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  1. Please help my platies have clamped fins one is always staying at the surface they were fine before and I just noticed this today.
  2. When I lived I Portland I had a 29 platy tank that I made about 25-40 bucks off of every month. All these years later I got a few fish and a pretty planted tank. What do you al think? I sold 30-40 fish a month. I usually just took credit. I had two t10 bulbs above the tank and I know by today's standards that's so poor but it somehow workered. ...
  3. I don’t get to see this tank often, but I set up this 20 gallon tank in my nephew’s bedroom for his 8th birthday. It’s a real simple set with ecocomplete substrate, rotala rotundofolia, bacopa, and Java moss. I also added some dwarf sag that I collected from my summer tubs last month. Stocking started out as 4 platys but a few months ago he came to the pet store I work at and he wanted to add some neon swordtails and I also added a lemon blue eyed bristlenose cull from my colony. It’s been a year and a half and this has been a really awesome hands-off tank and it’s always exciting when I go over and he wants to show me his new platy fry. He even asked me the magical question of “Uncle Mike, can we put another fish tank on the shelf under the tank?” Unfortunately his mother turned that down 😂
  4. I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 juvenile Mollies and a Platy. Ph is around 7, Kh and Gh both sit around 120, 0 nitrite and about 20pmm nitrate. My Platy has been hiding by the heater for the past few days, but the other fish have acting normal. Yesterday she finally swam to the from to the tank and she looked, honestly disgusting. She was so swollen in her belly that she was seriously the shape of the boot chicken nugget at Mcdonalds. I watched her horrified as she pooped out these little yellowish transparent balls that were defiantly eggs! They didn't look fertilized, but it happened at the worst time because I had to take my sister to get her wisdom teeth out! (the universe really likes to play you like that sometimes). By the time I got back she had sadly passed away. She was a good fish had had over 40 babies for me when I first got her. (Her name way Molly because I thought she was a Molly when I first got her which is another story entirely but in my defense she was over 3 1/2in long.) I have one male lyre tail Molly, but i've heard they're infertile. I haven't had babies in the tank since I got him, but the other two female (common) Mollies have been looking rather big, so I assume they're pregnant. It's possible maybe he mated with her and the babies weren't viable so they all died, but 1. I feel like that would have happened slowly over time and she went from normal to grotesque overnight. And 2. I feel like there would have been something in the eggs if that was the case. Another option entirely is that she was filled with internal parasites and they were erupting from her body and now my whole tank is at risk. There might be some validity to this because my ladies seem to be bigger some days than others. Like I'll wake up and be like "man, she's GOTTA have those babies today" and by the end of the day I'm like "Yeah she may have another week." (but I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in the slightest. I'm kinda winging all of this and I've had my fair share of troubles.) All the fish have really solid poops and sometimes they're pale looking. I've had some Mollies pass away in the past, but it was shortly after I got them and seemed to be an issue with their slime coats. I've treated the tank with 'Rapid Cure' somewhat recently which is Triethylene Glycol, Polyvinylpyrrolidone K-29, and Malachite green. I have some Prazipro on the way to treat the tank just in case. Does anyone have any suggestions about keeping my other fish happy and healthy? I've had such a hard time with my Mollies and I have a second tank full of babies that I'm terrified of hurting.
  5. I need someone to teach me more about fish keeping. I’m learning as I go but would enjoy constructive criticism, that is aimed at giving my fish the best lives. I have 8 tanks and would like to go through them one by one. I want to start with my 80g bowfront as I’m losing platys in it. Right now they have anti biotics in the water. However I truly don’t know what’s wrong. Please be kind.
  6. Hello! I would love some assistance and help getting me pointed in the right direction for my platy juveniles. I have a 20 gallon high that I have a mix of platties with green lantern and blue backgrounds breeding. When I bought the assortment of platties, a few of the females were already pregnant and two of the juveniles have developed 1-3 mm diameter, red raised nodular masses on their tail fins. At first, there was no change in the fin surrounding the masses, but now there is a thin, white rim around the masses. It honestly looks like some Tetra color granules are stuck on their fins. None of the adults or any of the other younger fish have any clinical signs. My nitrites and ammonia have been zero. Nitrates the last couple months have been around 20 but occasionally spike up to 40. We change about 25-50% water changes weekly, so it is possible that we could have missed a nitrite spike in the past. pH is 7.8 and though I don't know are specific hardness or total solutes of our water, we live in Florida so we have pretty hard water. I would appreciate any ideas on what might be going on. Is this a poor water quality issue that I just haven't documented causing a fungal or bacterial infection? Or is this some other parasite? My internet searches for red masses has not yielded anything useful. I tried my best to get some good pics, but let me know if I need to try to getter better pics. Thanks so much! Big fan of the channel and store! Serena
  7. Hey Ya'll I have a 36 gallon bow front planted tank with a Tiger Platy breeding project i have going currently i have less than 10 Platys. Has anyone ever tried Apistos with platys I feel like they would do ok together just wondering if anyone has tried it? Thank you
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