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  1. So I am breeding killifish in my 29 gallon tank with a spawning mop. I have already got breeding activity from the male and one of the females. So when they lay their eggs and I find them and put them in a guppy grow out tank in a breeder net with a bunch of java moss, is it ok that the eggs go in a tank that is like 5 degrees colder than in the tank they were layed in? Also if any of you guys have any experience breeding Golden panchax killifish I would be very happy to know some thing about them. Thanks for your time
  2. Good day all and happy holidays. My son, 7 y/o, has been begging for a tank forever. I have a 29 gallon tank hidden in my bedroom that Santa will delivering for Christmas for him. I had several 10 gallon tanks in my room as an older kid/teen. It's been 20 years since I had a tank. I'm looking to set up a planted freshwater community tank for him including Danios, tetras, corys and some inverts. I feel this will give plenty of variety for hours of enjoyment. A co-worker has a 55 gallon tank that I will be setting up in my living room. It previously housed a bearded dragon. Any hints on cleaning and disinfecting? I know I am excited to start back and I'm sure he will be as well. Cheers, Matt
  3. Hello, I'm new to forums and have a few questions. First some background info. I'm getting back into the hobby again from about 10 years ago, but new to having a planted tank and feel like a total newbie again. Prior I only had a 26 Hex column and 10 gallon. I've purchased a new 29H, 150W Heater with Hygger HG-918 20W LED light. Setup on Dec 19th, added multiple plants, floating frogbit & baby water lettuce, Taiwan moss and couple of moss balls, with soil & fine sand substrate on top, added 3 lbs of crushed coral between the soil and fine sand (some on surface). I've been researching the past month and watching all the Aquarium Co-op videos, as well as received 2 new orders from them. Medium Sponge filter, using Prime, Easy Green and easy root tabs. Purchased Zyme 7 but have not added to the tank yet. I've not done any water changes and my water parameters as of last night: PH 8, Amm 1.0, Nitrite 1.0, Nitrate 20 with API master kit, API test strips: KH 120, GH 120. My plan is to have guppies and cherry shrimp with maybe some cory's. I had 2 snail hitch a ride from the plants, and now have 3 new tiny ones. FYI, I've been running the bubbler all week without the filter, cause I was stupid and didn't add the filter on first order, hence the second order. I went ahead and purchased a medium and small sponge filter. Tank has been clear all week, can see some fuzzy build up on some of the plastic decorations, Rocks & sand, plants seem to be doing well, I see some new growth on a few of them, some have some browning. I just received my sponge filter yesterday & setup the medium sponge last night. I've watched the video on setup & optimizing, however I still have small bubbles out to the side. It doesn't seem to be filtering, even the tiny molecules just float right by it. How do I know it's getting the correct filter flow or flow at all? The filter looks brand new, no new build up on it all that I can see, running for 16 hours. Should I be able to see things get sucked into & onto the filter, especially when I disturb the substrate and lots of plant debris floats up? Should I add the small filter along with the medium? I was going to use it for 10G quarantine tank (not purchased yet). I'm trying to cycle the tank without fish, but after watching some additional videos yesterday, I'm considering adding a couple of fish. What are your thoughts? I am a little confused on cycling, as how do I know when the tank is ready since I'm adding fertilizer? I started tracking my testing on 21st. Which was PH 7.8, Amm 1.0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, GH 120, KH 80. (the strip read Nitrate at 20). So I am seeing a change happen on the parameters. Also, my new heater is set at 79 but the temp is reading about 82, I'm trying to lower the temp today and figure out how to calibrate the heater correctly. Goal temp is 78-80. I've moved the thermometer around the tank testing the temp. Thanks for any help and advice.
  4. Hi everyone! I would like some advice for stocking my 29 gallon. At the moment I have a male betta, 17 ember tetra and 2 nerite snails. I plan to add a few amano shrimp in the future if my male betta allows it. I was wondering however if I should keep the stocking that I have or if I can add another school of fish? I was thinking pygmy cories or galaxy rasboras. Though I am worried it might be overstocked with another school of fish. My tank has a 55 seachem tidal filter, temp of 79F, pH around 7.2-7.4, hardness of around 100ppm. Its also a planted tank.
