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  1. Hi, thank you! I agree about the fin clamping, and I had noticed he seems to have a bit of white something on one side near his gill. I found the page with most of the medication instructions, did you mean ParaCleanse? Is it a hospital-tank treatment or should he stay in the main tank to avoid the stress of moving? Thanks again!
  2. Hey all, this is Blueberry. Purchased 8/27, seemed totally fine, very active. Ignored offered food for several days after we got him home, after a week we figured out he was eating small bladder snails and tiny worms. Paid no attention to brine shirimp, but excitedly ate the little water fleas we found in another tank. After that he seemed to learn the signs of ‘the humans are giving you food’ and ate when fed. Til today, he still seems to be hunting the tiny worms, but spat out or ignored offered food. He is looking significantly tattered compared to previously, and we want to make sure it doesn’t get worse. A couple times he has done a wierd thing where he rubs his gill on a leaf or decor, and then jumps across the tank like he got cartoon-electrocuted. He will do it two or three times in a row, and then go back to his normal behavior. Photos of him a week ago, and earlier today. (The lighting is less in the today photos) Tank details: pH 7.2 Nitrates 0 Hardness 8 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 6 Water Temperature 75f tankmates: otocinclus, mystery snails, bladdder snails, assorted plants. Removed a decorative rock today that may have had too sharp edges. I’m wondering is the coarse sponge around the filter intakes could be an issue, since he seems to like hanging out near there. (The flow is pretty low, so more that he might hatch on it swimming past.) Any clarification from your collective experience would be much appreciated, we know something is going on, but.. not what.
  3. You wouldn't happen to be in New England by chance? At least some of the shrimp in the first attempt did seem to have molting issues. Two (one from each attempt) successfully molted, but died about 48 hours later. We removed the molts in case of parasite eggs. (One shrimp may have had Scutariella Japonica.) We are using Salty Shrimp to make sure our water changes keep the hardness we are aiming for, and have distilled water to top off in case of creeping. There is a big piece of wood that the shrimp did like while they were seeming healthy. One thing we noticed was that maybe 12-20ish hours before death/disappearance the shrimps would get very very active- zooming around the tank, only momentarily pausing to nibble, then zooming some more. They would also bump into the glass while doing this. We thought this meant the shrimp was feeling safe and exploring, then were really shocked when they were dead. I think now that this must have been somehow evident of the shrimp being in distress. About the Gold ring Danios- I don't think I've seen then actually listed as "in stock" more than once in the last couple months of fish-browsing. I definitely would prefer to get non-international tank-bred fish than wild caught ones if it's possible, and I'm not sure that's an option yet for them.
  4. Thank you! Yes, Rhabdocoela is what we though it was, until we were told otherwise. Glad to have more votes in this favor! Tank started in March. I haven't seen any of them on the snails, though we have seen the snails run into them, and the comparatively giant snail will recoil and change direction. The shrimp were from an online aquatics store, so I understand it may have been international shipping stress as much as any other reason. (I think I am not supposed to discus specific vendors per forum rules, correct?) The snails were from the same shop. One of the very small rasboras or danios will probably be first. Kubotai rasboras and gold ring danios are my current top choices.
  5. Hello! I have attempted to read every relevant thread and linked article, but I am still at a loss as to what this critter is and what to do about it. Tank is new, contains plants, bladder snails, and 4 magenta mystery snails. 2 attempts to add neocaridina shrimp have resulted in all shrimp dead or missing within 1 week or less. We noticed these little worms on the glass around the same time that we noticed the first bladder snails (arrived with plants). We thought we had identified them as a harmless flatworm, but talking about the shrimp deaths at our LFS reopened the can of worms, as it were. Particularly the one that completely vanished. They said it "did not look like a harmless detritus worm" and recommended we use "Aquatic Remedies Planaria Stop" on the theory that it is some kind of worm that "is a harmless parasite, until there are so many that the breathing of the host is obstructed". We haven't been able to figure out what kind of worm that actually would be, as I can't remember the name they used. Anyway, now we are terrified that our only success so far- these beautiful snails- is going to disappear. Planaria treatments all seem to be bad for snails. The Mystery snails we can find and remove, but not all the little bladder snails we've come to love too. (Yes, we get attached to everything.) Another factor is that we don't actually have a quarantine setup, since we haven't even got as far as purchasing fish yet. I am planning to do a late-night check for anything that might be moving about when it's dark that we haven't seen yet. tank parameters: 20g long, 75F, seachem 55 filter on a low flow setting, ph 7.2ish, gh 8, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, nitrate 10ish. added one additional hour of lights-on time a week ago for viewing convenience. What does this critter look like to you? How worried should I be about sudden snail death?
  6. I'm a big fan of "tag cloud" organized blogs, but I am sure they can be a lot of work to implement- especially if it would include indexing so many existing articles. My other suggestion would be to add a "blog" category to the main search bar. I did eventually figure out to click "pages" in the search results after using the main search bar, but it took a while. Before that I was trying to get back to the page linked in the top post here for every new search.
  7. That's really awesome to know! We are also car-free, but have been visiting European Aquatics in Malden for local fish-viewing and advice. 😃 They haven't had and Kubotai that I've seen, but we got to see some CPD's yesterday! I am still super excited about kubotais's so it's really awesome to hear your experience with them! I was entertaining the idea of keeping kubotai's and ember tetras since they are similar size/parameters and contrasting colors.
  8. Hi there! I’m Sarah! My partner and I are just setting up our first shared aquarium! I haven’t kept fish in quite a few years, and there are so many new things to learn! Our setup is a 20gallon long planted tank for our work-from-home office. We’ve got a seachem tidal 55 filter (I know it’s a bit extra, picked it for the extra features from the smaller one… and I can already tell we will upgrade someday..) Our water seems to be slightly hard, so still figuring out how that impacts everything. We just got the cycling going last week, and have only plants so far. Baby Tears, Ludwigia, valsinaria, Anubias, Java moss, and an unspecified “sword” from the local fish store. Just added Monte Carlo, hydrocotyl, Java fern windelov, and crypt parva from aquarium co-op! And root tabs and fertilizer which we forgot when we bought the first plants.. they’re already looking happier for it. One of the sword plants is growing new red leaves which look amazing! Does anyone have thoughts on what specific type it might be? As for critters we are planning on adding orange neocardinia, otocinclus when it’s ready and stable.. aaand everything else is still being decided! I love the look of the pearlescent pink ramshorn snails I’ve seen on aquabid, we also like chestnut and magenta mystery snails, but aren’t sure about how a tank this size would be once they got to full size… Nerite snails are definitely being considered, particularly if we pick a fish that will eat the egg capsules. Other fish I’m thinking about are kubotai rasboras, CPD’s, gold ring danios, green neon tetras, or fancy guppies. I’m enchanted by the look of the “alien” betta fish, but I’m not sure about keeping a hybrid fish that I haven’t found very much information on yet. If anyone has experience or information you can point me towards for any of these fish, that would be awesome! I’m particularly interested in what they all look like when not in “super prime breeding/photoshoot colors”. Looking forward to chatting and learning with everyone! Sarah ❤️
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