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  1. So.... on some thread a little while ago, someone asked for “dream tank” setup... or dream fish.... can’t quite remember. ANYWAY— my answer was “Native North American Species tank featuring Rainbow Shiners + Rainbow Darters.” Today (drum roll....) the Rainbow Shiners arrived! We’ll see how they settle in long term. Here’s specs + a few photos: 29 gal. 63-degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor bio wheel 280 HOB filter + sponge filter. Mexican beach pebbles (large) plus smoothed landscaping stones. Small dried oak leaves added. Valisneria Americana. Bronze crypt. Hydor powerhead. Cheap LED filtered light + 1x blue coral fluorescent tube. Eco Complete substrate. Small aged piece of mopani wood. 35x Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners). 1x pair of Etheostoma caeruleum (Rainbow Darters).
  2. Just in! Love, Love, LOVE these US Native fish: Notropis Chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners) Hat tips (1) to Cory, who, when he said on a stream I was listening to that he'd love to play with these beautiful fish someday, I confess to . . . immediately jumping out of the shower, dripping wet, and looking this species up on the phone 😅 (2) Fellow PVAS Club member, Bob Bock (Sonny's Fish Room) who gave an inspiring talk recently for our monthly Zoom club meetings on keeping cold water native minnows 🐟 and (3) The man, the myth, the legend over at White Cloud Dynasty who is an inspiring backyard tub breeder, and who, quite possibly, is going to someday entirely change how everyone thinks about the quality of White Cloud minnows . . . and anything else he decides to breed! 🐠
  3. Greetings I have a boring topic - heaters. I know you would rather talk about the rare varieties of African Ciclids or Rainbow fish but I am pondering heaters. I have a variety of tank sizes. My house is cool. Regardless of tank size, is it better to go with higher watt heaters? OR - is tank size a limiting factor? What are reliable brands. Haha, maybe better to learn to live in 80 degree house!
  4. I got 6 corys on Sunday. They’re all great, eating, parameters good. However, one of them flashes. Should I be concerned? If so, what should I do?
  5. Well I purchased a lone jewel cichlid that I saw on petco all alone and sad in a corner of the tank. Figured it would be ok in my green terror tank since I;ve read these can be kept with americans sometimes. No problems at all! Decided to get a second one from a LFS and welp, they came out to be male and female, and after literally days of having them I come home to this: True to their reputation, they quickly cornered my green terror, yes the fish that I had to house alone cause it was a nightmare, yikes. Moved the green terror to my 100g tank and now only the jewel pair remains in the 45g. Any tips? Which food should I give the fry? I was thinking cory's fry food. I was in the process of setting up a 75g for angelfish, but uh oh change of plans, I'll make it a jewel cichlid tank😅
  6. I have a softball-sized clump of Subwassertang that I want to treat for snails and other pests. I wasn't sure if it would melt back under certain treatments like H2O2. Has anyone treated Subwassertang for snails? Thanks!
  7. Most of the time when I test my nitrites, the first one looks like the bottom tube and the second time looks like the top tube. These tests were done literally one right after the other. I fill a beaker with aquarium water, then use a 3ml plastic dropper to fill my API test tubes. Then I shake the indicator solution, dispense 5 drops, cap and invert the tube for 5-10 seconds. Then I do it a second time. I rinse the tubes, shake them out, and let them dry until the next day. Test kit is not expired; I bought it brand new in August and just opened it in December. Why is it like this? It does this almost every time I test. I sometimes test 3 times. The latter two tests show up light blue, no trace of purple. So what’s going on? The only other test that gives me problems is the API nitrate test; it consistently reads higher than my Salifert nitrate test. If it’s relevant, the pH is 6.0 lately. I’m not sure why...I don’t have any fish in it and I do 10-50% water changes every few days. Just plants and snails. I have ADA Tropica and it was dropping my pH to 6.2-6.4 but lately more like 6.0. I am not sure which test to believe. The tank has been running for almost 2 months. Ammonia always tests 0 (since just over 3 weeks ago I guess). I’m just wondering what could be causing this...never had it happen that I can remember Thanks for your help!
  8. I have a spotted congo puffer that arrived on Wednesday. He arrived floating sideways in the bag. He was drip acclimated and put in quarantine tank with another puffer from same shipment. Other puffer is fine. This one cannot stay off bottom of tank. He can push off and take a short trip, but is not at all buoyant and settles at the bottom. He is not eating and is being syringe fed. He is being treated with General cure and is getting epsom salt baths. I've talked to a couple of aquatic vets. One said that I was doing everything that I could. Another said that without x-rays and oral exam no diagnosis could be made, but suggested "Travel trauma, an internal parasite that is too hardy to kill or has done too much damage already, organ failure from lack of calories, foreign body ingested, even a congenital immune system deficiency" were all possibilities. Ammonia is 0 Nitrites are 0 Nitrates are around 5ppm pH is around 7.6 kH is 6 gH is 9 Tank is definitely cycled.
