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  1. Heyo guys! So, I have a planted community tank that has been struggling with algae. I scrub the algae off and the algae eaters keep it at bay but I can tell something is off. I want to get rid of algae but I just can't. @Irene made a video on balancing your tank but I still don't get what I am doing wrong. Can you guys help "balance" my tank? Here is some info on my tank. Can you guys help identify the issue? What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? Stocking: 1 male betta 7 harlequin rasboras 6 sterbai cory 2 nerite snails 6 otocinclus (It's a 20 gallon long planted tank) Fertilizer and Water Changes: Thrive regular. 3 pumps every week and water changes once a week. Lighting: Nicrew Classic light on for 8 hours every day. Co2 and oxygen: I don't know my exact levels but i have a sponge filter and airstone in their so I can tell you there's a good amount of gas exchange. Also, NO C02 injection. Low-tech or high-tech? : I have a low-tech tank. Please help! Thanks in advance! Also, LMK if you need any more info.
  2. I have some Ammannia Gracilis that has beard algae problems. They are they only plants in my tank to have a problem with beard algae. Seriously- it affects no other plants. It's pain because I keep having to trim off chunks of the plant to fight the evil badness. Y'all reckon that I am better off just ripping the plants out and buying new ones? I'd gladly pay a few bucks not to have to deal with it.
  3. I have seen quite a few threads concerning a wide variety of algae, namely black beard algae (bba) and green spot algae (gsa). So i wanted to open up a discussion of algae, what are the positives and negatives of having algae in your tank. Why is bba and gsa so hard to get rid of. What causes and cures it. In my opinion algae is sorta like a bonus critter, akin to pest snails ( who wouldnt want a free, bonus algae eating invertebrate that tagged along for the ride when purchasing an aquarium plant ). Or the lowly yet somewhat disgusting detritus worms squiggling around the bucket from your water change. They are a bonus critter completely harmless to fish and plants that eat detritus, that stuff you spend time sucking up and out of your tank. I see them as a bonus, just like algae, all of these so called pests help complete and maintain your ecosystem in a box. Which is what an aquarium actually is, a small self contained ecosystem. If however you are set to fight the good fight against algae, or curb the growth of a particular strain of algae. The best to pieces of general advice i can give is #1 dont panic. Algae is a natural organism that helps remove nitrates and other organic waste in your ecosystem. It will not directly harm fish or plants, but if left unchecked can indirectly harm plants by covering leaves to the point of not receiving light. Basically do not go so far as to harm your existing ecosystem of fish and plants in an attempt to rid yourself of it. Algae is a part of life in an aquarium. #2 when combating algae be patient. As you apply treatments and make adjustments to your water chemistries it will take time to see results. Dont expect 24 hour miracles. I have fought with a bba explosion before, and it took nearly 2 weeks to see the results from some of the adjustments i made. The stuff grows quickly it seems, but dies very slowly. Give time for treatments to work before you decide it isnt working and move on to more extreme measures that could harm your ecosystem. Those are my thoughts, please add content to this thread to help everyone enjoy this wonderful hobby, instead of fretting the sometimes unavoidable but curable factors involved. Thank you for you time.
  4. Hi everyone! I have a 5 gallon tank for about half a year and I'm battling algae for some weeks now. I reduced the lighting from 12 hours 10 and it's an ongoing battle. Is this green spot algae or black beard? I had black beard in another tank but it wasn't as flat as this. Also, is the stuff on the glass the same type? Lastly, is there any hope of fighting this without a filter? This was a little project of mine that started with no filter, no lighting, no ferts, no heater and no air stone. In the meantime I got a heater and some lighting for it.
  5. Hello. I’m new to the forum and new to maintaining a fish tank with live plants, 20 gallon. Does anyone recognize what this fuzzy stuff is on the plant? If so, how do I get rid of it? Also, the water has been cloudy and I’ve been doing regular water changes weekly, about 20%. Thank you for any advice.
  6. Thought my 5 gallon tank with plants was doing better, but now I have a lot of algae. Is this brown or Black hair algae? I watched Cory's video on algae but still not sure. Help will be appreciated. I have one Nerite snail. Getting ready to change to 10 gallon tank and don't want to take algae problem to new tank.
  7. I’m trying to reclaim my 40 gallon planted aquarium that my soon to be ex wife messed up big time, by leaving blinds and curtains open and flooding the room with sunlight. So now that It looks like I’m getting divorced my mom and I are trying to get the algae all cleaned up and get it replanted and a thriving self contained ecosystem again. I’m gravel vacuuming and and scrubbing algae all the time while my algae eating help give us a hand in keeping things clean. Any ideas of what to do with our already established community aquarium would be so helpful.
