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  1. @Cinnebunsand @Guppysnail Thanks so much for your help. That make a lot of sense too about them being stressed from removing them.
  2. I was wondering, is it ok to remove my snails (nerite and Malaysian trumpet snail) to allow them to feed on a piece of cuttlebone, instead of putting it in my tank? I have them and one betta. My ph is normally 7.5, I don't want to risk changing my water parameters too much for my betta, so I was thinking of taking the snails out to let them feed for a while on the cuttlebone, then put them back in the tank. Suggestions? and would that be ok?
  3. Thanks so much for the help and suggestions. Being new to the aquarium hobby I am learning all the time. I had been googling and read the articles on algea here from Aquarium Coop, and watched a bunch of YouTube vidoes, but my pristine tank is starting to look not that great because of this brown haze LOL, and was wondering am I missing something or doing something wrong. @Bev C what do you use to pretreat your water for phosphates and silicates? Just wondering for future use, if needed. I will be more patient with this in the meantime 😃. I did a phosphate test on my tank about 2 wks ago and my levels were up. I also did about 50% water change yesterday. My tank is 3mos old, so the aweome folks at Aquarium Coop informed me that my tank is still considered new, so all part of the process 🙃.
  4. I am having a similar problem with brown/diatom algea. I am HATING it. I just got a Nerite snail and a Malaysian trumpet snail on last Thursday 4/14 (so they've been in my tank for 4 days now). Will they be enough to help with this problem? I have a 5-gallon tank and besides the two snails one betta. Is there anything else I should do? It looks AWFUL. It's got my plants and substrate all brown and ugly looking. Should I add something like Seachem PhosGuard? My phosphate level is a bit high, when I last tested last week. PLEASE HELP.
  5. @Patrick_G Aww thanks!! Thanks for the recommendation!! I was thinking there wouldn't be enough room for much more than one nerite..., but hmmm 🤔 now you've got me thinking. @GuppysnailThanks!! That's great to know that your nerite is a good cleaning crew. Do you have to feed him anything else like algae wafers, etc or does the diatom algae suffice as enough of a food source?
  6. @Patrick_G Aww thanks!! Thanks for the recommendation!! I was thinking there wouldn't be enough room for much more than one nerite..., but hmmm 🤔 now you've got me thinking.
  7. I am starting to have some trouble with brown algae (diatoms) and have watched the videos and googled about it. Glad to know it is not harmful to my betta, but any recommendations to speeding up the process of getting rid of it? Also, I am planning on getting a nerite snail this week, since I have a 5-gallon I am only getting one. I have done two water changes (one this past Saturday and another today) about 10%-ish both times. Is there anything else I should do?
  8. Hi everyone! I am glad to be a part of this forum. I am a newbie to the awesome aquatic hobby, and I am learning a ton! I have a small 5-gallon tank with one super cute betta, named Sherlock :). I am not only learning about fish but also planted tanks and what is needed to make it a success and enjoy it. I have been watching Aquarium Coop videos on YouTube among others and was excited to see there is a forum. Thanks Cory!! 🙂
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