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  1. So I am beginning the process of upgrading my 55 community to a 120 community, and I am already daydreaming of what to add... Sorry if this kind of post is annoying. 🤣 We so far have: 4 angels 1 big common pleco 8 Buenos Aries Tetras 6 Panda Cories We are considering: Honey Gourami or other dwarf gourami? Bolivian Rams (would these live well with angels?) Platies Loaches (hillstream or khuli or maybe dojo?) There are too many options, and I want them all. 🤪
  2. So i have a 200 gallon aquarium and i wanna set it up as a big community tank, i was thinking about putting in silver dollars khuli loaches, yoyo loaches, rubber lip plecos and blue dream neocaridina. Going to be heavily planted in one end, have a bit of a rock structure in the middle and a bunch of drift wood off of that, sand for the substrate Does anyone see any problems with this selection of fish or have any suggestions, i know khuli loaches aren't necessarily the greatest idea because water parameter requirements
  3. I have a 29 g medium planted tank. Have 8 zebra danios, 6 pandas corys, a bristlenose and clown pleco. ph 7.5 temp at 76. would any shrimp work in this tank?
  4. I have 2 corydoras 1 bolivan rams 2 sunset gourami 2 angelfish 8 rasbora 1 pleco can i add more
  5. Heyo guys! So, I have a planted community tank that has been struggling with algae. I scrub the algae off and the algae eaters keep it at bay but I can tell something is off. I want to get rid of algae but I just can't. @Irene made a video on balancing your tank but I still don't get what I am doing wrong. Can you guys help "balance" my tank? Here is some info on my tank. Can you guys help identify the issue? What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? Stocking: 1 male betta 7 harlequin rasboras 6 sterbai cory 2 nerite snails 6 otocinclus (It's a 20 gallon long planted tank) Fertilizer and Water Changes: Thrive regular. 3 pumps every week and water changes once a week. Lighting: Nicrew Classic light on for 8 hours every day. Co2 and oxygen: I don't know my exact levels but i have a sponge filter and airstone in their so I can tell you there's a good amount of gas exchange. Also, NO C02 injection. Low-tech or high-tech? : I have a low-tech tank. Please help! Thanks in advance! Also, LMK if you need any more info.
  6. So I made my first impulse fish purchase today 😳 nothing crazy, just 3 mollies. (edit: they're poecilia sphenops mollies for reference) The only problem is that I was thinking of them going well with my endlers, but forgot to check to see if they'd eat adult neocaridina shrimp - turns out, yes they absolutely will. 😕 The mollies are currently quarantined by themselves in a 10 gallon. The plan before was to move my prettiest shrimp into the 10 gallon for breeding, and keep some culls and skittles in my community tank where they currently live so I wouldn't care if some cull babies got eaten. I like having the shrimp as a cleanup crew and seeing how they interact in the community tank, but I don't want any adults to get eaten. Current setup is a 20 gallon long community tank. Heavily planted (like actually, about 70%+ is planted). Over filtered with two sponge filters on different air pumps that are both for 40-50 gallons. Fish: 7 kuhli loaches, 6 endlers, 8 juvenile celestial pearl danios, 1 mystery snail, 1 nerite snail, and ~20 neocaridina shrimp. No one's bothered the shrimp so far and they're comfortable enough to be out and about most of the time. 10 gallon is medium planted, deep substrate, sponge filter, just the 3 mollies in there right now. My father-in-law is giving me a 100 gallon tank soon, but it'll be a hot minute before that's all set up and ready to go. What would you do? I'm thinking of my options as: 1 - Move all the shrimp into the 10 gallon and the mollies into the 20 (after mollies are done in quarantine), potentially put a divider in the tank so I can have part of the tank where I'm selectively breeding and part of the tank for culls/skittles. 