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  1. Good morning, I have endler fry and for now and wanting more. There aren’t too many now, but I have heard about livebearers quickly outgrowing their tanks. They are in a 20L with a single BN Pleco. I am not running a heater on the tank and I don’t want to have to run a heater if I can get away with it. Are there any fish that can help control the fry population but also don’t require a heater? I can’t think of any. I have thought of Apistos, Angels Bettas. All require heaters. Any help is appreciated.
  2. hey everyone! 5 days ago i bought six neon tetras from my local petco, since then 5 of them have died, i think this is the stores fault, cause they looked a little crappy there and the employee that helped me was, in my eyes, an idiot. she literally couldn't tell the difference between a neon tetra with full color, and a baby brown fish. so i paid more money for them. so i dont think they were attended to well or taken very good care of. is this the stores fault, or am i the idiot who is pointing fingers?
  3. What tools, ideas or personal methods do you use in fish-keeping that makes your overall hobby experience easier & more enjoyable? I like to use pipettes when dosing fertilizer to some of my smaller aquariums. Also, they are great for sampling aquarium water for testing or adding meds.
  4. Can someone help me to identify these freshwater gobies that I got yesterday? I have been getting conflicting opinions. I think they are Barcheek Goby (Rhinogobius giurinus), but I am not sure...
  5. Hello everyone! I am a few weeks away from finishing the cycle of my planted tank but I have been watching a ton of videos on stocking ideas for my 29 Gallon planted tank. I really like the idea of getting either a single or mated pair of Apistogrammas for the tank. But as I study and listen to videos on ideas I like many options but I am just so uncertain about what would go well. I'd like to have a clean up crew in addition to a small community tank with the Apistogrammas' being the "centerpiece fish" Just wondering about stocking ideas as I monitor the tank for cycling. Thank you in Advance!
  6. Have been wanting to do this for years I want to start breeding my Poly Ornates and Poly T's I want to bring a local source to Wisconsin. I have done an almost obsessive amount of research on where they originally are from and what sparks their mood to breed. Want to gather as much info as I can though. So I want to reach out to anyone who has personal experience doing such a project would love some feed back!!!
  7. I am trying to grow Java moss for profit is sunlight mason jars. I decided to put a rams horn snail in one to see if that helps. This could be a terrible idea and end up in a mess of algae, but I decided to give it a try. Let me know your thoughts about this please. I will try to give weekly updates. Merry Christmas!
  8. I was wondering if it would be alright if I rescaped my tank with some Pygmy Cories and amano Shrimp in the tank?
  9. My 10 gallon tank is planted with approximately 6 different kinds of plants as well as: - 1 blue male betta - 4 zebra danios - 5 neon tetras - 10 cherry shrimp - 3 ramshorn snails The tank is doing great and thriving. Luckily the beta has not kill any cherry shrimp so far. It’s has been a week since I have added the shrimp and everyone seems to have enough hiding spots and space to swim to be comfortable. let’s hear your ideas!
  10. Has anyone found good Black Friday deals?
  11. Hi everyone, i wanted to share this website as i though it could help hobbyists in diagnosing fish disease. (Just disclaimer - i don't have anything with this company but i am thinking that most of the people out of Europe didn't hear for web site.) Online Hospital WWW.JBL.DE More than 500 photos of fish diseases give everyone the opportunity to find a diagnosis and a remedy. This is JBL online hospital web page where based on symptoms you will get answers what disease your fish have, what medication to use and more about disease. JBL si German company that is well known in aquarists world in Europe they make meds, filters, tanks, lights... In my experience it's better to use TEXT version of guide but you can use picture one too. They will tell you medication based on them and what they manufacture but you can use any medication that you like just research meds for same disease. Good thing is that this site will offer possibility of secondary infections too. Use this web page as guide but make research off your own too. Good luck everyone.
