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  1. I have a 36 gallon tank that is having issues with algae. I scrubbed the walls and did a water change after but it comes back. I have looked into an alge control however I cannot use it due to the shrimp in the tank. Is there anything I can do or use that would be safe for me to try in controlling the issue.
  2. I've heard good things about the magfloat and the scraper addon. I'm wondering what the users of magfloat have to say about its effectiveness against green air algae with and w/o the scraper. Edit: oh, and if people have cheaper alternatives they like, because I'm cheap.
  3. Hello, im a young french aquarist and I have few tanks. My principal tank is a 100 litres (28-9 gallons), stocked with 20 neon tetras 4 banded khulis loachs 6 salt and pepper corys 2 honey gourami (male and female) and some guppy Every morning, i see a bunch a string algae on my camboba, and i dont know where its coming from, i usually remove it every morning but it keep reapearing. Also, the young sprout of cambomba are coming white. Any clues ? Thanks for reading me, Gabriel.
  4. Are they worth anything? As in do they even do anything?
  5. I got some plants about a month ago from the coop my dwarf sag is producing some new growth but has alot of what looks to be hair algae growing. The Amazon and red flame sword are kind of stagnant they will grow new leaves and then have some die. And my scarlet temple is producing some roots above the gravel line but not doing very well. On top of all that I have a ton of brown algae I thought too much light may have been the culprite so I turned the lights down from where they were at first and they are on for 9 hrs I also found my temp was near 80 F so I turned it down to 74 F. I tested my water today and came back GH 25 ppm KH 40 PPM NO2 0 NO3 10 PPM PH 7.6 there are only plants in this tank but I have my java fern from my other tank in this on it developed what I thought was blackbeard algae and I treated it now it has black spots on it but otherwise doing great and producing baby plants and my red dwarf lily bulb is absolutely thriving so It makes me scratch my head why the other plants haven't really come back after melting back. I have easy root tabs and dose easy green 2x a week.
  6. I was wondering if anybody knows or has experience with an Albino Bristle Nose eating Brown Algea(Diatom). Thank You in advance
  7. Looking for help on removing green hair algae in my 40g I don't yet have fish in the tank just plants. Been cutting my lights down from 8hr to 6hr a day as to make sure my plants still get plants of light. No natural light hits the tank. I know there are plenty of fish and invertebrates that can help just not sure which would be the best for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am having problems with algae growth on my plants. I converted the tank to a community fish tank with plants in January of this year. I am using the Fluval 3.0 lights at 30% output with blue at 5%. 30 min ramp up, 6 hours day light and 30 min ramp down. Water parameters: GH- 7, KH- 3, PH-7.2, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, temp 78-79. I feed easy green, easy carbon and easy iron weekly and root tabs monthly. Even with feeding I have not register nitrates over 0. I run a wet dry filter and think the system is very efficient causing the 0 nitrates. The tank has 6 snails, 2 hill stream loaches, 6 Cory cats, 20 cardinal tetras, 20 rummy nose. 5 dwarf gourami just added yesterday. Should I reduce the light percentage and duration? What else can I do?
  9. Hello, I'm new to the aquarium fish world and I recently (about a month ago) bought a 36 gallon bow front tank. I've been noticing algae growth happening at a fast rate and am wondering how I can slow down the growth, is there certain fish recommended to help with this or what should I do? The artificial Reef is getting hit the hardest and is discoloring from the aglae. I have 11 small fish currently in my tank from cory cat fish, to mixed hifin, platy and guppies. I am going to get a pleco to help with the algae on the glass, but the growth on the ornaments and gravel is building up quick. Any ideas? Thanks, Anthony
  10. I have 10 week new planted aquarium with fish and I cannot tell if the plants are on a good path or showing signs of poor health. I have read that new plants will often end up being trimmed back to allow healthier new leaves/growth to come in. Stats: kH 6 pH 6.8-7.4 75-76 F CO2 3.5bps on with lights Lighting 5000k, 27W, 10 hours Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0 - .1 Fertilizer: 2x/week Flourish, 2x/week Pottasium, 1x/week Iron (all Seechem products) Exhibit A: This Buce has been in the tank for 4 weeks. Some yellowing leaves but some new green/reddish leaves coming in. Several (new) leaves beginning to unfold. Algae growth seems under control. I assume this is doing well? Exhibit B: I added 4-6 Java ferns on 3 different occasions. These are the larger basic Java Fern. They have stay green with little browning, but are rapidly growing offspring. The offspring look healthy - great color, long roots. But is that algae on the roots? Do I remove the offspring and plant them? Is this a sign of stress or health? Exhibit C: These are smaller Trident Java Ferns (they might actually be Petite, I got them mixed up). Out of about 6 plants a couple are starting to get tips melting away, brown spots, and algae collecting. Snails love eating the algae off of them. Are these plants struggling or is this a case where I have to trim and wait for new growth? All comments feedback welcome.
