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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking at trying to breed Ember Tetras, Apisto Cacatuoites Super Reds, bristlenose plecos, and neocardinia shrimp this coming year. I've been able to find plenty of information on breeding Neo shrimp and plecos but the info about Apisos and Ember tetras has been more lacking. Are there any good resources out there for breeding those two? I haven't been able to find much about the lifecycle for apistos or ember tetras or much about the right diet to condition apistos. I plan on trying to colony breed the tetras and some cherry shrimp in the same tank, would I have to worry about the shrimp eating the tetra eggs or tetras eating baby shrimp in large enough numbers to worry about?
  2. Hello everyone, I am having difficulty researching the details of how I want to set up my first aquarium. I know the fish I want so I chose a 180 gallon to house a total of 4-5 bala sharks, a rainbow shark, kissing gourami, pleco, some corydoras and then either a school or two of tiger barbs and either blue king or black skirt tetras. Given the load and the size of my tank, I guess my questions are if I am going to be overstocked once they are grown, compatibility with each other and hopefully similar requirements for all the fish as far as ph temperature etc. I am planning to run a HOB with some sponge filters whatever will be enough. Also planning to do live plants. Thanks for reading and please let me know any suggestions!! -Nick P.S. The centerpiece and my favorite part of this setup will be the Bala sharks. I havent been able to find much detailed research on them but I am especially trying to grow the bala sharks out to their full potential of 12-14 inches. I see a lot of people online who claim their sharks grow very slowly and do not get that big while other websites suggest they grow quite fast. just curious.
  3. Hello Everyone, We had fresh/saltwater aquariums for a great many years, but none in the last 7 yrs. We've started a freshwater tank. Regarding plant cycling a new tank, I see photos of super heavily planted aquariums. For cycling purposes what constitutes a planted tank? A certain number of plants per a certain number of water gallons? The reason for the questions is that we don’t want to carpet our tank and we don’t want it so heavily planted that we can’t see the hardscaping or fish, thus I wonder if the tank will plant cycle. It’s a 6-foot, 135-gal.
  4. 😆😆😆 We had a busy day with the tanks today. I trimmed a little hornwort, then Doug replanted that floating crinum. Then I worked on the java moss: Do y'all clean your java moss? Don't worry - I do swirl it a bit in the tank, so I don't lose allll the biofilm, but I have to check mine for BBA. I start with a bucket of conditioned water, put the moss in there, move it around a bit so the shrimp, fish and seed shrimp hop off, then I take out a little at a time and check it over. It goes pretty quickly. After that, I had to see exactly WHO had dropped off that java moss. Check this out!!! Isn't it amazing how tiiiiiiiny they are!!! Next Doug trimmed up the sword and I trimmed the pothos that we've got growing out of the top. And last...Doug ADDED the ALBINO CHERRY BARBS! 12 in all, along with the lone female Cherry Barb who survived the trip from Aqua Huna. They've been in quarantine for a good 3+ weeks, and seem to be doing really well. It was a good day! Many hands make light work! So glad we could tag-team and get the work done. 🙂 Alesha
  5. Hey Everyone! I've kept Mbuna for 20+ years now and am just getting into the repashy game. I found an amazing youtube video by Tazawa Tanks showing how to add veggies into repashy. I cannot wait to try it! Here's the link to the video: Have a great night!
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a 16 gallon rimless tank. I was wondering if I should just leave it alone or place some kind of (black) background. I've heard of vinyl sheet, ect. I intend to place lots of live plants in the tank. What are your thoughts? I know one advantage is the black background can hide equipment. I am leaning toward just leaving it alone but not sure. Thanks!