  8. 55 gallon, well established tank.Lighting: 'Edge' light -6 hrs daily. 5 squirts of Easy Green weekly. Weekly water changes including gravel vac on weekends....I replace some water mid week.Bunch plants do ok. Only the Anubias and Java Fern has black spots which do not rub off! I realize it is due to their slow growth. My water is hard although I have a thriving school of cardinal tetras. I have 4 Panda garas and 2 amano shrimp that apparently don't like the black algae. I am looking for a way to get rid of the black spots. Will ottos eat black algae? What can I do to get rid of it? Thanks All! I
  9. Good Evening Everyone! Hoping some of you vets could answer some of my newbie algae questions. I've recently been battling, what I believe to be, some algae build up on the leaves of my plants, mostly the anubias variety. I rub or gently scrape it off during each tank cleaning. I have also tried bleach dipping them (5% solution) once, which didn't do much in terms of keeping them algae free. First of all, is this normal? I feel like I only see picture of these immaculate planted tanks and can't imagine someone sitting there for hours rubbing off algae. Is there a fish I can add to the tank to keep the algae under control? Currently I have a handful of shrimp, but I've recently heard you need many many shrimp to actively keep a tank clean. Lastly, I've noticed that the new growth on the plants don't seem to be affected by the algae. Do plants build up some sort of resistance to algae or does it just take awhile for it to build up on the surface? Thanks in advance, Grant
  10. What fish is good for eating black beard algae? I have a ton growing in my 20 gallon community tank
  11. Hey everyone, first post here. Will post in the introduction area later, but wanted to post this question first. I'm currently cycling my aquarium with plants I've gotten from local fish stores and I'm about 2 weeks into my cycle on my first tank ever. I've taken the route of doing the cycle using the plant + fertilizer method, as I agree with the theory of being able to grow life before adding any fish. I've got CO2 setup and have been injecting it for about 4 days now. I'm now in the algae stage of the cycle and was wanting to know if this is a normal amount of algae. I don't want the algae to get out of control, so just checking in here to see if this is considered normal. Picture: I've been using the easy-green fertilizer to feed the plants and increase the nitrate levels, as well as adding Seachem equilibrium to up the water hardness a bit since it was virtually 0 (city tap water). I just tested my water this morning and here are my results: Nitrates: 60 ppm Nitrites: 3.0 ppm Hardness: 300 ppm (wayyy too high since I think I added too much equilibrium) Chlorine: 0 ppm (duh) Total Alkalinity: 150 Ph: 6.9 CO2 levels: Green drop checker (around 30ppm) I know my water Hardness is too hard right now for the type of fish I want (which will be a nano tropical aquarium with some shrimp), but I'm not adding fish until at least February. I do happen to have one snail that I got for free off of a plant though, he is alive and trying to eat some algae. I just wanted to know if this amount of algae is normal. I think I've been leaving the lights on too long, but I wanted to try to grow my plants as much as I can before I add fish. I've been giving the plants about 12 hours of light and then leave a blue moonlight on at night. I have two LEDs, one is the basic LED that came with the marineland 75 gallon tank, the other is one I got off amazon here: LED BUY LINK (incase you wanted more details on the lighting) Lumen: 5200 LEDs: 120x 0.50W I've been reading that algae is good during a cycle, just want to make sure this is an ok amount. I haven't done any water changes yet, should I do one soon or wait until before I add any fish?
  12. My little 10g is ready for some more life, but I'm down a research hole and need advice. I was originally planning for pea puffers, but I think I want just a colony of algae eaters for now, so I'm thinking cherry shrimp, Nerite snails and otos. My tank is currently in a major brown algae situation, so I'm thinking that will feed everyone for a bit, but what do I get to make them all happy long term? I have some banquet blocks coming tomorrow. I think my primary concern is the otos. Should I buy Repashy? What do you all think of it? It sounds kind of complex for this newbie. Maybe 6 otos? Or more because the bioload of the others is so minimal? And should I get Wonder Shell automatically? I know the banquet blocks have calcium in them. Should I wait until all the algae is gone? Will that be too late for the otos? I tend to over prepare for things so I'm spinning at the moment. My tank is heavily planted with more plants on the way.
  13. My artificial plants are starting to get a bit of brownish algae on them, especially towards to top. What is the safest, most efficient, way to clean them?
  14. Hello! Recently I've had an infestation of beard algae, and I'm afraid it will hurt my plants. I got some Seachem Flourish Excel, because all my plants like the carbon it gives, and I hear algae hates it. How often should I treat my tank with it? And how long will it take before the algae stops growing? Thanks!
