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  1. Just a follow up: Tested water parameters today after a week not doing daily check ups. Ammonia now zero, nitrites zero, nitrates appear elevated above previous values. So it appears that it took my particular tank (with aged water/seasoned substrate) ~21 days to fishless cycle using fishless fuel. (Note: I have not added any plants as of yet.) I added another 1 tsp of fishless fuel to the tank and now will go back to daily check ups to see how fast it can cycle through that level of ammonia.
  2. @GuppysnailThat's potentially what I was going to do. I was either going to get a cheap 10g aquarium or a 10g-equivalent storage tote. I was concerned about the potential for heat issues with a plastic tote if I set up a heater or light on it, otherwise it was my go to because it could be put away when not being used. I think the aspect that got under my skin the most about his comments was that I was somehow going to break the bank spending ~$15 on this. I'm poor, but I'm not that poor. I know he didn't say these things to be mean, he was trying to be helpful and a good friend, but wow do I still feel bad about myself a day later.
  3. Well, at the moment I don't have any fish. The potential for a QT would be for incoming fish/plants that I would get. So I think he is looking at the fact that I haven't had fish for a few years as a chance to get out. (maybe)
  4. Today I had a discussion with my friend who owns the house I live in to find out if he is okay with me potentially having a second (small) tank set up as a quarantine tank. I didn't want to just assume he'd be okay with it. Turns out he's fine with it in concept 😁, but changed the conversation to whether or not I should be spending any money on this stuff at all. 😟 He considers having a fish tank a luxury. So what do you think - Do you think of having an aquarium as an extravagant spend/luxury good?
  5. I was curious if beneficial bacteria that might have hitched a ride on your new plants would be destroyed/lost if you choose to do an Alum dip to rid the plants of snails/eggs before bringing them into your aquarium.
  6. If you really need the pleco to move you could probably get it to by just sticking a net in the water 😃
  7. 2.0 is what I thought as well, but it was good to have a second opinion. Did another test of parameters today, but nothing has changed. Still the same amount of ammonia, no nitrites, nitrates still at the same level from the original left over tank water. I guess I don't have any of beneficial bacteria colony left that I was hoping for. I got my co-op order a day sooner than expected, so I have fertilizer and root tabs on hand now. I can finalize what plants I would like to get and plant the tank.
  8. Gave it 24 hours. Tested the water. Didn't see any nitrites measured. My nitrates level seemed to be maybe a little higher than the previous day, but it was in the 20-40 range both times, so it could just be variance/lighting/poor eyesight. Below is the ammonia readings. Would you say this is 2.0 or 4.0.? I have trouble reading these test tube kits sometimes because room lighting causes shadowing in the tubes.
  9. Today I placed my first co-op order. Picked up a bunch of stuff I'll need on hand when I'm ready to prep for set up of a quarantine tank. I also saved a bunch of items already for a second order when I am ready ready to put fish in that quarantine tank 😄 After thinking about what plants I might want to start with, I thought about my current landscape and decided to take the time now to rearrange the rocks into a more manageable orientation. I previously had a couple issues getting the gravel vac between the largest rock and the glass because I got them to close together. Now everything has clearance around the perimeter for the vacuum. Let everything sit for a few hours and then did my daily water parameters test. Nothing changed from all the movement. Received the Fritz's Fishless Fuel I ordered to give me something to test whether my beneficial bacteria colony is still there or not. We'll see tomorrow where that stands and go from there. If it isn't, then I'll probably just start with planting the tank and use the plants/fertilizers to regrow the beneficial bacteria colony.
  10. I received the Fishless Fuel today. After taking the water parameters, I put in 1 tsp for 25 gallons per the directions. I figured with the amount of substrate + rocks that are in my 29 gallon tank that is fine. Now I'll let it sit, and check parameters again this time tomorrow.
  11. Where do you get your water from? Is it city, well, etc? When was the last time you did a water change? What did you use to test for GH/KH?
  12. I ordered some of that Fritz Fishless Fuel. Will have it in a few days.
  13. What would be a good source of ammonia if I decide to test that? It is a 28/29 gallon bowfront tank.
  14. I didn't realize this. I assumed that because I had not cleaned the gravel out well in that time, that there would be enough "waste" in the gravel layer to continue the bacteria colonies. The tank did have a moderate layer or algae on the four glass sides, as well as a thin coating of gray-ish debris around much of the rocks/gravel surface. I figured that stuff breaking down would produce some amounts of ammonia.
  15. Hello, I have an established tank that I placed in two new forms of filtration media alongside the current established media. One is a bag of bio balls and the other is a filter sponge that I just allowed to float around lose in the tank. I plan to keep the bio balls in this tank for good, but the sponge is just in there to give me something to potentially throw into a quarantine tank when I finally pull the trigger and get fish ( the established tank has been empty of fish for a couple years). My question is: How long does it take the beneficial bacteria in a tank to establish itself on fresh, new media that you place in a tank that does already have it present?
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