  5. So guys I have a hair grass alage problem in my newly set up 29 gallon so I need a BN pleco. My dad bought me some plants and I got 2 banana plants will the BN pleco eat them. Also I got 3 bunches of hornwort, 3 cups of Java moss and 2 Micro sword plants will he eat those too. I wanted to try to breed some kribs do you guys think the pleco will eat the eggs too because I don't want it to eat the eggs but I need it to clean the hair grass algae. I also wanted to put some guppies in there too. Here is what I think is good for stocking 1 Albino BN plecos 3 Fancy guppies and I wanted them too have babies and not have to have to sell them/ take them out. A pair of Kribs to try to breed Thanks, also tell me if I am overstocked TacoPlayz
  6. Hello everyone! I just bought the trio pack of aquarium co-op meds and was wondering how to dose my 29gallon tank. Direction say to add a packet for every 10 gallons, etc. Should I round up or down? Thank you in advance!
  7. I’m trying to figure out what would work in a 29 gallon tank. I haven’t got it yet, so just throwing out my initial thought to see if it’s too much. It likely is, but I’d like to go in this direction making whatever adjustments would make for a healthy tank. 6 tiger barbs 6 cherry barbs 6 zebra danios 6 corydoras 1 clown pleco
  8. i have a 125g that's got about 25 mbunas and 10 peacocks one convict and a pleco and some snails. then i have a 75 planted with 4 angels and 6 bolivian rams and a few dif algae eaters including 2 bristle nose plecos. then i have a 10gal guppy tank where they been breeding 2 blue shrimp and overtaken with snails. i like Aquarium coop and all Corys videos. i just used quick start by api and added fish but ive been adding it every water chang only prob. i've had to ammonia spikes that was .5. ive just learned about keeping my cichlids KH and GH up and to regulate ph. look forward to learning and sharing with this forum thanks
  9. I purchased a 2nd hand aquarium and it wasn't until I arrived home that I realized I was missing roughly half of the bottom trim. My first thought was to order replacement trim but that ended up being roughly the same price as if I was buying a new 29 gallon aquarium. I had some thoughts and I am mainly looking to see if this makes sense or I am doomed to fail. 1) Take the remaining trim I have and cutting it into 4 pieces and centering it on each side and then using styrofoam or another semi-rigid foam around the rest of the base if necessary. 2) Same as above except cutting into 8 pieces aligning them at each corner. 3) Building a new bottom frame out of wood and siliconing it into place Those are my options or I could just go without the original pieces and rest it on a foam pad. I want to do this as cheaply as possible while still having a secure tank.
  10. To give a little background first. I have a 40 breeder with a Stingray 2 on it (like the light, but don't like the silver color), a 20 long and some other 10 gallons with the Hygger lights on them. For Inexpensive lights, I like the Hygger lights, I just want something a little nicer on this since it will be in the den. We are upgrading one of the 10 gallons to a 29 for Christmas and I am torn between the Stingray (1st version) and the Finnex Planted+. I won't have CO2 and I don't think the plants will be anything too difficult (annubias, java fern, micro sword, etc). My only concern with the Stingray is that it won't be enough light for the plants nor enough lights to illuminate the tank (I like semi-bright aquariums). Any thoughts on these two lights. BTW...my budget doesn't fit a Fluval 😒
  11. I have a 29 gallon, heavily planted. Stocked with 9 variatus platties, 5 swordtails, 3 guppies, 2 dwarf corys, a dojo loach and 3 amano shrimp. My water chemistry is good with weekly water changes. Am i dancing with the devil having so many fish? This is a pic before I added 6 platties.
