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  1. So I have had two instances of feeding my white clouds and them dying and wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. When I first got my white clouds they were small (2-3 months old?) and i was feeding frozen brine shrimp (adults) along with flake. They started showing signs if distress and would die one by one. I stopped feeding frozen brine and they stopped dying. I have fed them and their 60+ offspring flake, bug bites, and baby brine (live and frozen) ever since and have had no issues. I heard others have had issues with WCMM's and adult brine. This weekend I bought small blood worms and fed them to 3 different tanks: The 45 has ~30 white clouds (3adult & rest juvenile) and 6 corys - It got one cube in the morning (no issue) and 1 cube in the evening (a few hours later issues). The 20 long with ~30 white clouds (juvenile) got a half cube (no issues). The 10 gal with 7 adults got a half cube(no issues). I noticed an adult female in the 45 resting on a leaf and distressed "breathing" (buccal pumping?) last night. This morning her and two juveniles were dead. Their abdomen was opened around their anus and the snails were doing their thing. I'm wondering what may have happened. Are blood worms too much for WCMM's? Are they gorging themselves and need less? Is it an internal parasite issue and the blood worms stopped them up? I haven't had issues before so I'll likely just stop feeding blood worms, but was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with White Clouds that may shed light on this mystery.
  2. I had a heavily planted, fully cycled, 20 gallon long tank. I put 5 guppies and one honey gourami about a week ago. 2 guppies are dead, 2 guppies are missing (I can’t find them in the tank) and the one guppy and honey gourami are both fine. I’m assuming that the two I can’t find are dead but I am continuing to look for the bodies. Like I said, the tank was fully cycled and for the first couple days, all the fish were perfectly fine. Nothing seemed wrong. Does anyone have any ideas about what could have happened?
  3. I got some albino guppies in the mail on Thursday and one of them died a few hours ago. Another one is showing similar symptoms with the split fin and some blood on the edges of the fins. I'm pretty sure its fin rot, but as I was unable to set up a quarantine tank before hand (no room due to construction), so since none of my other tank mates (12 pygmy cories, 8 albino cories, 2 pygmy gourami, 1 bristlenose pleco, 6 amano shrimp and a bunch of ramshorn snails) have been medicated, I'm dosing the entire 55 gal. The only thing I'm wondering if my ramshorn snails and amano shrimp will be able to survive the quarantine trio meds? PH: 7.0 Nitrates: 10 ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 300 ppm KH: 60 ppm Temperature: 75.5*F
  4. hey everyone! 5 days ago i bought six neon tetras from my local petco, since then 5 of them have died, i think this is the stores fault, cause they looked a little crappy there and the employee that helped me was, in my eyes, an idiot. she literally couldn't tell the difference between a neon tetra with full color, and a baby brown fish. so i paid more money for them. so i dont think they were attended to well or taken very good care of. is this the stores fault, or am i the idiot who is pointing fingers?
  5. Could use some encouragement or help! I'm a little discouraged. I had gotten three Alabama dwarf crays from a pretty reliable place (aquaticarts) and over a period of several months they died off. One juvenile male, a young adult male, and a young adult female. The first one to stop appearing was the youngest, I saw what I thought was a molt shell one day but soon realized he must have actually died (maybe a month after I got them). My female had berried for a while and then lost the eggs, and then got a new batch again but suddenly she disappeared about 1 month or so after the first. My older male has just disappeared two weeks ago, and I've confirmed he is definitely gone. They all seemed pretty active until they just disappeared. I never saw my fish harass any of them, plus they have quite a bit of hiding spaces. What could be happening? and I'm afraid to try again since they were pretty expensive. I also just lost a corydora which was sad, I think he just got himself stuck in the shrimp hut thing. But still adds on to the problems. Tankmates: orange rili shrimp (? accidentally got them from the LFS long time ago, breed like crazy and are doing great), dwarf gourami, 4 guppies, 4 corydoras, 5 cardinal tetras, and 2 nerites, and MTS and pond snails. Tank parameters are always good: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5-10 nitrates, temp is usually 78*F, we have very hard water and a high pH (in the 8.2-8.4 ish range I think), 29 gallon Tank is pictured below along with one of the crayfish after I first got them. Besides the gourami checking them out the first day he's never appeared to notice or bother them. He loves to eat too much though, little food pig..