  7. Hi there! This is Joan from Barcelona, 32 years old who works on Datacenter IT department at Seat (Car manufacturer). Passionate about sports, cars and animals/plants. I've been for one year in this fantastic hobby and hope to maintain motivated for a lot of years to come. Love to take care of the 3 aquariums I have but also to share and learn about this infinite hobby. Thankful with many people who shared priceless knowledge on the internet and make the journey more interesting and safe for animals. Aquarium Co op, fishlore/plantedtank forums community... I've learn a lot and now I'm trying to help others with my little piece of experience. Said that, now the content. These are my actual 3 planted tanks: 1) 7g with yellow fire Neocaridina and Celestial Pearl Danios. Anubias nanas, Vallisneria nanas, Ambulias and driftwood/moss on the back and limnobium. Love the effect with limnobium roots, cpds and shrimps seems also to love it: 2) 7g with blue sapphire/jelly shrimps and Chili Rasboras. Hydrocotyle japan on front, rock in center, micranthemum micranthemoides in the back and duckweed. Love the green effect and open view effect on this one. Everyone seems happy on it. 3) Third and the last, the 'big' one. It is a 44g long 'custom' made by a friend who work with glass. Had a community with Honeys/sparkling gourami, tetras, cherry barbs, peppered corys, otos.. Some weeks ago had a massacre that reduced population more than a half. Hard days but already doing forward to restock and doing better. About plants, different types of cryptocoryne in front, java ferns and anubias on rocks/woos and Vallisneria/hygrophila siamensis on laterals and back. 4) these are not fishes and plants but the lords of the house. They live better than kings! Here a video: Cheers!!
  8. 🎶🎤Good Morning Toooooo Yoooooou!🎼 I’m new to this group, I know you do not sell fish through delivery but I was hoping you would know where I can buy some Pea Puffers. I tried late last year 2020, that was a disaster all four fish arrived DOA. My neighborhood fish stores are all out of stock, and they don’t know when they will be restocked. I really would appreciate any help.
  9. My first shrimp tank just had their first berried female shrimp!
  10. The kids seemed a bit restless tonight, so I took them out for a little walk:
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Aqueon-7-5-Gallon-Shrimp-Aquarium/dp/B07HHK92XX Hello there! I am a total newbie to the hobby , Last week I purchased this tank its been running for a week now with some easy plants that seams to be doing ok , added bacteria, and the substrate that came with the kit some rocks and so far its lots of fun!! In the long run if the water conditions are good and plants are good do you think that I could host some guppies in that size tank ? I love guppies but that's all the space I can have in my apartment , if not please give me suggestions to other beginner fish that is not a beta that s can fit in the that tank (nothing against beta just not feeling it ) Thanks!!
  12. i have got a cycled 20 gallon tank , planning to start breeding guppies for profit just to try. any recommendations to choose from.
  13. Here's the short version- fairly new guppies seemed "off" so I added salt, and now they have white backs but it's not fuzzy and doesn't match photos of columnaris but I'm not sure. Background- I had 3 male guppies living in my 30 gallon community, I've had them since mid November. They weren't fitting in very well so I decided to set them up their own tank with some girls and enjoy the fun of breeding guppies! My family just moved to a new town and while picking up some furniture from a lady in town, my mom noticed she had some spectacular guppies and so I went over to get some of hers to start the colony since they were well established and seemed very healthy, nothing had come or gone from the tank in over a year. I got one additional male, 2 juveniles, and 10 females from her, and set up a 27 gallon tank using cycled media for them. The cycled media wasn't quite up to the bioload of 16 ravenous guppies so I've been doing a bit of a fish-in cycle but all has been going well. 2 days in, the first batch of fry was born from the new females and I counted 13, and I still count 13 fry. They seem to be doing awesome. Parameters- pH 7.2, GH 7, KH 5, temp 78F, ammonia around 0.25 because of the fish in cycle, nitrite around 0.25 or less, nitrate 5-10. Filtered with an aquaclear 30 and a sponge filter rated for 40 gallons. Was planted until I started using salt, took most of the plants out. I have crushed coral on the way to raise the hardness. Gravel substrate, wood and rock semi aquascape. Onto the issues- On the 29th I basically started to see something off with the guppies. A few of them seemed to have small nips in their pectoral fins, and the new male had clamped fins and was kind of lethargic. I also just kind of had a sense... That might be weird. I did a 70% water change and added 20 TBSP of aquarium salt (to 27 gallons). The next day I measured around 0.5 ammonia so did a 50% water change and re-dosed salt to the new water. January 1st I had to go out of town for a few days so I added some prime and hoped all would be well. When I got home yesterday (the 3rd) everyone looked awesome! They were so active and happy and their colours were popping like crazy, all the pectoral fins were whole again, and the male who was unwell was flaring his fins at the ladies and zipping around acting like a whole new fish! But then I noticed the white patches on some of their backs and got concerned all over again. I've attached a bunch of photos so you can try and get a sense of what I'm looking at. I also took 2 videos of the group to try and get the screenshots, I'll put those in too so you can see the whole group. It's just a few of the females with the patch, none of the males. The one other caveat- I had gone to visit my cousin and he's a new hobbyist, so I brought my test kit with me to test his water. Of course, I forgot it there. I'm also out of aquarium salt. I can get both of these things again tomorrow afternoon. And also, I'm in Canada, so I don't have access to any of the good stuff. Thanks so much, all!