2 - Keep the mollies in the 10 gallon, potentially moving them to the 100 gallon when it's ready. Get another 10 gallon or a 5 gallon for shrimp breeding and go with the original plan of culls & skittles in the 20. 3 - Move the mollies to the 20, move my breeding shrimp to the 10, and get another 10 or a 5 for culls & skittles. Shrimp tank will also likely be a grow out tank for fry.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues to what I am seeing. I have a community tank with the following: Size- 150gal Filtration- Sump (Seamless Sump with Reservoir) Levels- 7.2-7.5, all balanced and cycled Fish- 3 Comet Goldfish (10-14in), 4 Dojo Loaches (14-16in for 2, 4in for 2), 2 Bristlenose Plecos Substrate- Sand, large rocks I am seeing both my large and small Dojo loaches begin to mouth on my large Goldfish (potentially for slime coat?), the smaller ones in particular I caught today picking at the gills of the Goldfish. The tank is long cycled, and I have started to run plants (quarantined and safe before use) in my sump to help with waste in the system. I always have an algae issue (currently adjusting time of lighting and plants to help) but I haven't seen any other issues show up. Has anyone else had this issue where their Dojo's have begun to potentially feed on their Goldfish? Should I begin to setup a new home for them to separate? For reference, the only time I have observed this behavior in the past was when they began to mouth on a sick Oranda, but no illness has been seen with the current Goldfish at all. Thank you all for your help.
  8. Alrighty Here is my 40 gallon that is UGLY and needs a rescape. It is stocked with... -Angelfish x3 -Zebra Danios x6 -CardInal Tetras x5 -Upside Down Catfish x2 -Bristenose Pleco I plan on getting more danios and cardinal tetras (to make it 12 danios, 10 cardinals) Yes I know this is overstocked, but I do regular water testing and waterchanges. Okay now, what I dont like about the tank... -The light will support plants, but constantly make my water look orange (I have tested it is the light) I want to invest in the Fluval 3.0, but not right now. -I need plants. Everything died from my green water incident and not to mention my stupid self wanting to pick up green hedge a non aquatic plant (I didn't know it was non-aquatic at the time) -But I need some suggesttions of plants. I really like Crypts and Java Fern, but what do you guys think?
  9. My community tank is 67% populated. I could use some suggestions for the last set of fish. The constraints are: (1) congenial fish, (2) swim in lower half, and (3) can handle high ph water. The fish in the aquarium so far are: Hatchet fish (intended to hang out at the surface) Danios (2 varieties) Harlequin Rasbora Culi Loaches Panda Cory Everyone in my tank (except the Cory's) seem to spend the better part of their time swimming in the top half. The expectation was for the Danios and Rasbora to wander the middle third. My Ph is around 8.4, with hard water. Thanks for any ideas.
  10. This is my community tank, slowing adding plants so its a constant work in progress. current stock; guppies, swordtails, panda cory, aldofo cory, glo tetra, cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra, five banded barb, octocinlus, pleco. running on 1 fx6 and 2 sponge filter.
  11. HOW OFTEN DO YOU FEED? Curious, there is so much conflicting information on this, whether it be species, specific regiments, or just as simple when they remember... Some say early morning then mid day, while some go as far as saying once a week or longer. "A healthy fish is a hungry fish" etc, etc.. Please tell me Why, When, and what foods you prefer. I'd like to get anyone's and everyone input on this, and their reasoning behind it. My current Community Tank is a 75 gallon planted(some still adjusting) that homes 30 Ember Tetras, 25 Pygmy Corydoras, 75+(100+) breeding Red Cherry Shrimp, 5 Amano, 2 Otocinclus, 3 Borneo Sucker Loach, 3 Blue Neon Gobies, 12 Forktail blue eyed Rainbows, 5 Black Bar Endlers(Moving to a breeding tank) 8 breeding Mystery Snails (Purple, Gold, Blue) Few Nerites, and 5 or so Ninja Thai Micro Crabs.