  6. Alright y’all, Long story short: I had 38 neon tetras die mysteriously. Meds didn’t help, and I’m wondering what I could do different next time long story (all the details): Got a 55 from my buddy. resealed it with “aquarium silicone” and let sit three days got Pool filter sand and lava rocks from menards, cleaned it all throughly it’s water and a coffee strainer. filled tank and started cycle with ammonium chloride. Pitched “Tetra Safe Start”. Also Got plants from LFS Give it take a month, cycle was done and I went to LFS to get neon tetras (asked for 20, was give 38) fish went into QT with quarantine trio, air stone and sponge filter (seeded from cycling tank). Simultaneously I was giving my DT 2ppm of ammonia a day to keep the Bacteria alive week later did a big water change in DT, moved fish from QT to DT (all appeared healthy) 2-3 days later fish got ich. Started dosing ICH-X with daily water changes 4-5 days later (yesterday) visible ich disappeared and I started getting funniness. What was happening was my fish started schooling again and swimming like they were healthy. Then slowly one fish would freeze up in the middle of the water column and start gasping hard. Fish would then barrel roll around or drop to the bottom of the tank. After about 5-10 minutes the fish would be dead. Now the weird part is it wasn’t every fish at once, it would be 1 or 2, then after they passed it would start again with different fish. During all of this, I was testing my water and at the highest, it read .25ppm ammonia, 0nitrite and 5.0nitrate, so I trust my cycle healed and didn’t crash. Today: doing a 75% water change, adding carbon to filter and cranking the heat up (trying to “reset” the tank without killing BB). Maybe try to get new neons in a couple weeks. any thoughts on what I may have done and what to do different with the next round of neons? It’s a 55 gallon tank and I want to try and do a big school of neons
  7. So I have had some cherry chrimp and some blue shrimp about 4 of each, they are in a 16 gallon planted tank with a betta and some otto and 2 guppies. Water parameters are good 7ph 0ammonia 0nitrite 0nitrate the co2 I have is the fluval set up from petsmart and I have a fluval indicator to make sure no excess co2 is present. And so far I have lost about 5 shrimp the last one was a red one whom still had some red, usually I just find the white dead body.. and I noticed also that there's baby red shrimp in the tank now.. the only thing that has changed is that there's some algae in the wood but that algae has a while of being there, it's the brown type. Wood has been there since the beginning though so not a new addition. I just don't know why they are dying. Fertilizer is seachem flourish safe for shrimp and water changes i use prime. At this point I am lost. Any help is appreciated
  8. Well, after my tilapia nightmare a while back I have left my big tanks full of water and daphnia and some guppy grass to really get all that stuff balanced out. They are outside (tucson arizona), so it does save me a bill this winter for heating all that. From the water come the alge, from the alge come the daphnia, and from the daphnia come the guppies. Well, food chain wise. In plans for the spring i put a 3 something gallon tank on my office desk to breed out guppies and start the fish cycle over again. -- Today I saw little fry swimming around. While I have added guppies to water before and saw more appear, this is the first "up close" experience I have had with the tiniest of fry. I can see why grown guppies would see these fry guys as delicious marshmallows. Hopefully the fry that learn how to hide in some guppy grass will be the strong ones. Currently have a 3.something gallon tank on my desk. It has duckweed and waterlettuce of some variety on top. Guppy grass for low-mid covering, and hydroton (superheated clay pellets) as substrate. Mainly it was a "grab whats in the garden, add water and guppies, mix in daphnia daily" tank. So far the results are pretty good, with some screw ups along the way. Mainly the thing i overlooked coming into a smaller tank environment was that the ph 'style' changes. Outside I will get sometimes even as much as a 1.5 ph swing between dawn and sunset. But the PH in a smaller tank has a harder time 'swinging' back up (less acidic) I think. Some guppies started swimming funny, so I got the test strips out. I had gotten some neat $3 guppies from petsm--err, "not LFS" to make sure I wasn't going to add to potential tragedy by having paid shipping on them if they die. Well, they died. But they taught me that a good pinch of baking soda will help the tank in a few ways, and provide near instant relief for guppies getting "burnt" by people who let their PH get to 6 before they notice the guppies don't look right. I didn't want to just dump a clump of baking soda in there, as crazy ph swings are bad, but i did put in 2gsp (good sized pinches) of baking soda every 12-18 hours or so. This was actually probably more than i should have, but i noticed if i put it in slowly enough for the 'baking soda water' to form on one side, the fish all immediately swam toward it to be in it. So i think there is some truth to the idea of 'it helps'. I had to do this over the next few days, as the ph would come back up to 6 almost daily. Nothing else looked out of place on the test strip, only ph seemed to be stubborn. More daily doses of baking soda. the PH leveled out after about 5 days of this, stays at about 7.4 now, and has a "tiny swing" between morning and night. So, whew, water safety achieved. Id like it to be lower, around 8.2ish as this is better for a few reasons i have planned... I ordered from some place online Dwarf Baby Tears - to carpet the hydroton 2 Marimo Moss balls -- to be furniture on the carpet Wondershell -- because I believe in wonder Easy fry and small fish food, in a convenient squeeze bottle - just in case my fry are more hungry than I anticipate Easy green 'all in one' fertilizer - because I'm sure the plants will need a squirt or two, right now i detect no nitrates. 😕 I can at least go catch "the best" guppies and throw them in this tank to preserve their looks over time. The err, 'fancy breeder box' i guess it is. I put extra daphnia in the tank when i noticed fry. Just to minify their chances of getting eaten. I believe that the guppies do need to eat "some" of the fry as the natural process would allow, but I don't know enough about ethics from the perspective of a fish to know what I am talking about there really. Best I can do is say "they seem to do that" and allow it. I don't want them all to be gobbled up! With the carpeting plant and midrange plants and top floaters I hope that its a good combination for stability. Pictures attached of the tank as it is now. If its not a disaster I will upload it when it gets planted, and when it stabilizes.
  9. Hey. 😔 I was doing a nightly checkup on my 75 gallon and I noticed one my cories dead. He was swimming perfectly earlier in the day and he’s never got picked on before. But like 2 hours ago I noticed that he was sitting in the corner by the filter not moving. Do you guys know why he died?
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