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About Me

  1. Ok I love Scarface!🤣 I was commenting on someone’s post yesterday about albino Cory nd I remembered how much I used to love mine. My niece and I were already having a girls day at the lfs. They had panda corys. Our first date hubby and I were at The mall and I tried on a panda head costume. Since I have always been his panda. He even got dash solar wiggling pandas for both our cars. so of course I had to have these cuties. I picked up 6. Could only get pics of 5 they are soooo fast and lively and active. I’m in love already. Sorry for the fog it’s a qt tub. Yup I lose tons of plants because I always stuff my qt with them to make my new little friends feel safe and keep the water good through med trio. does your fish have a unique story? Please share.
  2. The acrylic 36 gal is cycled. A little bare on the plants. That is the next step. Easy beginner plants. But first i have to figure out these fish swimming in my head! Anyone else make lists like this?? My end result plan is for apistogrammas. Dwarf cichlids. Not german rams however. I love all these schooling fish but i cant have them all! How many species of schooling fish? What combo would you like to see in a tank of 36 gal with the species on my list? Originally my son wanted the golden wonder killifish, pencil fish and furcata (sp?) rainbow and emperor tetra with the dwarf cichlid. We have possibly eliminated the killifish. And is there a shrimp that would work with a combo of these. Of course it will be planted much more before I put in the fish. We like to start with babies so the kids can watch the fish grow out. I have watched corys vid on the odessa. I know my tank may be a bit small for a nice school. thank you for reading and looking
  3. Since you have been in the hobby, what has been the greatest surprise? I mean, the thing that you didn't expect to love, but you fell in love with. Also, what is your greatest disappointment? The thing that you really thought would make you happy, and just... didn't? For me, the greatest surprise has been snails. I got a mystery snail for a clean up crew, and I never thought I would really LIKE them, I just thought they were useful. But I have fallen in love with snails, all breeds, all colors. They are adorable! My greatest disappointment was shrimp. I really thought I would just be all about the shrimp, and watching them eat, and all that... and we got some.... and... they just don't do much for me. They are pretty, and they are kinda cool, but they don't interest me like I thought they would. How about y'all?
  4. Hey everyone, Ive been in the hobby for ~25 years and am very excited about what the coop is doing for the hobby. Not only with this forum, but also the international fish club which is looong overdue. Great foresight on their part. Anyway look forward to hanging with everyone! Here’s a pic of my cat/boy, Zeus, enjoying my 20L
  5. Well i had a disaster. My fx6 intake got plugged and 4 fishes died in my 120- i presume it was an oxygen issue since nitrite and ammonia were 0. Lost 1 cardinal; 1 yoyo loach; my 2 year old 7 inch sae and an oto. Another oto was 'stun' but seemed to have quickly recovered - did a 50% water change and fix the filter. clown loaches were in extreme distress at the top of the tank as were the angels. Now the loaches and cory are going crazy and glass surfing (unusual for middle of the day) - guess they liked the water changes. - I normally do a 28% water change twice a week; and clean the prefilter on the fx6 twice a week. it wasn't that dirty when i cleaned it today but water wasn't flowing through it - not 100% sure why. The clown loaches are really really happy now but kind of feel sad that i killed my sae. Oh well guess that is why i'm anewbie.
  6. Hi! I'm the new guy here. Just want some thoughts before I do this. I've had aquariums ever since high school. I now have a well established 10 gal that I'm planning to switch out for a 29 gal. All the stuff I need I have, just need to set it up. I only have room for one so the 10 has to go! And of course I have the fish that I'd like to keep. So I figured it would be a hectic 2 hours of breaking one down, setting the other one up. Fish in a clean bucket with aquarium water and an air stone. Mixing old substrate with new. Treating water with API Stress Coat and Quick Start. What am I missing?
  7. Last night I had a dream that I had a ton of fry tanks to feed and only a tiny bit of brine shrimp. When I told my husband this morning he laughed and said “I bet you’re the only person in the world that has had that dream!” He was teasing of course (kind of). 😉 But I’m sure I’m not alone here! What are your fish nightmares?