  12. Hi, I currently have a 125 litre (roughly 33 gallon) community tank that I want to add more fish to but I’m scared about stocking to much. Currently in the tank are: gold opaline gourami panda garra Khuli loaches (3) red eye tetras (5) blue king tetras (3) my plan was to get more blue kings and red eyes, and then a small group of cory cats. how many of each could I get before I’d be full? I do weekly water changes and it is a planted aquarium that I am hoping to add more plants too very soon (I’ve posted about my struggle with plants in the plant thread if you wouldn’t mind nipping across, mines the one with plants turning brown/having brown algae on them) Thanks in advance x
  13. Everyday I look at my aquariums I'm reminded about how much I love them so much and I'm so fascinated by all the little things that pop up and this mini little eco system I have in my own home that I get to observe every day. I personally just love going up and sitting and watching for a half hour and just seeing the fish do their thing searching for food and chasing after one another, and I love whenever I see new fry or I'm like look! That val made a baby or that anubias has a new leaf or dangit the duckweed has taken over (btw #brotherhoodofduckweed) but its just all those smaller things that makes it for me and seeing how this ecosystem I have evolved, and it led me to want to see what others enjoy about this hobby, so now I extend the question to all of you. What do you enjoy most about this hobby?
  14. When @Cory, termed the phrase 'NERM' awhile back, it may have been out of his subconscious genius. I consider myself, a self-proclaimed 'NERM' & have drawn a few conclusions, of which, some even may be valid. Why do people keep aquariums? IMO, It's an extension of nature into their homes for enjoyment & furthering life itself. If you look at the 'term' 'NERM'; is it just a word or even more; perhaps an acronym. For everyone, the word, term, phrase, acronym or # 'NERM' may indeed mean something very different and often times very personal to each individual, in their relationship with the hobby. For me: I classify the N.E.R.M. as an acronym, using each beginning letter, as follows: N.E.R.M. Natural Environment Respective Mentality Be a good Aquarist, be a NERM, today.
  15. Hello everyone, I was hoping eventually get a vertical aquarium to fit into a built in shelfing space. Most likely the gallons would be around 10-25 with a 12 in Length and 8 in depth. Does anyone have any stocking ideas? Thanks!
  16. I give my fish this treat, from time to time. It is made by using your favorite Repashy food with a *surprise* algae wafer center. I have many extra, eye contact lens cases that are only used for this application. They are about the right size for me and clean up easily. The final product easily pops out of the mold (when cooled) for simple tank distribution. A lot of fun to make, too. 🐟 Usually make a bunch at a time and off to the refrigerator or freezer they go, for proper storage.
  17. Sharing this tip in case you plan on keeping White Clouds in a tank with a mattenfilter. I kept finding them behind the filter foam and discovered they were swimming down the lift tubes. I think it's their natural behavior to swim against the current. I folded up a small piece of 1/8 inch clear plastic mesh netting and zip-tied it around the opening. Could be a life saver too if you run an airstone in your tube as it might trap the fish. Problem solved 👍
  18. SOME FISH FOR THOUGHT As fellow Aquarists, whether we admit it or not, fish are part of our families. For most of us, we spend a lot of time, money & effort, giving our aquatic friends the best possible existence. They are there in our “ups & downs” of life. Always reminding us that life, in general, is more than just about ourselves, as individuals. I know they personally cheer me up a lot of times and am always looking forward to spending time with them and my aquariums. Watching their sometimes crazy antics and behaviors is very amusing. I think that's what I like best about fish-keeping; the simplicity of the hobby, in contrast to the complex world. What unique characteristics do you like best about your fish? Enjoy your fish!!!!! 🐳🐠🐡
  19. After testing my aquariums for quite some time, I thought, “there had to be an easier way” reading the liquid color test results. When using liquid test kits, the colors are sometimes a bit hard to discern. A lot of it is attributed to the ambient lighting in the room. Some homes, mine included, don't have “ideal” lighting for reading these test tubes accurately. Was always dragging a lamp, flashlight or going to the nearest window to compare the color chart with my test. So, I specifically built this light producing fixture/enhancer for my aquarium testing. Wow, what a difference. The colors are now vivid, in person, and very easy to compare. The biggest benefit is that the light 'shines through' the tubes and really gives a true color representation. Also, for some of the 'timed' tests, I.E. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, it's interesting to watch the colors change accordingly. Basically, the parts for the unit are simple & inexpensive. Three AA batteries & holder, LED's, resistors, switch, wires, enclosure, etc. If you are into electronics, like I am, most of these spare parts are probably nearby. Am sure there are many ways of constructing the same unit. Most importantly, when dealing with liquids, one should always use low voltage applications for safety. This was my first attempt in building this color enhancer, so maybe the next one might even be better. That's another wonderful part about fish-keeping; experimenting with your own designs. 🧐 LIQUID TEST COLOR ENHANCER UNIT ** DIY ** 🥽 📊 📉 📈
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