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  1. So, this would be a first.. i understand you dont get retail, but there is some value from a tank breed fish over a huge farm correct whats a fair value for fish store for endlers.. i was thinking like $1.50, is that to high. And blue neocaridena like $1.75... anyone have their experience??
  2. Wth is this i would crap my pants if i saw that happen in my tank,.... and people freak out over hydra!!!
  3. I'm trying my best to research the differences between these two species. But it seems like the main highlight when discussing care is their native origin. Would anyone be able to explain or point me to a more thorough source? Thanks!
  4. What kind of Gourami goes best in a community tank? My tank is mostly neon tetras, black neon, guppies and platty's. Some Cory's at the bottom.
  5. How do I keep the bacteria alive in my fluval fx4 canister filter during a power outage? I have a battery powered bubbler I can split between the filter and 55gal tank. The power can go out for 30mins to (rarely) 12hrs. Also, will cooler temperatures around 47 kill the filter? I have those emergency blankets for the Aquarium and a blanket I was going to put over the tank. Will that keep the tank temp high enough.
  6. I have a hydra outbreak in an angel fry tank. What is the best solution but wont harm my fry?
  7. Well . . . we're not properly speaking "shrimp folk" . . . but we counted 6x baby cherry shrimp in a desktop 5.5 gal. So . . . YAY!!!
  8. Hi. I woke up the other morning and one of the leaves on one of my sword plants suddenly looks like something ate it and left all the "bones" of the leaf. It doesn't look like any rot or plant nutrient deficiency that I've ever seen. I can't post a picture at the moment but hopefully someone can visualize what I'm saying.
  9. Any suggestions on what to feed mollies in my 125g. Two fx4s with no sponges on intakes and I dont really want to put them on there. I'm afraid that too much flake food will be sucked into the canisters unless I turn them off during feeding and even then it could be the same. What's a good pellet for mollies or do you not think this will be an issue if I'm turning the filters off during feeding? Thoughts??
  10. I added a guppy(orange) and the yellow one was very interested in the new guppy. when I released it there was one or two nips then just a lot of posturing and headbutting but not biting so I turned the lights off and put a towel over the tank until morning to let them cool off. Its been just under a day now and things seem better but they still seem standoffish. Is this okay behavior or should I try and mitigate it? I was thinking of putting the yellow fish in time-out for a day or two to reset its territorial claims, which i read can fix the problem, but isn't sure fire. I don't have another tank so I was just going to float him in a basket with opaque walls.
  11. So, cory(the human) released a new short today from his trip to Peru where he was showing us the substrate of the cories(the fish) habitat. In the comments there were people saying how they had x substrate and switched and then their cories barbells came back. Now an interesting thing was that there were some on both sides, some had gravel and switched to sand, others had sand and switched to gravel, with the previous substrate being the one where the cories didnt have barbells and then grew them back once they switched to new substrate. Then there was someone in the comments who mentioned substrate doesnt matter, its water quality that affects wether cories lose their barbells, which made me wonder if anybody has recorded water parameters when their cories had and didnt have barbells to see what might be causing it, and if maybe this is the true cause and what we should be directing people to do rather than switching out substrate. I currently dont own cories but am planning on getting them and might do some experiments to see, altho I really dont know if I'll be able to see results or not bc I'm not gonna torture the cories who would have "bad water quality"
  12. So I’m setting back up my 20 high, (it’s been in my attic for over a year). My girlfriend really REALLY wants me to do a pea puffer tank. I plan on planting really heavy with stone vertical hardscape as well. I have several questions; 1. Is a sponge filter sufficient flow? 2. Would 3-4 pea puffers be too many in this setup? 3. any tank mates whatsoever?
  13. I like these heaters after watching Cory's video. Currently have 3 300w ones and they work great. But they have been a pain to find, and when I do they're sold for much more. What's the deal with these, why are they so rare? I am lucky when I find one for sale by a US vendor in eBay, most of the time the vendors are from Europe. #fluvaltrippin
  14. Hi. I have a sand substrate and a lot of rocks in my Tanganyikan 55 gallon tank. I'm looking for recommendations for a gravel vacuum or similar which has a thin enough end to reach into spaces between rocks. Thanks in advance.
  15. Bloodfin Tetras spawning - these guys love a tank slightly "left to go wild" . . . some algae grows free. Two Honey Gourami, and one Bristlenose Pleco. Hygrophilia . . . little sword . . . Valisneria . . . some other plant (Ludwigia subspecies?). Enjoy!
  16. I’m looking to soften my water for some apisto breeding. I’ve seen a lot of peat moss in box filters being used to do this. Has anyone done this and if so what brand of peat moss do you recommend?
  17. 1st time working with brine shrimp. Got a great hatch with the Ziss hatchery. A little confused on what to do next. They are so tiny, can I strain them with a brine shrimp net to go in my grow out tank? How do I get them in there with out taking all the nasty Ziss water with them?
