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Found 6 results

  1. I will be buying some new fish to quarantine this next week. I have been looking for chili rasboras and other nano fish and it seems as if now a lot of nano fish are available. I know that Aquarium Co-Op suggests Aquahuna, but I am curious about folks actual experiences and also if anyone has experience buying from Flip Aquatics. Any advice? TIA
  2. So I ordered some multis online and the seller said they would get to me on Thursday but the tracking number says they'll get here on Saturday at 9 pm. The problem is my mail closes on Friday at 5 and doesn't open till Monday. Will they be ok? Is there anything I should do?
  3. Sorry Long Post. I'm a total Noob . I live in Arizona and we don't have much in LFS in my area. I found an Aquatic farm in Tucson that states it is "one of the leading suppliers in the U.S.A. of farm-raised freshwater tropical fish, saltwater & marine fish, aquatic plants for ponds & aquariums, as well as high quality Koi & Gamefish, including Tilapia for Aquaponics & Ponds." Once my tank cycled, I ordered 3 Reticulated Hillstream Loaches, some Nerite snails and a few shrimp. This place charges $39.00 for their fastest shipping ( which is required for the "Live Arrival Guarantee" ), $9.00 for what they called an "Insulated Styrofoam box" and $1.00 for a ice pack. All of which I was more than happy to pay for to aid in the safe arrival of my new little friends. About a week and a half later my shipment arrived. I was surprised that the "Insulated Styrofoam box" was just a regular cardboard box with a few very thin pieces of Styrofoam in it. The ice pack was quite a small one that had long since lost its cool. Everything in the box was very hot. Now I'm an Arizona native, I know ordering stuff in the summer here is a risk. it is very hot here. With that said, they are a Native Arizonian Company since 1987, so they too are aware of how hot it gets here. I expected these poor animals to be packaged in an actual Styrofoam box which would have held the temp better. One shrimp and several of the olive Nerites lost their life on the trip. Along with that, the box did not contain my 3 Reticulated Hillstream Loaches ( which I paid $15.99 each, a total of $47.97 + tax for ) nor was there an invoice included. Per the instructions on this place's website, I filled out the loss form for the dearly departed animals. If items are missing from your order, the website states to check your invoice to see if the item is on backorder. I could not do that. I did not get an invoice. I tried calling the company repeatedly and also emailed them several times through the website and also through my personal email over a week and a half. I never got any kind of response. Upon calling, no one ever answered any of the phone numbers and the mailbox is always full so I could not leave a message. I never got any feedback from the "Loss Form" I filled out on their website. I finally sent my last email stating that I understand in the business of live animals things happen, but what I could not understand is the lack of response to my inquiries about my order. I informed them that as a first time customer, I was not happy with the lack of response from them and would not be recommending them or purchasing from them in the future. Two days later, still with no phone or email response from them, I get an email from their shipping carrier that a shipment is on its way. ?? Not sure what was being shipped to me. Tried calling them and emailing them again to find out what I was being sent. Still no response. Today arrived a very hot, poorly package box containing 2 very, very dead loaches of indeterminate species and a very tiny, what I think may be a Hillstream Loach of some type. 😕? It does not at all look like a Reticulated Hillstream Loach. It is a chocolate brown color with what might be light yellowish spots. It looks nothing like my other Hillstream Loaches that are about the same size. This time the box had an invoice for 3 Reticulated Hillstream Loaches. Is this pretty much what I can expect when ordering fish? Am I just spoiled by how nicely and well-package my live plants come from Aquarium Co-Op? I expected that kind of packaging from this place since they are shipping live animals. That is not what I got however. I did end up going to a LFS ( not really local, about 45-50 minutes away from where I live) to buy my fish. I don't know where I'm going to buy my Black Moor when the time comes. The LFS doesn't carry Moors. This has really put me off ordering live animals through the mail. I feel so bad for those poor little babies that died because I ordered them. I have the lone survivor in a quarantine tank. We'll see how he does.
  4. Hi All - I was hoping to buy fish on Aqua Huana's site, but they are practically out of all the fish that I would be interested in (freshwater for 29g or indoor 15g tub pond). I'm hesitant to purchase fish from someone on Ebay or Aqua Bid because I've never purchased fish online before so I'm looking for similar vendors to AH. Anyone have any advice? Also, has anyone noticed how poor the fish are at Petsmart these days? So sad. If I had the space, I would have rescued those poor fishies. Cheers
  5. Hey everyone! Where is your favorite place to buy fish online? Has anyone ever gotten from aquabid? I live in North GA and there are not any stores within an hour or more from here. Let me know your good and bad experiences!
  6. Was wondering where i could find a very good online fish store that ships in the US? I feel like its in one of cory's videos but don't remember which.
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