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  1. That would be really cool. I didn't know you could do that! Cannister filters are new to me. I hadn't had an aquarium for 16 years and it was only hang on back with charcoal. Thanks so much. I'm off to watch the video you referenced on how to care for ottos.
  2. I'm using the 2 cannister filters because I'm moving them to the bigger tank when I get it set up. I plan to keep both in the tank but one can be removed for a hospital tank if needed. I have the bubbles on them down pretty low. They don't have any problems being on the glass as far as I can tell. That's what surprised me that he'd want to be so close to the bubbles. I was gifted Danios and guppies. I bought the ottos and cory catfish. The sponge does help as he doesn't even go near it now. I wonder if anyone else has had issues with fish getting in the cannisters....
  3. Hi. The temp is 78. It is a 13 gallon that was given to me with only the fish and the light. I put 2 cannister filters in there as I will be setting up a 40 gallon breeder end of June. The Otto starts eating off the tubing and just keeps going down and down until he's wedged in the filter. Should I go warmer Than 78? Also I have 2 cannister filters that are for 40 gallon in a 13. They want the tank back after I set up mine and move the fish over which is why I have the filters I do.
  4. Good to know. I just planted a lily plant from Cory on 5/9. I'll make sure to keep it if it goes dormant and see how long that lasts. Right now it is going crazy! I love it. I'm glad you posted this!
  5. My Otto has made a full recovery. He went in the cannister again so I put in sponge material to keep him out.
  6. Is it safe to move a snail from a tank that has a diseased fish to a new tank with other fish? Will the snail carry the disease? What's the safest way to go about it? We want to treat the sick Betta but want to remove the snail first.
  7. This guy swam down and got stuck in the filter. 1/2 his body was sticking out the top. I took the top of as gently as I could. It looks like a pretty nasty bruise. I hope he'll be ok and not do that in the future.
  8. Thanks. What about for other add in that you might want to add? Add in the chemicals for the water change amount only or whole tank?
  9. When I do a water change, I treat the amount of water I'm adding to remove chlorine/chloramine. Say I remove 15 gallons, I treat 15 gallons. Right? If I'm also adding something like a Stress Coat to add in beneficial bacteria, do I add the chemical amount for the 15 gallons or for the whole tank? Thanks in advance!
  10. Wow! What a cool picture. It sounds like a very hardy plant. Thank you for the info. Ok, I planted it on the gravel. Some of the dirt that was around it has floated to the top of the tank.... hoping that will settle to the bottom tonight. Fingers crossed it sprouts soon.
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