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  1. I just went to my lfs to by some fish for my 55 gallon african cichlid aquarium. I was looking around and there was a tank that labled "ccommon compressiceps" for only 15 dollars. Thinking it was a calvus cichlid because there were calvus cichlids in the aquarium i asked an employee to get me one for my aquarium. He told me to go to the front of the store and he would bag up my fish. (i bought some other fish too) When i get to the front of the store i wait with my dad (Im only 13). He rings up the fish and we leave. When i look it the bag i see a medium sized grey fish, confused i lift the bag into the light. it was definetly wasnt a calvus cichlid, but i wait untill we get home. i take the bag out and start to aclimate the fish. as im watching it it suddenly know what it is. It was a feamale peacock cichlid. The store has a strict 1 day return policy and its 1 hour away from me. I cant drive and my parents have work. Should i keep the fish with my featherfin catfish, kribensis, brichardi, and calvus cichlid? The tank is really understocked and the fish are getting along well. What should i do?
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