  9. Hey everyone. I am a total newbie here and I am feeling a little bit down right now. So, here is what I have been up to. I ordered 5 Anubius Nanas, 3 Nana petites, one anubius golden, 3 java ferns, three crypt wendtii greens, some leopard valisneria, a red amazon sword and about 3 different bucephalandra varieties (9 bucephalandra total). The package was delayed by USPS and took way too long to arrive. It was supposed to arrive in 2-4 days, but instead it arrived in over 8 days. When I opened the package, one of the crypts had disintegrated and the sword was in bad condition, but everything else looked pretty good. ( refunded my money for all the crypts as well as the Amazon Sword, even though I just asked for a refund for the one crypt). The Leopard val was rotting at the tip, but I trimmed off the necrotic portion and planted the rest. Over just the last two days though, I have been looking into the tank, and what was formerly a beautiful anubius golden started developing holes in the leaves. Then the leaves started turning black. Then, all the anubius nana started shriveling up and the leaves started turning black. Same story with 1 of the three kinds of bucephalandra. The bucephalandra is also turning yellow, so I clipped all the leaves off, leaving just the rhizome. I dosed Easy Green as soon as I had planted the sword, val, and crypts, and I added several roots tabs to help the sword regenerate (I had to clip all of these leaves off too, but there is new growth at the bottom). The Java Fern looks good so far. One of the crypt wendtii's is looking ok. The other one melted, so I cut all the leaves off. I bought some ludwigia repens stems from my LFS to replace some of the greenery that's died off and that seems fine so far. The leopard val hasn't exploded yet, but it's just been two days so the fact that it's not melting is warming my heart. Most people I saw on other forums suggested trimming the dying leaves off to the rhizome (which I've done for the anubius nana and golden anubius and for the bucephalandra that was turning black), but it killed me a little bit on the inside because the leaves looked so nice coming out of the package. I think the worst thing is that I don't know whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether the leaf issue is attributable to the shipping delay. My tap water parameters in Columbus, Ohio are: PH: 7.5 out of the tap; 6.8 after running the cheap little Fluval C02 kit. GH: 10 KH: 4 It's uncycled so the ammonia/N02/N03 are all close to zero. Temperature is set to 75. This is what will be my main display tank. I was working on cycling a 10 gallon tank to use as a quarantine tank as well. I cycled it using Dr. Tim's ammonia and Fritzzyme 7. So now, whenever I add enough ammonia to make my API kit read 1-2 ppm ammonia, it will drop back down close to zero overnight. I have 12 cherry shrimp in this tank now, but one of them died and was lying right in front of me after I clipped all of the leaves off the anubius and was feeling depressed about it. I think that, for lack of better words, I was foolish to buy these blue dream shrimp before my tank was better established. I've been feeding them Hikari Shrimp cuisine, but what I've learned is that it would have been so much wiser to put them into an established tank with naturally growing algae. So, the last thing is that right now, I have started quarantine with the med trio on some false julii catfish. This group of 6 is looking pretty chipper so far. My thought is that by the time quarantine is over, there will be enough growth in my main tank to support them. I'll post some pictures down below, but I am just feeling pretty discouraged right now and I am worried that I am doing something wrong with my plants.
  10. Thank you @Irene! I love that you explain that it is an algae.
  11. I noticed my pencilfish were sparring non-stop last night after a water change so i thought id share a short video because i hadnt seen any pics or vids online of them doing this and you might be interested in their behavior if youre thinking of keeping them. They're actually still at it today as i type this. Pencilfish Feelin Feisty Vid
  12. I have started to try and breed german blue rams. I hatch them in their own 10 gallon tank with alot of plants in there as its where i hold my plants. Yesterday there were plenty of them. I cant be the filtration because its sponge filter only. Prior to them being in there. The parents were in there. Perfectly fine. Are they hiding in the java moss? Or in the plants? I cant see any! Iv spent a better part of 30 min looking for little bodies or any movement but i see none. Should i wait?