  11. Hello everyone so i started using easy green and my plants started growing decently but they have grown lots and lots of hair algae on the leaves,glass,and filter.I saw somewhere that sychem flourish kills algae so i was thinking if i could use easy green one week then sychem flourish to kill the algae and then easy green again.I dont really know if it makes sense but its just an idea thank you
  12. My monte carlo has finally begun to adapt after probably a month or more and I'm seeing some clusters of new growth but all around it and on it I have a hazy layer of green hair algae that's pearling 😠 . The non-carpet zones I've been able to gravel vac and the tumbling has kept different sides of the substrate exposed to light so the green hair is less bad there. At times I've even picked at my substrate removing one pebble at a time with tweezers and replacing it with a fresh pebble from the bag, but it turns out that's not a sustainable strategy. I'd like to give my MC a leg up so it can really get the light it needs, so I'm considering an algaeside like easy carbon. I've mentioned in other posts that I had my first berried shrimp drop her eggs and was bummed out about it, so now I'm extra paranoid. Would easy carbon hurt my shrimp's eggs or their desire to carry them?
  13. What is this fuzzy stuff in my aquarium?
  14. My first diatom bloom was 3 weeks ago. I’ve been doing a weekly water change (about 30% - scared to do more because I have neocaridina shrimp) scraping off the glass and scrubbing the rocks with a toothbrush. By the end of the week it looks like the photos again BUT after the first week I feel like it’s gotten more of a greenish tinge to it rather than brown? Also the stuff growing on the plant leaves is more green as well. I’m not sure if I’m still dealing with a diatom bloom or if there’s something I’m doing wrong regarding lights/nutrients etc. Ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates around 10 ppm. Dosing easy green at half dose 1x/week and just started dosing flourish excel. Also dosing flourish advance for potassium - was doing it 2x/wk but considering increasing it in case of potential potassium deficiency? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. I had a tank where hair algae took off. Using a timer and cutting back hours of light really helped. I manually removed the hair algae from the plants. But it wants to grow back, like it has roots attached to the plants. Stem plants I may have to snip off more to eradicate it but I hate to have to cut leaves off the Anubias. What can I do that won’t damage the leaves?
  16. I have been dealing with brown algae for months. Thought I had it taken care of after not using fertilizer for a few weeks and now it’s back. My plants are suffering and I’m back to not dosing with fertilizer and also using the phosphate removing filters and the seachem phosguard. Any other suggestions? I have also taken my plants out and soaked them in tap water, then lightly scrubbed them. I always do weekly water changes and clean the tank walls.
  17. HI All! I watched Cory's video last night of different Algae eaters. I had no idea that hair algae was a thing, I just thought it was me not doing the right thing for my tank. I'd like to add a fish that will eat Hair Algae off my plants. I currently have Guppies, Neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, Juli Catfish, A Pleco, 2 Cherry Shrimp, and snails in my tank. What would be a good friendly fish or two to add to my tank that will eat the Hair Algae? I attempted to take pictures of my beautiful guppies yesterday. These are the best pictures I could get. I wish they'd sit still for a bit. 🙂 I have one really big female that you cans see in the first picture. She and the guy with the blurry yellow tale in the second picture are my first two surviving guppies. The rest were given to me by a neighbor and I LOVE their colors. There's an orange leopard-y tail and another guy with a sunset tail. They are still getting their colors on their bodies. It's so neat to see them change. Then there are several blackish ones with larger tails. Some of them are getting orange coloring on their bodies too. All my fish seem to be doing well. I'm so pleased.
