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  1. Hi folks, I’m doing a bit of learning about fertilizer methods, and want to get a better handle on what I’m currently doing. I’m dosing Easygreen into my oto breeder tank, and I want to figure out exactly how much. Apologies in advance for mixed units, and I'm not even pretending to remember significant digits from school. In a nutshell, I want to know how many pumps of Easygreen it would take to achieve a nitrate level of 20ppm in a 30 gallon tank. Low end of recommended dose, and a means of calibrating my brain. 20ppm means that out of every theoretical 1,000,000 parts in a volume, 20 of those parts would be nitrate. So if 30 gallons of water weighs 113562.3g as mass (1 US gallon of water = 3,785.41 grams ), I want 2.271246g of that to be nitrate (113562.3*20/1,000,000). The label says Easygreen is 2.66% nitrogen. That's not nitrate, so we need to do an extra calc. The atomic mass of nitrogen and oxygen are 14.01 and 16 respectively, so nitrate is 22.59% nitrogen by mass (14.01/(14.01+3*16)*100). Getting back to our 2.271246g of theoretical nitrate above, that means we need to add 0.51307g of nitrogen specifically (2.271246*0.2259). So in a nutshell, how many pumps of Easygreen add 0.51307g of nitrogen? 2.66% by weight would be 0.0266 g/mL assuming Easygreen is roughly the same weight as water (1g/ml). So if 1 pump is 1 mL, and 1 mL contains 0.0266g of nitrogen, does that make 0.51307g total nitrogen/0.0266g nitrogen per pump or 19.3 pumps in 30 gallons make 20ppm from scratch? That seems high, so I think my math is wrong somewhere, but I can't see where. The rotalabutterfly calc site says 3.7g of KNO3 in 30 gals yields 20ppm, as a check. The molecular weight of KNO3 is about 101 vs 62 for nitrate, which checks well against my value since 3.7*62\101 is 2.27, which I calculated above. I’m just not sure on the pumps of liquid fert. Thanks in advance for anyone’s time!
  2. Do you dose easy green until you get 20 ppm nitrates or just one pump regardless of how many nitrates you have. Thanks for any help
  3. Hi all, I have noticed my white poop in my tank, and was wondering a few things. I was wondering if MetroPlex in your opinion can be used with fish like hillstream loaches, I know fish with skin can't handle some meds. Also would it be okay to mut MetroPlex into some repashy soilent green? Thank you all
  4. Hello all! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding some CO2 source into one of my 29 gallon tanks. I’ve watched numerous video (aquarium co-op and others) about setting up CO2 systems that have tanks, diffusers, regulators and all that. BUT... I don’t really have the space for a CO2 tank and I’m not much of a DIY person. Are there any smaller systems out there that are good and reliable? I’ve seen so many mixed reviews on the Fluval and Tropica kits they sell in the big box stores and online.
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