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  1. Wanted to get some guided wisdom. What temperature (day/night?) (average water temp?) do you all start bringing out your tropical/subtropical species outdoors for summer tubbing?
  2. Hi all! I agree with Cory that most tropical fish can do without a heater and that we should not be afraid to subject them to gradual temperature variations (day/night, seasonal etc). What do people think about bettas? Does anyone out there keep them without a heater? Everyone says they should be kept at around 80'F and must have a heater. But I think a lot about Cory's videos on the subject and wonder how much of the "bettas must be kept at 80oF year round" stuff is just inherited wisdom not really founded on actual fact. My 3 new betta babies (from breeder not petstore) are currently in water that's 74'F and they seem plenty active and doing well. Room temp is 78oF most of the year (Florida). Room temp gets down to 68oF in winter. I want them to be happy and healthy, but it seems like so many people have problems with heaters exploding and overheating etc. I'm so confused. Do they need a heater or not? Does anyone out there keep them without heaters?
  3. Hi, I currently have a planted 20 gallon long aquarium with a breeding group of albino corydoras, guppies, platys, one molly, one albino bristlenose pleco, and a pair of pelvicachromis pulchers. I keep the tank unheated, and it stays around 70-73 degrees since my home is pretty warm year round. Everybody is healthy and breeding. I just got the kribensis about 1 month ago, and I'm just wondering if they can breed in the temperature that I'm keeping them in right now?
  4. We see everywhere how you have to acclimate fish to the temperature of your tank by flaoting the bag, and how they can be shocked and die with sudden changes in temperature, but my question is, how much difference is needed to shock a fish? I guess it's different from the type of fish but any general idea? 3, 4, 5 degree difference? Or are we talking 10+? I wonder this because I do not remember where I heard it, but someone said fish in the wild are always moving from one pocket of temperature to the next one, let's say they swim arround in an area of the river where direct sunlight is shining on it, temperature there might be 75F-79F, but then a fish might get scared, or it might just want to relax and he will go below some rocks, a sunken peice of driftwood, or perhaps a natural little cave, where the sun barely reaches, and the temperature is way cooler, perhaps 70F-75F? Can you imagine fish dying left and right in the wild due to temperature shock? I've made little experiments with my molly tank, and have made water changes with increasing number of difference in the water. I started with 2 degree difference, then 3, then 4... today I did a water change of 50% with water that was about 87F. It mixed with the other 50% in the tank that was at 79F, and the final temperature was about 84F. I have never seen signs of stress or have lost a fish, not even fry. Not even discolored due to stress, however I am afraid to go any further, I do not want to abuse my pets, certainly wouldn't do it in the blazing heat of the summer days in here, where tap water comes out at 100F+. So what's the deal, has anyone made such an experiment? How much of a temp. difference can a fish take?
  5. What do you all think? Is it possible to keep them together, and what would be the ideal temp for them? I have heard that food competition might be a problem, but if I pay attention to that, I should be okay, right?.
  6. What level and temperature do you keep your fishroom? I try and keep my Arizona Garage fishroom at 50% humidity and between 74° F - 79° F year round. I have two dehumidifiers I run, one in the summer that blows cold air, and one in the winter that blows hot air.
  7. I'm pretty new. I just started keeping fish this summer. I completely love it. I bought this house recently. It has a water softener from like 1975. The bypass is stuck, and I can't turn the water softener off. I've been getting water from the garden hose because it doesn't go through the water softener. Anyway, I noticed my fish weren't looking so great and tested my water; my nitrates were too high. I changed probably 3 gallons in my 20 long. Almost immediately, they were better, so I did another 5 gallon water change, but then they didn't look so good again. The next day, they were great. They were swimming around, investigating things, grouping up (guppies), acting just how they should. I think they were shocked from the temperature. It did drop by a degree or two when I changed that water. I really want to be able to match temperatures and do a water change whenever I need to, but I have this undesired water softener, and I can't turn it off. Is there anything I can do to my softened water to make it okay to use for water changes? PS I love my guppies so much.
  8. Hi all, I've built a fish room in my garage and setup few tanks now. I have 1 discus fish tank and bristlenose pleco tanks and I have a problem with temperature. I think I've insulated the room too well Since I set discus tank temperature to 84 F the room temperature goes to 84 all time which affect other tanks in the room. I think plecos got stressed a bit and # of shrimps are declining rapidly. I don't know how others who has fish room take care of it especially @Dean who has a fish room with discus tank in it keep other tanks temp lower. I've bought a portable AC for the room and about to set it up. not sure if there are any other ways to combat this. Thanks in advance!!
  9. I saw last minute that we would have a temperature drop last night into the 40s after it had been projected to stay in the mid 60s for the next week. I have N Class Endlers I got from Adrian HD himself both inside and outside in a 15 gallon container pond. I raced to setup another indoor aquarium and net the Endlers out through all the guppy grass and floating plants in the dark with a headlamp. I did my best but worried I might have missed a few. This morning I went out and sure enough in the sunlight I saw a couple upside down on the bottom and the water was about 48 degrees (laser thermometer). I netted them out and they wiggled! I got a container to put them in and then added just a bit of warmer water and they started to revive. I went back and found another 7 all of whom looked dead and were lying on the bottom upside down and all of whom revived. Here they are after reviving and are now with the rest of the colony. Amazing.
  10. What would you improve about your water change set up? Would you use a mixing valve to control water change temperature? I am adding a fishroom sink around November within the utility room next to the fishroom. I hope to add a thermostatic mixing valve to set my temperature. We live at 9200 feet in Colorado and our cold water comes out of the mountain at 40 degrees pretty much all year long. I use a python and added in an RV hose inline water filter (carbon / sediment filter) before the python hook. Are there models of mixing valve that allow for a controllable aquarium suitable output temperature? What would those be? Would you use one? Thanks kindly. Vr Matt
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