  18. I've watched quite a few videos on shipping fish, and the general consensus on packing is pretty clear: Insulated box (most people just use foam panels) Heat pack in winter (attached to the inside of the box and separated from the fish bags themselves) Filler of some sort to keep the fish bags in place (I've seen packing peanuts, blown insulation, and newspaper. Fast the fish for a couple days before shipping Double-bag Make sure there aren't corners for fish to get trapped in (double-bagging usually solves this) What doesn't seem clear, or where people differ: Water volume -- too much and the shipping charge skyrockets, too little and you risk polluting the water. So what's the optimal amount of water to get, say, a trio of guppies, safely through the mail in 2-3 days? How much more if you were shipping a chunker, like a 4-5" oscar or fancy goldfish? Air -- A lot of fish shippers seem to use straight O2, and others just regular air. The advantage of the O2 seems to be higher water:air ratio, but could be other circumstances that call for O2 over regular air. Then of course there's the breather bags, which seems to be the better solution except in certain cases (e.g. fish that can puncture the bag). Water Source -- Some people just use the tank water, others use fresh conditioned water, and some use half and half. Anyone with lots of experience shipping fish care to chime in? Always good to have a solid foundation of good practices for anyone starting a breed-for-profit setup!
  19. I'd like to recommend some extended videos that I think are really helpful for aquarists to watch. If you would followup with your favorite recommendations, I'd love to set up a watch list! GSAS Aquarium Home Shows: watch on VIMEO -- https://vimeo.com/gsasfish/ -- 2016 Homeshow: -- 2017 Homeshow: -- 2019 Homeshow: Freshwater Exotics "Into the Amazon" Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  20. What's your dream fish, or that fish that you've been wanting for a while but can't get it yet. Tell us why you do not have it yet, maybe because it is too rare, expensive, aggressive, massive, etc? Personally, I've been keeping fish for nearly 2 years now, and American cichlids are starting to become my favore fishies fast. Too bad some of them get enormous! My dream fish that I want to keep is: Umbee, apparently extremely aggressive and gigantic, can reach 24"! I do nnont have the space for a tank worthy of this absolute unit. Fell in love with it when I saw it in this video! What's yours?
  21. Alrighty then. Watch your step. Ridiculous nermhole to follow. Got a lovely batch of Notropis chrosomus this week. Very pleased! Getting obsessed. Started nerming . . . _____________________________________________________________________ Google search: > Notropis chrosomus >> Wikipedia “Rainbow shiner” > References >>> http://www.fishbase.org/summary/2848 > Jordan 1877 >>>> Wikipedia “David Starr Jordan” > References >>>>> (1877) “Contributions to North American Ichthyology” >>>>>> Search: notropis chrosomus > Hydrophlox chrosomus _____________________________________________________________________ So, just to explain here: A Google search has landed me on a fascinating book part-authored by the founding president of Stanford University, who was a passionate ichthyologist. This book "Contributions..." dates from 1877. Here, I observe that "chrosomus" (Latin: "colored body") only occurs in relation the prefix "Hydrophlox" but never "Notropis." Fishbase entry had indicated that "Notropis" was a misnomer. _____________________________________________________________________ Google search: > Hydrophlox chrosomus >> Science Direct > Abstract: “Phylogenetic relationships of the North American cyprinid subgenus Hydrophlox” (Cashner, June, 2011) >> nanfa.org > “The Chrome Minnow of North America: Keeping and Spawning the Rainbow Shiner ” (Katula, Jan-Mar 2016) _____________________________________________________________________ Now, the article above by Katula is wonderful. NANFA (North American Native Fish Association) makes archived articles free to read here. These are really fascinating studies, for anyone interested in native North American species. It confirms what I had inferred before that "Notropis chrosomus" used to be called "Hydrophlox chrosomus" -- and may well have had other names as well between 1877 and 2011. Plus the Katula article is a treasure trove of useful information! But wait for it . . . _____________________________________________________________________ > Wikipedia “Notropis” > Scientific Classification / Synonyms > Hydrophlox, Jordan, 1878 >> Related: Notropis rubricroceus (appearing on the Wikipedia webpage for "Notropis" >>> Wikipedia “Saffron Shiner” _____________________________________________________________________ And here, fellow nerms, is my exciting find of the day. These North American fish are unbelievably gorgeous, and should be selectively bred and sold more in the US hobby -- as also should Rainbow Shiners. > YouTube: Saffron Shiners on a River Chub Mound And then there's this . . . which brings up a lot of questions. If the fish below are Rainbow shiners, they are definitely a totally different color morph than the forms commonly sold. Or else, the fish below are mislabeled -- and are actually Saffron shiners (seen above). Except the same video poster also posted _other_ footage of Saffron shiners. I think there really are two color forms of Rainbow shiners: Type A (powder blue on males) and Type B (males are a lot more red) This other footage below (of Saffron Shiners spawning) shows markedly _yellow_ finnage rather than the power blue. And more Saffron Shiners . . . look at this: And then this: And there's this ex situ (fishtank) footage: Ah the life of a nerm during COVID. All too fun not to share . . . these fish are crazy interesting!
  22. Hey, i would like to share some aquarium videos. What’s the best way to go about it? Thanks!!
  23. With the installation of a rather inexpensive device, you can use the flow of water from your garden hose or water barrel system to produce air bubbles in your outdoor ponds! The trompe device uses the force of flowing water from your garden hose to pull air from the atmosphere. The air separates from the water via displacement through a pipe which will be can be hosed to the bottom of your outdoor ponds. Run the sprinklers & water your garden & see the bubbles ensue! It’s like you are watering your aquatic plants with oxygen! I’ve not tried this myself, but I presume the same device could also be attached to a circulation pump! I think the water hammering of a hose being turned on & off might cause the air stones to bounce in place... pretty cool though, huh? I might try to install one this spring
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