  14. So I see on a lot of the live streams people asking how to move fish tanks when moving. We usually get an answer for someone moving half an hour or so away. What do you do if you have to move across the country or more than a day drive away? With a couple bigger fish tanks...
  15. I was cleaning my 10 gallon where I have a small hap growing out with 4 dwarf chain loaches to put size on him so being doing water changes every two days and feeding more but first time I actually cleaned the substrate in that tank it’s been running for 2 to 3 months so had some left over in the tank floating around just installed a tidal 35 will it pick it up or am I better off removing more water if the fish won’t be ok will all that floating in the tank ?
  16. Hi Everyone! I've read several articles about what to stock in a 10g tank -- including the ACO one. I'd just like to know what you've added to your little communities. Breed combinations, numbers of each ... Thank you!
  17. How would you go about selling your fish and what are some beginner fish to breed I have asked about breeding discus before but from my research they don’t seem like the best for a beginner to breed(please correct me if I’m wrong)I’ve heard about mollies being a good one for beginners any other recommendations
  18. I got a small sponge filter because my son was going to have a 10 gallon with African dwarf frogs. Now I’m getting him a 20 long for the frogs. Do I use a second small filter? Or is one enough?
  19. I am setting up a 55 and the hang on back filter that I have is just not doing it I want to switch to sponge filters and am wondering if they can be the sole filter in my tank
  20. One of my CPDs is continually swimming diagonally up to stay in position in the water column. I have added a video to show the behavior. I am thinking this may be a swim bladder issue. I was out of town for about 10 days with an auto feeder dropping xtreme krill flakes and tetra tropical granules. All water parameters are normal except slightly higher than normal nitrates, so the autofeeder was probably over feeding a bit. There are another 15 juvenile CPDs, some corydoras, and shrimp that are doing fine, so it's something with just this one, at least for now. He does it constantly. Any Ideas?
  21. The other day I figured out my loaches would wiggle with me and I’m having so much fun! I can’t do it too often though or they get bored with it.
  22. I just got done cycling a 75 gallon tank. I added White Cloud Mountain minnows to help cycle the tank and so I had something to look at. I think I have finally decided I want a community tank with Amazon Puffers. I figure I will either have to move the minnows to their own tank or find a new home for them. I am also starting a 10 gallon tank for a snail colony to feed the puffers with. I am looking for advice about Amazon puffers What fish have you found are good tank mates? What disease should I look out for? Besides snails what else are good food? THANKS!
  23. I’ve put my fish through the med trio or internal parasites, Ich and other external issues. Do I repeat the med trio after two weeks, letting them rest for the one week between? Thanks - Rosie
  24. I just love fish too much! I wanted to open with a few minutes of updates and then just film them swimming around but when I watch fish I can't help but talk about fish.....
  25. Hi, I have 6 Pygmy Cories in a ten gallon and they are super shy even thought I have a heavily planted tank with water wistera and lots of other plants including duckweed so that the light isn’t too bright. My water parameters are great yet they still hide out in the corners and they freak out when I come up to the tank. I have had them in the tank for about 4 months and I have no other clue of how to get them to come out. Any suggestions? Thank You!!
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