  12. I got a second hand 29 Gallon Aquarium and the half of the bottom trim. I have tried calling pet stores to see if they had any damaged aquariums that they couldn't sell and I could pilfer the trim but they apparently have to throw those out right away. Could I remove the top trim and put it on the bottom to water test and then go without the top trim or if there anything else I should try or place to get full replacement cheaper than a dollar per gallon whole tank replacement.
  13. About 4 months ago I tore down my 29g guppy (all muts) tank and gave them all away. All in all I probably had over a 100 fish if you include all the fry in that tank. It was getting way too crowded. They were all healthy and thriving, but I wanted something a little less busy. So I decided to tear it down and start from scratch. I knew I wanted cardinal tetras, that was for sure. I ended up with those, some panda corys, a couple Otos, few nerite snails, some harlequin rasboras, some cherry barbs, two Bolivian rams, and a dwarf gourami. It’s heavily stocked I know, but everyone is thriving and it seems to be working. I am really enjoying this tank.
  14. Hello. I started keeping goldfish in March. My daughter 10 wanted a goldfish for a long time. After schools closed I told her I would buy her what she needed to get her goldfish if she wrote a proposal on goldfish keeping and pricing on everything we need to buy. It took her a few weeks but she completed the research. I ordered everything we needed and she decided she wanted a butterfly telescope. We ordered online and asked for one that is white as possible and “with a big personality”. Few weeks later a box labeled “live fish” arrived. It contained a plakat betta and four ottos! (Of course I didn’t know what they were and I had frantically work to identify them). I called the online company and they agreed to send us the goldfish. We put the betta in the 10 gallon we had prepared for the goldfish. Now I had to figure out where to put the goldfish that will arrive. After much discussion and advice from a goldfish group I decided that since we already had a betta fish, I will get a divider for the 10 gallon and put the two bettas in there. I worked on getting a new tank off of FB and located a 29 gallon with all accessories. Next day we spent the day setting up the new tank. At the end of the day we noticed a box in front of our back door! Life Fish! Our goldfish arrived! The company had said it would probably be next week before they ship, but never mind! We welcomed our new telescope. A week passed and the new fish settled in nicely and betta fish had their divider. Then another fish arrived! Another telescope! So order for one telescope resulted in three fish plus 4 ottos! Over the next few months my daughter and I loved our goldfish and betta friends and learned about fish keeping. We added a little ranchu to the family in July. Then much to our surprise a new box with “Live Fish” arrived in our mailbox! Inside was a bronze telescope with a delta tail! Apparently the company’s order system has a glitch and reprocessed our order. By this time I was fully engrossed in goldfish keeping. They are so adorable and they have such silly personalities! My daughter and I just ordered four new fish (different company this time) and got a 55 gallon yesterday! Our fishy journey continues!
  15. I am already planning on putting a male plakat betta, kuhli loaches, and cherry shrimp to it. I'd like to add it will be heavily planted. It will be the first tank I've done were I actually did my research. I was looking at endlers but maybe the tank might be too small.
  16. Hello all, I’m Tanked. I guess it is about time I introduce myself. 3 things brought me here: Candi from Aquarium Coop, My inability to successfully grow easy aquatic plants, my friend’s eyes glazing over as soon as I say aquarium. I bought my first 29 gallon adult aquarium about 30 years ago. I am still using the same setup. 7 years ago, Santa apparently thought a slightly larger tank meant 75 gallons. 2 years ago, I began adopting abandoned setups. I have since pared my functional collection down to a nano, 29, 60, and 75 gallons. I’m 2 years into my current project which is simply a low tech, low light 29 gallon planted tank. Watching countless hours of aquatic plant videos have left me with more questions than answers. When I stop killing the aquatic plants the aquascapeing will begin. Its not the destination, it’s the journey.