  13. What did you keep them with and what did you think? LFS got a bunch, look very very cool.
  14. Anyone on the forum keeping U.S. Native Darters? Very excited to be getting a male & female pair of Rainbow Darters this week. Got a tank set up for them. 68-degrees F, Lots of filtration, lots of flow. Snails to feed (in other aquariums), along with frozen blood worms (which the seller tells us is what they're fed currently). The occasional chopped up earthworm is also on the menu. Got their dedicated 29 gal set up. Planning to also add some lovely Rainbow Shiners. Lots of Greens going in the back left corner -- probably Valisneria Americana -- to wobble in the current flow. Added a small HYDOR water-fan / powerhead to push the water through the tank.
  15. First BAP journal on platys: View of the colony some time later:
  16. Lets say you had a empty 5-10 gallon, what would you do with it? Explain what kind of scape you would want and what kind of fish you would stock it with.
  17. Hi everyone! I've been having issues with ick for the last 2 weeks on some Corydoras that I purchased. I purchased Ick-X and have been following the directions, changing my water 30% daily prior to applying the product. I was wondering why I have not seen improvement with my fish at this point. I think I found the culprit. I use a HOB filter (Marineland Emperor 280) with the Marineland filter cartridges. Little did I realize that the cartridges themselves have carbon on the back which completely ruins the Ick-X. I am very hesitant to remove the filter cartridge entirely and lose all of my beneficial bacteria. Has anyone run into a similar issue? What do you do with a filter like this when you have to apply meds to your tank? Thank you!
  18. This is what a root tab looks like after 24 hours. If I was a plant, it looks delicious, almost like candy.
  19. I had green water problem that won't go a way on my 60gallon have try everything I have reduced lighting hours increase water changes covered my tank with cover and left light of for 5days so I got a fluval uvc clarifier it been going one week but has not had any effect any one use fluval uvc clarifier had problem with it or any one have any ideas to get rid of my green water problem
  20. I am diving into fish keeping and I am starting small. I have a 10 gallon tall tank which will fit on my desk at home. My plan is to use gravel as my substrate and have a piece of driftwood and live plants. I have been watching a reading all the "beginner" topics and there is a lot to take in. Using the Easy Green products I am hoping the live plants work out. I plan to buy a variety to see which works best for my tank water conditions. Since my tank is tall, about 19 inches I would like to pair fish that spend the majority of their time at the top, with those in the middle and something that hangs out at the bottom. I read the article on the "10 Best Top Dwelling" and they all appear to be schooling fish and the recommendation is to by a half dozen. For a 10 gallon tank and wanting to have fish that cover all three regions of the tank, I have to watch the quantity of the fish I have in each. Are there choices for each region of a tank that don't require as large of a schooling group? If you had a 10 gallon tall tank how would you populate your tank. I wish I had a bigger tank but this is what I have to start and I want to be successful. Eventually I want to have a much larger tank but I have to start somewhere. Can you shine a light on a path I could take to achieve my goal?
  21. Rainbow Darter pair came in today. Gotta say . . . Jonah's Aquarium did an amazing job packing, shipping, and educating. After keeping hundreds of tropical fish, and a few temperate fish, this dip of the toe into small, cold-water native fish is so refreshing. They behave a bit like a goby / gudgeon . . . but are in the perch family. Really intelligent looking. We rarely name our fish . . . but these definitely got named already! They're now in this riffle tank (this clip was filmed yesterday before adding the pair) Also got 1/4 lb. of black worms for the first time. Holy moly! Our fish love them. I seriously met some of our fish as if "for the first time" when they started going to town on them. There were serious tug-of-war matches between the koi angels . . . and the corydoras were hillarious burying their heads into the sand to suck these things out. I'm pretty sure the Acaras could become tank busters on these. And the Discus . . . wow! They got really lively! The Angelfish fry here had already eaten a lot before I finally took this clip . . . but they're cleaning up!
  22. I'm curious about how my planting will turn out. I got a good carpet of this stuff but was grown into some kinda mat made of straw or something and when I tried to take it apart a lot of roots ripped off and ended up with a lot of tiny stems. I planted these all over my tank. I'm curious if these will recover and grow roots or if I just killed them all. I use r/o water and fluval stratum as substrate
  23. I got some BacterAE for my Rainbow Stiphodon Gobies. However, on the container it does not explain how much to put in the tank. Maybe it does but I just don't understand it? It says 1 daily measuring spoon but it did not include a spoon Anyways, I have a 20 gallon long with 3 young Rainbow Stiphodon Gobies. Anyone with experience with this product know the measurement of BacterAE I should be putting into the tank daily to feed these guys?
  24. I have 1 angelfish in a 75 gallon planted tank. I want to add 6 turquoise rainbows. Would this work out okay? Any insight would be much appreciated.
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