  18. I clean the plants by hand every week.. my corydora's don't eat it.. my Ramshorn a bit. It keeps coming back? Is this Algae? Detritus? Is this a bad thing? What can I do to control it?
  19. Hey all. So I've got some green dust algae happening. Started to really pick up when my Java fern started multiplying like crazy. It was also the time we switched snails (Gary 1 died and Gary 2 came in), so who knows. Ive gone with the wait it out 3 to 4 weeks then clean. Im just about at that time, so some questions after doing a little research: 1) I know I want to go down to a low amount of water, but will going too low start me going through cycling the tank all over? Is this just a given due to the situation? 2) What to do about the gravel. Do I remove that top layer thats covered and rinse really well? 3) How Do I go about cleaning off the leaves of the java ferns? 4) Q-Tips will work well for the vents in the heater and filter right? I plan on adding more plants and some floating plants, I think the floaters will help with the high amount of light (another possible cause). Also, we need to replace the snail again*see below. Should I do all these right after cleaning? Or wait a bit? Ok, snail Question. We are now on our 2nd snail since thanksgivng. First snail, I have no idea, he was super active my numbers were good (PH varies), but I may have overdosed the easy green. This second snail was aciddentaly dropped from not very high and his shell just shattered,and he didnt move after. Both snails were from the same place and I wont be going there again, but any other ideas on how to help? Cuttlebone? Ok thanks all.
  20. I've had this nana petite for about 2 months now. It recently got covered in diatoms and then I introduced otos who ate the diatoms off but the edges of some leaves still look brown and some leaves have dark spots now. Is that a new algae? a deficiency? Maybe those were gaps in the diatoms and the plant made more chlorophyll there? I tried rubbing the leaves an nothing came off. I googled a bit and I saw a few people with similar problems do a quick bleach dip to remove the algae, but I don't want to do that if this isn't algae.
  21. I am having multiple issues I need help with. I have somehow knocked my tank out of the nitrogen cycle trying to fix my plants. 55gallon tank water parameters: temp:75 PH: 7 ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 2ppm Nitrate: 5ppm GH: 4 degrees KH: 4 degrees I have a FluvalSmart 3.0 (using Bentley’s basic settings) which I decreased the by 50% on Monday - water is a green/brown. Using Easy green liquid and root tabs. My fish and snails seem to be doing ok. I have also done a 20%water change twice this week. (3 days apart). I know I have several issues, I’m just not sure where to start. what I think are my issues: nitrites too high staghorn algae algae growing on leaves of the plants low Manganese for Tiger Lilly low magnesium for Java fern light is too much or not enough This is my first planted tank and I am failing miserably.
  22. These new silicone rubber bottle brushes work perfectly for removing hair algae!
  23. Trying to figure out what kind of algea this is or something else. My magnet scraper doesnt remove it at all. Tank has been running for 9 months. 37g with a nicrew light running 8 hours a day
  24. I have a horrible algae problem that is wiping out most of my plants and grows several inches long off my hob that started a few months back when I was running the beamworks light an average of 12-16 hours per day and only using flourish micro but it was pretty minor and not widespread and I actually liked the look, I have since put my lights on an 8 hour timer and started using easy green and easy iron because my nitrates were staying at zero, and I added co2 a month or so back I have removed the vast majority of my val because cutting it back almost to the ground well below any algae I saw didn't stop it, I've dipped everything in straight peroxide hoping that would for sure do it and even if I killed the leaves the stems would survive but that also failed because even though there is new growth from the stems of the plants that mostly died the algae came back to them and I'm lost. I'm sorry I cant organize my thoughts into proper sentences without spending the next hour and a half editing this but I'd be very grateful for the advice if anyone can help me save my little buddies.
  25. Not sure what's happening to my plants or how to stop it?? Help!!
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