  15. I have a 30 gallon aquarium it is getting over run with bba I have been dosing with easy carbon and can’t tell any difference if anything it’s getting worse what are some ways to get rid of it any advice will be greatly appreciated
  16. I have a low tech 75 gallon with 2 hygger lights. I run a canister and a sponge filter. I have some cambombas, buce, Anubus, moss balls, crypt, Helanthium Bolivianum Aquatic and Hygrophila Siamensis Aquatic for plants. I was using Co-ops easy green and was getting some BBA another forum told me to use Tropica specialized nutrition as is adds some nutrients to help. I tried excel for a few weeks and it didn't kill anything. I soaked everything that wasn't a plant in peroxide and it went away for probably 1 or 2 months. It's not back and worse. I also have a lot of brown algae and green spots on my plant leaves ect. I'm actually lost on why I'm getting the BBA and other crap. This is the biggest tank I've owned and never had an issue.. If it helps my bio load isn't very big, I have 10 red neon eyed rainbow fish, 7 Rummy nose, 12 chili rasboras, 4 Clow killis and a bunch of shrimp. I'm lost..
  17. I have several 10 gallon tanks, each with one male betta. Each tank has live plants and a led plant light. I use aquarium gravel in some tanks and CaribSea EcoComplete plant substrate in other tanks. I’m careful so that I don’t over feed, I keep the tanks cleaned, change the water as needed, and make sure the parameters are what they should be. I recently added 2 nerite snails per tank in some tanks for algae control, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep the algae at bay. And I’m having a problem with hair algae particularly in the one tank, and that tank now has a gazillion copopods, which I would prefer not to have. I just started to lessen the time the lights are on to see if that helps with algae control. I’ve seen where Cory has mentioned an algae clean up crew, but now can’t find the article where he described exactly what the crew consists of. What would be a good algae cleaning crew for my 10 gallon tanks? Thanks
  18. Hi Friends! I suddenly have what I think is brown algae all over everything in my new 10g tank, like overnight. Is there a cleanup crew I can get that would also survive if I get pea puffers? Should I let snails do the work and then just use them to feed the puffers? Thank you for the advice!
  19. I use it during water changes to spray down the algae on glass before wiping it down so any algae is dead if it makes it into the water column. How many of you use hydrogen peroxide in your tank?
  20. Have any of you used a algae control like Fritz Algae Clean Out? I noticed co-op doesn't sell anything like this....maybe for a reason....??
  21. I have a planted 55 gallon aquarium. Will a UV steriliser help with algae control? Mostly have green algae on glass and plants. I have increased then decreased light and fertilizer but algae remains.
  22. I have been redoing my old 525L tank, mainly the filtration, lighting and plants, so pretty much everything. And this ball of algae has grown on a rock over roughly a month. I know the likely cause for it appearing, and I could scoop it out of there and watch it grow again, but for now I've let it exist due to it being a potential food source for my eventual algae eaters. I then did some research, and it would seem (to an algae noob as myself) that this is the kind of hair algae nothing likes to eat. And that is what I'm after here. Confirmation of my fears or tips. It is coarse to the touch, not slimy or mucous, the strands are single hairs, no forks in them whatsoever, and when you press on it, it gives pretty good resistance. The growth had a massive burst when I relocated some plants and the clay balls used as the root fertilizer got in touch with the water. A lot of nutrients and iron in them, so it was to be expected. Based on all this I'm fairly certain this is Cladophora algae. And apparently this is the hardest kind to get rid of. Evil twin of the marimo balls is what I'm looking at basically. Has anyone here had this stuff in their tank? Is it the nasty kind? Does anything eat it? Should I go nuclear on it already?
  23. The internet says that Mollies eat filamentous algae, my question is do platies and swordtails consume algae as well? or is it just mollies thanks
  24. Hello Everyone first time poster here. so 2 weeks back i had the bright idea to make a dirted tank for the purpose of experience, but with horrible impulse control i now have both a crinum and an aponogeton madagascar in it, the last week i started seeing black beard algae on the crinum, should i be worried? i am thinking of adding a cleaner fish but i feel as though the cycle might not be ready yet. i added some shrimplets that's doing well growing up in the tank. i was thinking of adding maybe a single florida flagfish or maybe a single SAE but if they eat all the shrimplets i will probably feel bad. thoughts? Tank Spec: 40 Gallon Temp 29 Degree celcius (84 degree Fahrenheit) PH, 7.7 TDS 210 Nitrate & Nitirie (not checked yet, will do after i buy another testing tube, the last one broke after i dropped it)
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