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  1. Hello! I have recently purchased some leopard frogs and I’m having a hard time knowing if they are eating or not, and because of their price tag it’s giving me anxiety. I have fed love bbs, repashy omnivore, a few green beans, and I’m not sure if they are eating because of their nocturnal lifestyles. they might have eaten the repashy as I couldn’t find it in the tank this am, but these are fish that I have wanted for several years now. do any of you have any tips or ideas to help me monitor them eating or to calm my anxiety haha. Thanks.
  2. Today is the day to move my green phantom pleco out of quarantine and into the display tank. The LFS told me you generally don't want to net them because they can get caught, He's also bigger than the nets or containers I have at any rate. He spends all of the day in his cave - it's a 7 inch ceramic Pleco cave I bought from Select Aquatics ("Gen I" model) which he fits completely inside of. I was thinking I could just cover the mouth of the cave in one hand, lift it out, and carry him over in it to the other tank. It's about 15 feet distance between the tanks, if even. The water parameters are the same in both tanks. Will this work or is it a terrible rookie mistake waiting to happen?
  3. I currently have a small clown pleco in my 40G breeder tank. I REALLY want a LF Super Red bristle nose pleco! I think it will be beautiful in the tank. Can 2 species of pleco live together?
  4. Hey everyone I’m new here. Not really new to the hobby but I’m trying to get in to more difficult fish. Got these pelcos from a friend but he doesn’t remember what L number they are can someone help me? They are on my Pinterest didn’t know how else to show. https://pin.it/OBTq4ZT
  5. Are there any Pleco‘s that will stay small that can go in a 20 gallon?
  6. I've had this common Pleco for 8+ years. This is the first issue it's ever had. He has a white spot on his nose and his right eye seems to be bulging out. Water Parameters: pH - 7.2-7.6 Nitrates - 100 (it's been high for a while, I've been doing water changes every 4 days and finally figured out my canister filter was hurting more than helping) Hardness - 150 (I don't know what it's been, I just started checking with co-op strips) Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80-120 Water Temperature - 70 There have been recent changes, I've added live plants for the first time, I just added a sponge filter to replace the canister but I still also have my hob. I changed my heater because the old one wouldn't go below 80°. Tank mates: angelfish, pearl gourami, senegal bichir, red eye tetras, neon tetras, pictus catfish, and a couple guppies. All the fish are adolescents and I've had them 1-2 months. I don't see any signs of illness on any of the other fish. What am I missing? Thank you for your help.
  7. So I rescued this guy and one have a clue what I’m in for not knowing what type it is ?
  8. I have what I have been told is a rubber nose/rubber lip pleco. Since it was my understanding they were vegetarian I purchased algea pellets for him. He ignores the algea pellets (even crawling over them) to get to the Cordy's food (ground feeding fish food) and eats that instead. Is that ok?
  9. Hello, so at the moment ive got a 20g planted, with more plants on the way, as well as lots of driftwood and rock slabs. It houses 1 betta and a small group of Emerald cory. Also ive got a small clown and small bristlenose pleco in there. Im reading up on housing plecos and hope to keep them together as im only allowed one tank at the time. Would this work long term for maybe a year or 2 before I can get a bigger tank?
  10. 😉 For the professional ,what is the species of this pleco ? And the L-Number!
  11. Hi all just looking for some fun breeding options preferably something I can just colonize up in there was thinking of some corydoras or a new pleco to try other than bristlenose. I thought I may be able to try a nano fish above like clown killis to let breed in there as well I have some spare tanks to seperate fry, bu trust curious on some ideas that I could get rid of fry easily if I were to get a lot of breeding.
  12. I got a second hand fish tank last weekend and it came with two fishes, a pleco of about 4" and a Oscar of about 2". I'm worried because I don't see the pleco moving around during the day and for the past two days he has been on the same corner of the tank! "He" just alternate between the floor and one of the sides of the tank. I've been feeding him but I'm not sure if he's eating the Algae Disks or they are just dissolving. I tried giving a piece of cucumber but it didn't work. So, my question really is how do I know he's well?
