I was wondering how bad and how hard an infection of hydra can be to get rid of ... I have a 40g planted tank with about 35g of water, I have mystery snails, rabbit, and nerite snails, and I’m trying to grow out a about 30-40 ghost shrimp.. I’ve done some research saying use chemical in a tank but most will kill the snail and shrimp, I tried putting guppies in about 12 to see if it would help, I just don’t know anything about Hydra. Can someone help?
  11. on my 75 gal planted tank my bio load is small 4 angels and 6 baby rams a cpl corys and a cpl more algae eaters dont know ther name and two timy bristle nose plecos. anyway i was always at 0 ppm nitrates so i didnt think i had to do a water change to much i even seen Corys video when he showed the last tour of his shop because he was moving locations and he said the big bins in the middle that he never changed the water. well i ended up with that cyn dont know the real spelling but blue green algae but i watched another of his videos and learned to fix it with erthromyacin . to make a long story short id like to know how i got it. was it fish waist built up? also another question about simple green and iron it has .13 iron and your not supposed to go over 5 does that mean if i dose twice a week id be overloaded with iron? or does the plants eat it up? thankyou everybody.
  12. If you’re an aquarist with some decent experience, you should not be afraid of keeping discus. These are some of the most beautiful fish in the freshwater tropical hobby. We have slowly been adding young discus to our aquaria, learning how they like to be kept. In the final analysis, they really are not difficult. Hope this video encourages you to give them a try!
  13. When I lived I Portland I had a 29 platy tank that I made about 25-40 bucks off of every month. All these years later I got a few fish and a pretty planted tank. What do you al think? I sold 30-40 fish a month. I usually just took credit. I had two t10 bulbs above the tank and I know by today's standards that's so poor but it somehow workered. ...
  14. Hey guys, I've had these cardinals for 4-5 months now and never had any problems. All of a sudden this one has started looking towards the floor and appears to be dry heaving? No idea how else to explain it. If I lose one cardinal, so be it, but I really hope it's not something that can spread, especially to my apisto. Crossing my fingers that somebody is gonna say "oh she's just looking for a place to scatter her eggs." My video is currently processing on youtube, I will post it when as soon as it's ready.
  15. Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while and have really appreciated all the thoughtful discussions. After decades without a tank, I set one up in April in response to family demand. It's since turned into a personal battle with algae -- fascinating for me, but my wife is not a fan. She wants clear water and beautiful fish, and I haven't provided either. We have just the one tank -- a 16 gallon, crowded with a UV sterilizer and power head to assist the hang-on-back filter. We are getting light (plant 3.0 at max 40% capacity) and phosphates (added with Seachem's Neutral Regulator, removed with Phosguard) under control, fertilizing our few plants with Easy Green to 20 ppm nitrates, and hoping that clarity is not that far away. Lately dealing with a new round of green water and a daily blanket of cyanobacteria. Hoping the UV sterilizer will help, and erythromycin is on the way. We started out with four zebra danios. All are still here, now with a couple otos, three kuhli loaches, two nerites and a handful of other snails from a stowaway. We've lost a few otos, but so far no other fish. Hoping to move some day from setting up this tank to populating it with something that will impress the wife but will not bully or be bullied by our other fish. My original plan was to go with smaller schooling fish, but she's more interested in seeing one or two showcase fish. Would appreciate any thoughts on stocking and whether we should hold off until we have the algae under better control. The picture below was taken almost a month ago, when it seems like we were in better shape. Not a great shot, but hopefully gives you a sense of where we're at. We're running a pH around 7.8 and temperature around 76-77F. Thanks! -Greg
  16. I’m late in the game for mini ponds but out here in Hawaii you can keep fish outside all year. Here are some pics of my pond next to my garden.
  17. Hello, I have noticed something with my crypts that i havent noticed in other aquatic plants ,but is common with my land plants. It is that they raise and lower their leaves throughout the day. When the light first comes on the leaves are laying very parallel to the ground and as the day progresses they will raise their leaves up towards the light. I havent noticed any of my other plants doing this. Could this be a cry from the plant that it needs more light? Is this a normal thing crypts do?
  18. We set this tank up about 4 months ago in a nearby school. Many fish were from our batches of fry. Others came from a breeder in our fish club. Just thought someone would enjoy seeing a tank full of hardy, semi-aggressive little American cichlids and tetras. It’s a potential “Thunder-dome” ... but so far, there’s balance.
  19. I can’t seem to add a video to a post.. I try to add a file and video from the offered tab but it doesn’t let me do that either..any suggestions? I don’t know how to change my videos to the accepted file types..any suggestions on that too? I have an iPhone. Thank you in advance..
  20. With the cessation of regular fish club auctions, our tanks have really filled up with various fry raised for our club's Breeders Award Program. We sell some to our local fish stores, but there comes a limit to that. Shipping is tricky in the cold . . . and December is just insane with package deliveries. So for now, we're just enjoying watching our fish grow.
  21. Thought someone working on breeding might be interested in seeing a method for spawning and raising Golden Opal Rams (Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi). We've tried many times to allow our adult Rams to raise their own fry without pulling eggs, but every time ended unsuccessfully. This way definitely can work, even if it's not the most natural. Hope someone finds it helpful!
  22. Because we live far away from our fish club, we compose video journals for BAP entries. Here's our video journal on breeding pink convict cichlids. I know . . . I know . . . "just add water" (right?!) But we always learn a lot in this process. If you've got time, this might give you some ideas. Let us know what you think. Pink (or Gold) convicts are actually quite attractive!
  23. As @Cory has said many times it’s almost impossible for him to answer every question in the live videos. even for us members #nerms so I was wondering what if there’s was a topic on that very thing. where we could simply suggest ideas for vids and he could check in occasionally and see if there’s something he hasn’t done one on or even say he has done a video the person is asking about and give link
  24. I'm considering an angelfish centric tank. What is the best and most reliable source of information about angelfish online? Can be websites, videos, Facebook groups, specific breeders, whatever... Thanks..
  25. One of my baby mollies got brave and went to bottom of tank.
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