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About Me

  1. I have a large container of Xtreme Krill. I've had it for 6 months or so, maybe longer. I've been pulling out a couple weeks worth to feed my fish and storing the larger container in a dark spot. It will likely take me another 6-9 months before I feed all of this out. How long will this food last? Should I throw out what is remaining and get a fresh batch? Cory's livestream last night had me thinking more about this.
  2. Hey, I have just recentley switched to pellets for my fish and my female swordtail will go for the pellet, and then spit it out and then go for it again? Will she start eating them normally? if not how do I fix this problem?
  3. . . . you go to put your container of fish food on your tank lid, except you forgot you just took the lid off? I just dumped about half a container of Xtreme flake into a 29 gallon. Looked like a snow globe full of red snow!
  4. Among dried fish foods, there are lots of forms. I'm not sure I really understand when to use what. I know variety is good, and I'm just not someone who is going to get into live or frozen on a regular basis at this point. Assuming the nutrition is the same and the fish can consume it, why would you choose flakes vs pellets, crisps, wafers, etc. I currently have various pellets (plus whatever Vibra Bites are considered), algae wafers, and First Bites for the never-ending supply of guppy fry. Should I also include flakes in the rotation? Is it just personal preference, or certain formulations that only happen to be available in one form or another, or...? Am I even making sense? Lol thanks!
  5. Please sell Bug Bites in a larger size! I'd buy in one pound quantities if available. Please add your "Dear Fluval" request in here.
  6. Which Repashi would people recommend for otocinculus? Super green or solvent green (or something else)?
  7. I have been keeping a clear bucket for the Duckweed I pull from two shrimp tanks, so I can check for fry and pull snail snacks for loaches. About every month I bring the Duckweed to my LFS for their Koi. If I am already keeping a bucket going, why not get a small tank where I can host my own Duckweed-eaters and save the drive? What are your suggestions for fun fish for a 15-20 gallon tank for this purpose? Thanks!
  8. @Cory and @Dean’s Fishroom had good things to say about Hikari's Vibra Bites. Both my angelfish and my baby discus ate them readily. I was shocked that the discus ate it right away, It was the first time the baby discus had eaten dry food! I think it is because Vibra Bites looks a little like worms.
  9. I'm looking to get an automatic feeder and curious what kind you're using? How many different ones have you tried? What worked and what didn't? I would probably put Xtreme Nano food in it.
  10. Can anyone share your Fish food diet rotation weekly plan? I usually store all my dry foods in a box. I saw few videos where @cory and @irene store their foods in fridge. Do you guys store dry fish food in refrigerator apart from frozen foods?
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