  8. I want to start a reef tank and i would really like some advice on what challenges and things to watch out for when starting a reef tank. Thanks Goldfish God
  9. As a new enthusiast of the fish keeping hobby I have been doing all the research I can to get some foundational knowledge and maybe have a bit of an idea what to do if things go wrong. I have a pet betta that I'm very fond of- a replacement after losing my very first betta ever to columnaris. This is my first tank and I've already lost quite a lot, which I put down to a mix of having an uncycled tank (one of the things I didn't know about at first) and poor quality fish from my lfs. The result of all this is that I'm very nervy that something will go wrong with my betta. I have been researching the different diseases so that I can spot if he isn't healthy but all the research is making me think that disease and fish death is a lot more common then I'd like to think. (It's to the point where I'm obsessively checking my betta out every day to make sure he hasn't picked up some kind of symptom overnight, and wondering whether him lying on the gravel for a minute or two and napping in various hiding places is laziness or a sign he is feeling lethargic/sick) I'd appreciate some input from some of the more experienced hobbiests on this. What are the odds really like? - especially for those of us with less knowledge/ experience? I would like to think that I don't need to worry obsessively over my little friend, but obviously, if the hobby is 60% heartbreak it would be best to know this now. This way I can figure out if it's worth the angst personally. Basically exactly how much vigilance is necessary to make sure our pets don't die? Are we running tanks or life support systems for critical care patients? (Yeah, I know it's a bit of both, but you get my meaning, right?)
  10. I have one 20 gallon tank in my living room that is consistently unsuccessful. It has a heater set to 78 degrees, a sponge filter and hang on back with sponge instead of carbon filter. This tank has been set up for a year with consistent normal parameters. My other tanks in my bedroom have not had the same problems. Here’s what I mean by unsuccessful. I have had white clouds, cpds, bettas, platys, snails, plants including moss, octopus and crypts in the tank and rotated as I noticed them not thriving. The fish spent most of the time hiding and while they ate, I noticed they were getting skinny. I had groups of 8 (except the betta). This was particularly obvious with the cpds. The snails would die off within a few weeks of putting them in. The plants would be growing and green for about 2 months then suddenly die back completely or to less than half the leaves they had. I haven’t had an algae problem at all in this tank. I have done up to 50% weekly water changes when I noticed a problem. The fish were quarantined prior to going into the tank and again before moving to a new tank when I noticed they were struggling. Plants have gotten easy green and root tabs with no improvement. At this point I feel like I should completely tear down the tank, clean everything and restart. Does anyone have any ideas what could be the cause? Better recommendations on what to do other than tear down?
  11. With the current heat in the west, and the recent bizarre freeze in Texas, I'm again wondering what species of fish can take the widest range of temps. I've heard medaka (rice fish) are best for a wide temp range. What other species are particularly good with heat and cold BOTH?
  12. First thing I see when I get home from a long day of work, 75 gallons of bliss.
  13. A couple years ago, I was at the phase of calling every big aquarium box store begging for tips on when the next dollar-per-gallon sale would kick off. Now, things have found a sort of balance. And I find myself mulling over something different. I’ve just freed up a 20 gal. long that had been... let’s see... a German Blue Ram grow out, then a Brilliant Rasbora grow out, then an Apistogramma Bitaeniata F0 breeding setup attempt (mostly fail), and more recently, an Emerald Killifish grow out. Now it’s empty. The ever-eager-breeder in me wants to try Apistogramma Borrelli. I’d add oak leaves, alder cones, tannin from Rooibos tea, a second cave, some pencil fish as dithers.... I can see it top to bottom in my imagination... But I’m pausing to think: what about all the guppies in outdoor tubs? Where will Rams grow out if that is a successful project? Where better could I place a harassed fish (or some bully) if I needed a solo space? What about my C.A.R.E.S. Xenotoca doadrioi I’m getting too crowded with — wouldn’t this be a good option? It’s a tricky spot to manage... that place where some shred of common sense breaks in on total hobby enthusiasm. Irene made a great video awhile back before starting at the CoOp about why you should join a fish club. It was funny how spot on she was about phases in early aquarists’ experiences. In the end, the Fish Club sure resolves a lot of red hot excitement. But the next leg of the journey is interesting too. The mellowing, settling phase...
  14. As per usually I lost over an hour this morning staring into one of my tanks wondering what it would be like to be a snail and parasnail or bob in the bubble stream or walk on glass. What would it be like to pop out of my shrimp shell. Play in the guppy waterfall. Feel like a lonely bladder snail and simply replicate myself for company. Find that perfect cpd spot that I just know there is a detritus worm under there and wait excitedly to snatch it up. Build a bubble nest maybe. what are your underwater daydreams? Which of your habitats would you choose and which of your inhabitants would you be and why? Thought it might be a fun weekend thread!
