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  1. Great! I love his videos, I will look for it.. they have helped me a lot. Things have really changed since I last had a tank.. Thank you! I hope everyone has a good new year!
  2. I didn't know that was possible, I'm fairly new to this hobby ... But I will definitely try that! Thank you!!
  3. Mine does this too. I've done the same steps and have one of the nano air pumps and a no-clog air stone - loosened and tightened different times to see if it made a difference-- on it from aquariun co-op (which is super quiet!!). It works fine even with the larger bubbles, so I've stopped trying to make them go away. It's not super noisy and I like it much, much better than having a HOB.
  4. Yes.. it helps a lot (I love the pros and cons)! I really hate the HOB and wish I had found Cory's videos before purchasing one. I thought this time I'd ask for opinions from folks who have been using the different types of filters instead of the internet. I'm pretty sure I will save up for one and add it to my next order. Thank you so much!!
  5. Thank you! I had read the description and missed the in addition part of it.
  6. Hello everyone! I have a 29 gallon tank that has some plants (new to tank) and 6 zebra danios. When I set the tank up, I used a HOB filter since that's what I was used to. I have some sponge filters on the way and had planned to change to the sponge filters. I just saw the Ziss bubble bio moving bed filter and am wondering what the benefits of one over the other is? I plan on adding some Cory's, maybe a pleco. Still working on the rest of my "wish list" regarding fish! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you ☺️
  7. I know what you mean about the rabbit hole.. I fell down one too! I'm new to live plants, so we can learn together! Welcome!!
  8. Hello! I have not been part of a forum before and I love the welcome video Cory has. I think that's how a forum is supposed to be.. I have "lurked" at other ones and just didn't feel comfortable posting. Kudos to everyone here.. there is so much to learn! I had 30 gal tank about twenty-five years ago but stopped due to health issues (now resolved). Everything has improved/changed so much, I'll probably be like a newbie but will help when possible. I currently have a 29 gallon tank with anubis nano petite, marino moss ball and crypto wendtii (from aquarium co-op of course) that I'm currently cycling. I have never had live plants before and am excited ! Now on the other hand, if you want help with a dog or cat question.. I'm your girl! I worked 13 years at a small animal vet clinic.. so I'm much more knowledgeable about dogs and cats!
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