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  1. Thank you so much. I’m new to planted tanks so I appreciate all the helpful advice, I can get, from more knowledgeable people than myself. Thanks again
  2. For some reason I don’t remember then being flat like the other leaf in the picture. I’ve included a picture of one from my other tank which looks great, in my opinion, both of them were put in their aquariums on the same day.
  3. GH is 150 in both tanks per test strips. Tiger Lotus was added after the Vallisneria but the Vallisneria hasn’t been in the aquarium very long. I just started using live plants in this tank about a month ago.
  4. The leaves on my Tiger lotus plant seem to be curling inward. I have two more in a different tank and they are fine. I use Flourish Advance in both tanks every day and Easy Green Fertilizer and Easy Iron once a week in both tanks. I also use the Aquarium Co-Op lights on both tanks set on the third lowest setting. Any suggestions on what the problem might be and what I can do to correct the problem? Thanks for any advice that can be offered.
  5. Thanks for your response. I do understand about the beneficial bacteria being on surfaces and not in the water. The QT has a sponge filter, heater, a cave and some fake flowers that can be used to hide in. No substrate just a bare bottom. I can check the nitrate level later this evening. I did notice the filter has a lot of debris on it in the form of old food. I tried to get the ammonia level up by ghost feeding until I found out about a product called fishless fuel, which I ended up using along with some liquid beneficial bacteria. Think I should rinse sponge filter off? I bought the fish from a pet store and I think the use 10 gallon aquariums for their fish.
  6. Hello everyone, I just set up a 10 gallon quarantine tank (QT). The water cycled, 0 ammonia & 0 nitrite, water temp 78 degrees. I lost most of my fish in one of my tanks awhile back, the reason I set up a QT, so I decided to use the preventative medication treatment recommended by Aquarium Co-Op, Paracleanse, Maracyn & Ich-X. Yesterday, I put 3 Paleatus Cory’s in the QT and this morning, when I checked on them, 2 were floating, upside down, at the top of the tank. I got a net to get them out and when the net touched them, they both scurried to the bottom of the tank. Later this afternoon I checked again and the same thing happened, 2 floating upside down and raced to the bottom when I touched them. Any idea of what’s going on? If they are dying, anything I can do to help them? Thanks for any advice you may have.
  7. I appreciate everyone’s advice, thank you all very much
  8. Thanks to everyone for your advice. I did forget that food breaking down in a new, or existing, tank causes ammonia which beneficial bacteria needs. Guess I won’t need any permanent residents in the quarantine tank 😂. Another question for you all: Do you know if Fritzzyme 7 needs to be refrigerated or the bacteria, in the bottle, will die? It doesn’t say on the bottle, just says store in a cool, dry place (don’t quote me on that). I ordered some from Amazon, long with Fishless Fuel, followed the directions on both bottles (I even doubled the Fritzzyme 7 per a video on YouTube). It’s been 4 days and I don’t see any change when I test for ammonia, I’m just wondering if the bacteria died in transit or if it takes longer than 4 days to work. Thanks for any advice you might give.
  9. Thanks for everyone’s advice. I was going back and forth about premeditating or not, and still am. I’ve also heard about using existing media in the new tank and the tank would be instantly cycled. A while ago I set up a 5 gallon betta tank, shook a bag of bio balls in the water (turned the water quite dirty 😂) and used the sponge, from the existing tank, in the filter. Later that day, prior to adding a betta, I decided to check the ammonia level, just to be safe, and the ammonia level was still registering. I’m not sure of the exact reading but I know it wasn’t zero. Maybe I’m not understanding what ‘instant cycle’ actually means. Also, just to be clear, I understand that ‘beneficial bacteria’ isn’t in the water. I saw a few YouTube videos that recommended shaking used bio balls and squeezing existing sponges in the new aquarium to help speed up the nitrogen cycle. Again, I appreciate everyone’s advice. None of my buddies, or siblings, have aquariums so it’s nice to have people to bounce things off of.
  10. I’m setting up a 10 gallon quarantine tank and am going to use the ‘med trio’ once the water is cycled and I’m able to put fish in it. I’m also going to put something, either snails or a small pleco in it to live permanently, to keep the water cycled after I remove the fish for my main aquarium. My question is once I put a second set of fish in the quarantine tank, after the first set is removed and put in the main aquarium, and I use the ‘med trio’ for them, will that hurt the permanent occupants in the quarantine tank? I apologize if this is confusing but hope someone understands what I’m trying to ask. Thank You.
  11. Ok, thanks. I appreciate everyone’s help and advice.
  12. …or should I just let it go and let nature take its course?
  13. They look to be the same. Could I just cut the stems, looks to be two of them, an inch or two below the existing foliage and replant them both?
  14. I’ve had the plant probably @ 6 to 8 weeks. It was growing nicely and I even had to trim it and replanted the clippings and they seem to be doing fine, no leaves have been lost on them.
  15. I’m new to this so please bear with me. I have a Water Wisteria plant that is losing its leaves ( I guess that’s what they are called). I have a 75 gallon tank and have been using Easy Green & Easy Iron, 7ML per week and Easy Root Tabs once a month. I started using Flourish Advance also about a month ago. I use that 2 to 3 times a week, 17ML each time I use it. My other plants, a crypt, some pogo octo & Java Ferns seem to be doing fine, Java Ferns even have babies on the leaves. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I would hate to lose the water wisteria. Thank You
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