  15. What are the most popular states for the freshwater aquarium hobby? If I were to guess I’d say Ohio
  16. Sorry for the random questions, but I gotta know: Background: I have 4 nano tanks. A 3 gallon with just a small mystery snail. Another 3 gal with just a male betta. A 5 gal with a male betta and two mystery snails, and a 10 gal with a male betta and two otos. All four tanks are planted and well cycled. Random question 1: All four tanks water test with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates using API master kit. I do weekly water changes At 30-40%. The 5 gal with the betta and 2 snails gets extra poopy since the snails are large, so I probably do more of a 50% water change as I gravel vac thoroughly. Aren’t I supposed to have some nitrates? Should I skip a week of water changes? Or are all zeros Nirvana? Random question 2: The plants in my 10 gal with 1 betta and 2 otos are loaded with green algae (thick like tennis ball fuzz). Do the otos not like it? Thought they’d make quick work of it but maybe I’m being impatient. They’ve only been in there for a week. The plants are vals, java’s, anubias, swords. Seriyu stones are getting coated too. Nicrew light is on for 6 hrs tho not on a timer. Do I need to supplement the otos with some algae wafers or blanched zucchini? They seem healthy, happy and have full bellies. Random question 3: In the 5 gal betta tank with two snails, the snails always seem to be “gettin it on”. The larger snail will completely engulf the smaller one. There’s been no eggs. I don’t want babies and keep the water level up. Just curious if this behavior is actual mating or something else. I’ve had the snails for about a year. Random question 4: In the 3 gals I am using the tanks’ built in filter that utilizes cartridges. Both are Marineland contours. I want to stop changing the cartridges because isn’t that stuff gold? I’d like to just swish them in tank water to de-gunk them. Does anyone else do this and re-use the “seasoned” cartridges? I’m assuming they’re gonna have to be swapped out at some point but what do you think is the max life span? The cartridges are the small z size. Appreciate any and all comments.
  17. Been thinking recently about a few fish we tried successfully breeding and raising, came close, but ultimately failed with in the end. In sport fishing, there’s the iconic narrative of “the one that got away.” I challenge anyone to share a story of fish breeding _failure_ here. Here’s mine... Laetacara araguaiae (Purple Smiler) An interesting small Cichlid from South America. We bought half a dozen subadults at a fish club auction. Let them mature in a 20 gal. long until some began to pair off. We used rain water / sump ground water for water changes. Fed on live and frozen foods, and finally had a spawn. We pulled eggs, and were soon rewarded with a glorious cloud of free-swimming fry. But something went wrong, and the batch crashed. Then it happened all over again. I think, looking back, that the vinegar eels had too much acid in. Eventually we sold the adults. But now I’m wishing we had kept trying... So what’s your fish tale?
  18. I just need to vent a bit. I’ve never felt more alone and not knowing what to do in this hobby than right now. I bought some guppies who developed fin rot and then it spread to my rummies. I did not have a quarantine tank (which I now regret). I bought one and tried to kickstart it but I lost all of the rummies and 1 guppy. The other 2 don’t look like they are going to make it. Should they die, should I completely empty and clean the 20 gallon QT and then seed it so it is ready for my new purchases? I’m baffled on why they got fin rot in the first place. All water parameters were good, it overfed. I’ve really lost my confidence here. Thanks for listening.
  19. Re-occuring dream .... now that I'm older, no let's not use that word, experienced sounds better. What will I do with my fish if I move to a tiny home, worse still get thrown in the old folks home, or if the Grim Reaper ever visits ...shudder? My kids live on ⛵ boats, they're no help! I need to find a younger serious fish keeper "beneficiary" so I can sleep at night or quit eating pizza at 2 a.m. Have you done your estate planning!
  20. If your mind fires off in random connections, this will make sense. Sometimes fish remind me of scenes from movies. Share if you've got some.
  21. I can’t find anything, so if you have have links or info let me know! I was curious to know if fish travel far in the wild or if they stick to a location? Always curious and felt kinda bad keeping fish in a smaller tank, do they get bored kinda thing? Unless their not developed to think like that. I got a 125 gallon, but I miss my 75 and thinking of downgrading back. Curious what you fine folks thoughts are? I promise I’m not weird, I’ve been home for 2 weeks so maybe I’m going crazy lol
  22. I have cut back on water changes on my 4ft tank ( 1 gallon per week) the stocking level is 8 halequin rasbora, 10 ember tetra, 8 cory's and a bucket load of cherry shrimp. I have noticed an exceptionally hi amount of sporning activity in all the species with a major load of eggs from the 1 Cory ( all females 😢) would I be wrong in assuming the eco system is more or less in a happy equilibrium that being said oh is sitting at 7,4
  23. So excited about this forum and want to know: If there's one piece of advice us newbies absolutely need to know, what is it?
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