  12. Hi!! I'm new to this hobby and i would like to get so e help for my 10 galon tank. My tank just a couple days ago cycled so i decided to add fish to it. I had inside since the first day my beta fish and i planted about 10 plants as well. I add yesterday 4 neon tetras and a dario myanmar. My betta is in a seperate tank for now and i will introduce to the tank today. Can i add 2 more neon tetras and 4 panda corydoras to it ?? Thank you very much for the help and concern. Fernando
  13. If you’re an aquarist with some decent experience, you should not be afraid of keeping discus. These are some of the most beautiful fish in the freshwater tropical hobby. We have slowly been adding young discus to our aquaria, learning how they like to be kept. In the final analysis, they really are not difficult. Hope this video encourages you to give them a try!
  14. Hello and good day! I thought I could start this thread to document my journey into fish keeping. I figure that it is also a great way to get help when problems arise and/or to get people to bounce ideas off. 😁 I mentionned in an intro post that this is my second attempt at fish keeping. My previous setup was about two years ago on this same aquarium. I must unfortunately say that it did not end well. I had a betta who got sick and I did not notice fast enough. So here I am now, starting again. My current tank is a 20 gal.US high that has been planted and in water since October 9th. I had started scaping it a few days before. I have an Aquaclear 30 HoB, an airstone with USB air pump, a Fluval heater (not submersible) and a basic T8 fluorescent light. The substrate is some planted tank I bought in a small aquascaping shop. It just says ''Aquarium Soil, Black Brown Soil'' (that I can read I should add). My tap water is around: - pH 7.8 - 8.0 - GH 120 mg/L (ppm) (+/- 6.7 dGH) - KH 70-80 mg/L (ppm) (+/-4.4 dKH) Few days after filling it with water (Oct. 13th): - pH 7.8 - GH 60 mg/L (ppm) - KH 70 mg/L (ppm) - Ammonia 0.50 - 1.00 ppm - Nitrites 0.0 ppm - Nitrates 0.0 ppm And my aquarium parameters are currently (dated Oct. 26th): - pH 7.4 - GH 40 ppm (+/- 2.25 dGH) - KH 50 ppm (+/- 2.80 dKH) - Ammonia 0.25 ppm - Nitrites 0.0 ppm - Nitrates 5.0 ppm My plan is to get the most Neon Tetras I can for my tank without having to do massive and/or frequent water changes. I am thinking anywhere from 12 to 20. After that I might get some Otocinclus, around six to eight. But first, I want to get two or three Nerite snails as I have a lot of decaying plant matter (I do not know if my Vallisneria will pull through 😕). Seeing as I am dosing Seachem Stability to help establish bacteria, I am wondering if I can add the Nerites this weekend? Also, I might have to add that I have dosed one pump of Easy-Green twice now (Oct. 21st & 25th) and I did not see a spike in ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. As I am writing this, I realise that although my tap water is somewhat hard, I should probably add something like a Wondershell or crushed coral to help increase my GH & KH since it went down so much. 🤔
  15. I have a 30 gal community tank with black tetras, neon tetras, one male betta, oto's, kulhi loach and a lyre tail molly. I put 8 amano shrimp in there last night. They are not full grown but they are not extra small. What are the odds they will survive? I hope good..😬
  16. Hi, My son and I are new to this hobby. Our current plan is to have: Rummyfish, Coryfish (julli) (absolute favourite), 1 Bolivian Ram and 1 Pearl Gourami (these would be our feature fish once the tank is well established), and a Bristlenose Pleco (love these as well). We were thinking about Dwarf rainbow fish, but not sure if they are flashy enough and thought I'd put it out there to see if there are other fish around the 2.5 inch mark that would be complimentary to our current choices. The tank is a 36 by 20 Deep by 16 wide Bow front tank. I have started planting it with a sand substate. We love some of the Live bearer fish, but do not want to deal with babies which from the sounds of most people there would be a lot to deal with! Any input would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  17. I have 4 new longfin panda corys in my 55g community tank. The rest of the tank includes about a dozen guppies (they breed like crazy), couple SAEs, Blue eyed yellow longfin pleco, a couple balloon rams and a few nerite and mystery snails in the tank. I try to mix up their diet with spirulina flake, virbra bites, sera tabs, algae wafers, bug bites and freeze dried blood worms. My concern is that the food is not always getting down to the substrate, or that enough remains after the others have had their share of the sinking food, to satisfy the corys. I'm probably just being paranoid, but is there any I could be doing or feeding differently to ensure the pandas are getting enough?