  13. So I have a 33 gal with plants and driftwood that I'm slowly stocking. Currently I have 6 pepper corydoras, 2 guppies and a male betta (temporary). The corys are amazing for clean-up but I'm noticing some algae (not out of control) that I'd like an algae eater to feed on. I've been flip-flopping between a group of otos and a "super red" bristlenose pleco available from a local hobbyist. Oto Pros small size would be able to temporarily help out in 5 gal if algae if necessary without bothering shrimp won't uproot plants (+++) Cons not colourful more delicate need group? Bristlenose Pros Colourful Only need 1 Hardier Cons Plant disturber (---) Heavier bioload? What are your thoughts? Have you had issues with the BN uprooting plants? That con carries a lot of weight! Would LOVE Hillstream loaches but most places say they need 55+ gallons. Some pics for added benefit
  14. Hello, I have been getting ready for a L018 gold nugget pleco for months and while shopping today, could not resist picking up a juvenile. It’s not til tonight that I paused to think about whether this will work long term with my hillstream loaches. This may be a rare combo 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does anyone have experience in this area? I can move one or the other if I need to, but would love to keep them together in my 75g. Thoughts?
  15. Just thought I'd post two of my three plecos having a chat on my intake sponge. I'm rarely able to get photos of them as they scurry off when I get too close.
  16. Deciding between a King Tiger Pleco and a Leopard Frog Pleco for my 40 breeder. Temp ranges around 74-78. I live near LA so my water is a little on the harder side, pH is 7.4. I havent tested TDS. Its a planted community tank with driftwood. Running a double sponge filter and a Tidal 35. Would I be able to keep either of them? Also I would love insight from anyone who has either. Thanks!
  17. I just noticed the right fin on my beloved flash pleco has a little kink in it all of a sudden. I don’t think he could have hurt it on anything in the tank. Any ideas on what could be going on? Thanks guys! btw: thats not ich or anything on him for those who may be concerned. flash plecos have spiky little hairs all over their bodies.
  18. is my plecco and clown loach gonna eat the oscar babies
  19. I've got 2 plecos - in different tanks - that I'm not sure about identity on. Hoping all of you can help me figure out if they are "common" or some smaller species. I bought 1 of the 2 about 6 years ago from Petsmart. He grew slowly to about 6" and seems to have stalled out there. No more growth in the past year or so, but he seems to be doing well. He's currently the only fish in a 29g tank planted pretty heavily with Crypt wendtii "green" that's turned into a jungle. The full body pic attached to this post is him/her. BAD photo, but it shows the dorsal fin fully erect and tail flared, so the body contours are readily apparent. BTW, that tank isn't really green water as that photo appears. Nasty trick of the camera because I zoomed in to get the shot without sending him running into the aquascape. The 2nd pleco is a rescue who came to me almost 5 years ago. He's only grown about 1" in that time, so he's now right about 6". Based on where the people live that I got him from, I suspect he's also a Petsmart purchase. He shares a 29g tank with a pair of rosy red minnows and a single black skirt tetra (an OLD fish that's outlived the rest of its school). The tank was VERY heavily planted until a couple of weeks ago when I finally thinned the plants out. Crypt wendtii "green" forest, with a LARGE Anubias nana and a sizable Java Fern, both of which I trimmed. I'll try to get a good photo or two of one or both of them tomorrow after lights come back on. I love both of my plecos, but they're definitely not the most cooperative critters to photograph. I think they're camera shy, because they most often play peekaboo like the second image. LOL They have the same body shape, fins, and markings. I have no idea how to sex plecos, so no clue of the sex of either. Regardless, hopefully at least one of them is cooperative. Come spring, I'm planning to set up a pond and hope to transition them to it. Would it be okay to put both of them in the same pond? If so, how big should I go to make sure they're safe together? I've read so much conflicting information about plecos online, I'm not sure what's feasible at this point. Hoping maybe someone in the forum has transitioned plecos to outdoor ponds (I'm in the high desert of southern Arizona, btw) and can provide insights into that AND can provide guidance on whether these 2 can be put together in a single pond. I'm not opposed to setting up 2 smaller ponds versus 1 big one, but I need to know which possibility to plan for.
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