  17. I just set up a 29 in my bedroom. It’s turned out so beautiful, I wish I would have put it in my living room. Lol
  18. The 29 gallon was my way of dealing with the ongoing covid-19 working from home isolation made worse when our outdoor stomping grounds went up in flames the first week of September. So, I thought if I can't escape into nature, I'd bring some inside. Its haphazardly put together I suppose. I wanted plants so it has aquarium soil under the beach gravel we'd hung onto for 20 years since we last had an aquarium. The large piece of bored-out scoria in which I've planted three cryptos was from that same aquarium. A large piece of obsidian creates a retaining wall for the deaper soil section in which I planted what I thought was a nice tall green sword. Its a red melon sword, and its new leaves are red and lovely but still short. The plants in this tank are mostly from LFS because I hadn't found Aquarium Co-op yet when setting it up. Once the tank cycled I added 11 pygmy corydoras and 6 glowlight tetras. Later I took out gravel on one side to give the Cory's sand and added 6 cherry shrimp. Had so much fun watching the pygmies the first month or so. Then I got my fluval light and added 8 black neon tetras and the pygmies went into hiding. I've since relocated the black neons, in case they were just too much for the cory's and reset the new light to less intensity and hours, but the pygmies continue to hide as soon as they detect our feet on the floorboards. The snails come in with the plants, and hopefully they'll find their balance soon and level off. Scooter the butterfly loach is settling in nicely, and the shrimp have molted and doubled in size. The 75 gallon is about a month behind, originally it was supposed to house fancy goldfish but somehow it didn't work out that way. It has three stories, again with plant soil under gravel which is layered over small scoria in bags behind the retaining walls. The gravel is larger because we planned on goldfish, but it's nicely rounded and we also have sand on the lowest level, which we feed over. The majority of the plants in the big tank are from Aquarium Coop. Water Sprite, windelov java fern, drawf sag, various cyptos, a annubias and some Val that still needs to settle in. I've added floating lettuce and anacharis locally. My husband made the lid with tubes for pathos roots and we have three Co-op sponge filters, one in each corner. Its home now to 4 golden white cloud minnows. They were purchased as a group of 7 and were very small, 3 did not make it past the first 48 hours, but the remaining four have grown and colored up and we'll add a few more when we have the opportunity. The 8 relocated black neon are here, and I've added 8 more today for a nice size school in this larger tank. We are now up to 6 false jullii. They've been gathered up in pairs and with various states of abused barbels which we hope will regrow with plenty of water changes and a nice variety of food. For flair we have 2 pair honey gourami and two unpaired drawf gourami. One of the honey gourami already tried to raise himself a family in one of the pathos tubes. We hope to add some as yet undetermined algae eaters and shrimp to this tank, but its starting to feel about right, the plants are a bit bigger now than in the picture. I'm having a harder time with the 29 tall nano tank. The top of the tank needs something, pencil fish maybe, that will stay at top better than the black neons did. But we haven't found any top swimmers yet. And I've increased the driftwood cover for the pygmies, but they responded by moving in and staying in rather than gaining confidence and coming out. Since I already have eleven, I'm not sure if adding additional pygmy corydoras would coax them out again, or just result in a well stocked while apparently empty tank. 😞 Water in both runs 72-76 degrees, 7.4 Ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, nitrates unfortunately never seem to test out below 20 (we have 8 already from the tap) but we do at least 10% weekly water changes and I test the water twice a week and do a second partial change if nitrates look closer to 40 on either test. Which is a more likely occurrence in the smaller tank. Still trying to find that just right amount of food. I recently spoted a very small assassin snail in the 29. Bit of a shock actually, so I don't know if that means we have just that one snuck in on a plant with the pond snails, or more. I guess we'll find out in a while.