  18. This tank plus my pea puffer desk tank have got to be it for new tanks for awhile! I'm going...a little overboard here with new tank planning. Thanks, COVID! But I'm seeing a nice 36g bowfront on sale at PetSmart right now with a nice cabinet stand (has a crappy lid but I can swap it out for glass + better lighting) and I think it would be perfect for a main (smallish) living room peaceful community tank. I currently have 3 somewhat unhappy pygmy cories that need more friends, so I'm thinking of moving them over. I love the look of endlers and would definitely like a school of those. I'm planning on using a nice, somewhat hefty sponge filter and heavily planting, of course. I think I'd also like to try a bamboo shrimp. So, what else should I put in there to play nice with my peacenics? Gold platys would look cool with endlers, as would harlequin or lambchop rasboras. But I'd love to make room for some nerite and mystery snails, too. This will also be my first experience with livebearers so I'm a little scared of getting overwhelmed with two species of them (but I guess I could always give extra to my carnivores!) Should I just start with endlers, corys, bamboo shrimp and snails for awhile and then add another fish later? And what about substrate? I'm a little afraid of using sand and having it get compacted, needing to add MTS and having them starve out my prettier pet snails. Any opinions on "planted" aquarium substrate?
  19. Hey everyone, I was thinking of adding either german blue rams or possibly apistogramma agassizii to my 40 gal breeder community tank and was wondering through your fish keeping observations which ones did better in community tanks? I read multiple articles that said both breeds individually should do fine in a community tank given they have big enough space. Currently my tank has rummynose tetras, black neon tetras, serbai tetras, cory cats, and otto cats. Its is also heavily planted tank. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hey guys, I hope all your fishy friends and plants are doing well! I'm setting up my 55 gallon aquarium and I can't decide on the fish I want. It's in our family room under the TV so it'll be the focal point of the whole room. I love the look of a big school of cory catfish and 2-3 species of schooling fish. I think I'm leaning towards having a few angel fish as my centerpiece fish. Should I get a huge school of neon tetras or rummy nose tetras as the only schooling species? There's so many ideas in my mind I can't make a decision. I would love to hear your guys' top 10 list for community tanks. I appreciate any input, thanks!
  21. I am relatively inexperienced to fish keeping. I have a tank with an established population of 20 neon tetras. I just got a Bolivian ram for the tank as well. The issue I am having is getting food down to the substrate so the ram can eat. The tetras eat all the food before it makes it to the bottom. Even when I bought bigger sinking pellets the neons grab them and carry them around Until the pellets fall apart. Does anyone have any tips on how to feed both of these fish in the same tank without over feeding? Thanks.
  22. Hey, I've read alot of your articles and I was wondering, can I keep a single discus in a 40 gallon breeder with a school of neon tetras and a school of corydoras catfish? I've always wanted to keep discus but I don't have room for a bigger tank. What are your thoughts? Will this work or no?
  23. I have a bunch of Fry Danio and also fry Corydoras in a breeder tank. I would like to at some point add some of them into my community tank. However, among of fish in that tank are Angelfish and a 3+ inch female swordtail that I'm worried will eat them unless they are too large to swallow. Anybody have experience with fry? At what point can I safely introduce them into my community tank?
  24. 2x bolivan rams 2xapistos 1 x snowball pleco 6 x ember tetras 6 x galaxy rasbora in a 42 gallon with measurements of 100cm x 40 cm x 40cm is that ok to have
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