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  1. Wow that’s amazing. Thank you. I purchased a couple flood lights I’m going to try. They are not the same as yours but all the same specs so we’re going to give them a try and see what happens. Yes experimenting is part of the fun.
  2. Thank you Yes I’m going to try one of these they have good reviews and are not too expensive. Thank you
  3. It’s a 40 gallon breeder. Ph is 7.6 temp is 78. I have some anubias and Java fern for now. Lights are on from 8 am till around 6pm. All I have right now is the led light that came with the tank. I was dosing every 2 weeks with flourish at recommended amounts. Fish are 3 hillstream loaches 3 angels little over half grown 1 juvenile gold severum and one lonely bleeding heart tetra. I have since changed dosing of flourish to about once a month. There is only 2 small anubias plants and 4 Java ferns. For lights just the led the tank came with and for plants anubias and Java fern
  4. Your tanks look great I think I’m going to give the led shop lights a try. I have a 75 gallon and a 40 breeder that I want to try first. Thank you
  5. I was told that an led flood light works pretty well for a planted aquarium has anyone here ever tried one.
  6. Thank you all I have on the tank now is the led it came with. Have had the plants about 2 months and haven’t done much of anything. So I was thinking maybe they need a better light. All by plants I have are low light needs.
  7. Trying to make a low tech planted tank but not having luck. Was thinking maybe a better light but don’t want to break the bank. Anyone have any suggestions.
  8. Ok thank you I will cut the lights back some and I use flourish once every other week.
  9. I really would like a nice planted healthy tank but I haven’t had good luck with my plants. I have 5 tanks set up at the moment ph around 7.6 temp 78 and lights on for 8 hours. 1 day a week I leave them off for the day.
  10. I have a lot of brown algae growing on my live plants and can’t seem to get rid of it. I have java fern and anubias. Low light. Just the lights that came with the tank. Anyone have any ideas why. Do not overfeed fish. Been keeping fish for over 10 years just started trying live plants.
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