  19. Hello everyone, greetings from Cleveland! I've been watching Cory on YouTube for about two years, though I didn't have any tanks at the time. I just found his content interesting and I like the way he presents information to his viewers. YouTube recommended other keeper’s channels and I became interested in planted aquariums. Decided to try my hand at a planted 10-gallon late last year and in hindsight, it was laughable. It was a community tank filled with basic fish from retail stores. My aqua-scaping skills were non-existent. Most of the fish are still around today, but I somehow failed all 6 of the pygmy cories that I had. I had a bout of black hair algae which I successfully managed to combat. I now have a 29 and two other 10-gallons that are doing well and look much better than my initial efforts. My original 10g is now a plant nursery! I purchased a 90 gallon and stand, which I then sold before I ever used it because I decided that I wanted multiple smaller species-specific tanks. Yes, I have caught the MTS! I built a stand from 2x3 lumber that holds four 10-gallon tanks because I was sure that that would be enough. That was only about 4 weeks ago. Today I just modified my Sketchup drawing to hold six 20g long tanks instead. I will probably start on that stand this weekend. Anyone looking for any lightly used 10g tanks? I’ve been window shopping on Aquabid and Aquahuna trying to decide what to put in the 10g that I finished scaping but that is still cycling. I have a propensity for Tetras, Rasboras & Barbs so I see myself owning some Glass Bloodfin Tetras and Neon Green Rasbora soon. Well just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone! -Dave This tank is cycling, think I'll put some Neon Green Rasbora in! I have some E. Repens coming that I'll add to the foreground.
  20. New to the hobby. I started with a 10 gallon about 6 months ago, 6 neons and 2 Balloon Mollies. Last month a transferred them to a new 29 gallon and added 5 more neons and a clown pleco a couple weeks ago. My male Balloon molly is chasing the female all over. Can't find any more balloons in my area. Will adding a couple standard female mollies (not balloon mollies) give her a break? Thank You
  21. Found my GBR laying at the bottom in the plants this am. Still alive. When I netted him he thrashed around and 'flopped' wildly in the net (still in the water). I have him in a breeder box in main tank. I've had him 2 months. He went thru med trio in qtine for 2 weeks when I first got him from lfs. Yesterday he was feisty, active, and devouring food. Even bossing my big pearl gourami around. Everyone else in the tank looks great. 29g, planted, established over a year, 82 deg, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 20, ph 7.5, relatively hard water. No major changes in the past week. Anything I can try to save him? I know GBRs are touchy but I thought he looked GREAT yesterday... Thanks for the help!
  22. Equipment - Fluval E 100, Finnex Planted+ 24/7, undergravel filter with 3 exhaust towers (meijer brand), Aqua culture air pump dual output 20-60 gallon rating, Cascade 300 internal filter at 70gph, sponge filter unattached to air line Plants - Hornwort floating, Anubis attached to driftwood and Java fern attached to plastic lattice Decorations - Gravel mostly black non enhanced, 4 pieces of Malaysian driftwood accounting for + or - 30% water space upright for pseudo cave look Fish Stocking - 8 gold barbs (recently brought in from pond), 3 albino cori. cats, 2 clown pleco, 1 powder blue gourami, 12 ghost shrimps and random mystery snails from the plants Chems - flourish comprehensive and flourish iron, essentials bio boost, and Tetra Aquasafe Recently I closed my pond for the winter and brought my gold barbs inside before they succumb to the cold like my poor cori. cats and bristlenose plecos. My plants were in the pond all summer and did well with some co2 boosters from flourish with the exception of my java fern. The java fern is a ball of roots with small amounts of leaves are green but look beat up but no new baby spawns on it. I checked my ph (8+, Ohio city water) and water quality on 10/10/2020 all is good as I am finishing my bacteria cycle on new water. The tank light is on the automated 24/7 cycle and it does its thing. The fish are happy and I feed them spectrum flakes, wafers and pellets once weekly. I have dosed half a cap of flourish comprehensive once each week and half cap of flourish iron once; along with a cap each week of essentials bio boost. questions or problems My cascade 300 seems to only have enough water movement to keep the Fluval E 100 from low flow flashing if its exhaust tube is pointed directly at the heater. So what should I do without turning my low flow tank into a fast moving stream? options im looking at are the Sicce Shark ADV 400 (106 gph) or 600 (158gph) internal canister, Fluval U3 (155 gph) series or the Fluval cp1 (265 gph) Should I use co2 or liquid Flourish Excel or go without and wait? Last but not least I haven't figured out how to load a pic from google to the url and I don't have social media to link an image from else where to help further help. Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this and offer up any suggestions. Please note nothing is set in stone and I am very flexible with my tank ideas or equipment.
  23. I'm Sharmon. I live in Port Richey, Fla. I am disabled and want to find an easier way to care for my 29 gallon tall tank. The tank was given to me 2 years ago before I became disabled. With the stand the tank is 43 inched high I am only 5 feet. I am no longer allowed on ladders or step stools. I stopped caring for the tank it was just to hard for me. I haven't cleaned the filter, did any water changes or vacuumed the gravel. All I did was top it off. Some how the fish survived, until I dropped a water pitcher into the tank. Most of them died of swim bladder. I still have my pleco and 1 Glo-Tetra and a plant that's dying. I'm just not sure which is easier to care for: sand or gravel, the hang on back or a sponge filter. The fish I want are male guppies, mollies, tetras and maybe danios.
  24. Hi everyone, So I know I should have a quarantine tank and trust me, after this I will but I need some advice in the mean time. Long story short I have been dying to get some new fish for my 29 gallon tank pretty much since the COVID quarantine started back in March (I had to rehome my goldfish as I was temporarily living with family to help out and could not keep up with their water changes). I recently bought 10 Rummynosed Tetras and 3 Balloon Mollys to add to my 4 Corydoras in a 29 gallon. The store I got them from was far from as clean as anyone would hope but I knew I had enough meds to an Aquarium Co-Op style "quarantine" in my tank. Initially 2 of the Rummynose died almost immediately and another 6 had died by the next morning, I took this as poor quality from the shop as well as water hardness differences (I have a TDS of 200 from the tap and the shop is in a coastal town on the water so they most likely have very soft water) but added the meds that morning. I started with a full dose of API General Cure and API E.M. Erythromycin. The day after I added a full dose of Herbtana Microb-Lift. Everything was going great, no more deaths and the only visible issue was one Molly showing what looked like a bacterial infection. After almost a week of fasting and being in the medicated tank I realized the issue with the Molly was going to need another round of meds to fully cure it. So I ordered the Quarantine Trio from Aquarium Co-Op. This is where the chaos comes. I did a 50% water change and added a full dose of Fritz Maracyn, Fritz Para Clean, and Ich-X. Everything was going fine until the next morning when I realized I had cloudy water. At first I figured it was from my hard water, as I live on the east coast in the DC area and I have seen that happen before since I switched to sponge filters. Half way through the day I noticed it got worse and realized it was probably something else and started doing water tests. My current Water Parameters are: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: between 40 and 80 ppm PH: 7.4 TDS: 400ppm (Water from tap is 200ppm) So I think I may have killed a lot of my beneficial bacteria in my sponge filters by mixing all of the anti-bacterial medicines which would explain the bacteria bloom I am now seeing. Here is my dilemma, I know I need to do some water changes to lower my Nitrates and TDS but I dont want to re-dose any antibacterial medicine. Should I let the bloom settle down first and let the plants hopefully mitigate the Nitrates or should I start doing small water changes now? What would you do? I have attached an image of the Molly with the infection (notice it on its lip and gills) and a picture of the tank. Thanks for the help.
  25. I went a little overboard with the cleanup crew in my 29g. I have 5 Chinese algae eaters, 2 (was 5) Siamese algae eaters and 2 Hillstream loaches. One of the loaches is too large at around 3". I did not realize how large all these fish would get and I want to cull them down to just 1 of each. I also have 3 large Amano shrimp that I will keep. There are 2 large pieces of driftwood that are secured in place that I cannot move without major disruption to the tank which I am not prepared to do right now. Most of these fish hide under the driftwood and I cannot get them with a net. I’m assuming that I can somehow trap these fish, but I could use some insight and ideas from the community. Photos and/or links to available products would be appreciated. I’m handy so I’m sure I could replicate any reasonable DIY solutions! What do you think? Please share your ideas!
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