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  1. In Las Vegas for a few days with enough time to stop in a LFS or two. Does anyone have recommendations? If I had to choose one.
  2. Do we get one this year?
  3. I was there as well. It was a good time. Really enjoyed seeing the different folk, all the tables and hearing the different speakers. Pretty cool to have something like this happen near enough to easily make the trip.
  4. I haven't had any experiences that differ much from what I've seen in care sheet/general info on them. One thing though is they really like caves, overhangs, dark getaways to go explore and "rest" in. Sometimes they seem to disappear only to emerge from a little nook in the rock or under a leaf. They're very interested in their surroundings so I'd really let their habit season and grow all sorts of things for them to pick at and take interest in. I haven't found them hard to feed at all. They eagerly go after vibrabites and any frozen food.
  5. I've seen online people having success with tankmates and I don't doubt it can be successful and I've considered trying it. But for me in a 20 long I really didn't want to risk putting fish in and having it not work and then have to go around and catch out something like danios out. In a larger tank with more room and things I'd be more likely to try.
  6. Red eye puffers (Carinotetraodon irrubesco) are really neat. I've had a pair in a 20l for about a year now. They live with a small colony of cull neo shrimp, take vibrabites, and have on occasion shown courtship behavior. Haven't tried them with other fish tankmates though, I think eventually they would pick at them over time in such a small tank. But if you see them, in a shop I recommend.
  7. I'm working on hoplo catfish. I've gotten bubblenests and spawning but the eggs and bubblenest disappear after the spawn. I'm hoping because it's their first spawn it's like cichlids and they'll figure it out the more they attempt.
  8. A 35 gallon is a good size. They'll likely hang around the lower areas of the aquarium. Some caves or hide aways will give them places to claim territory and retreat. If you have a pair expect fry at some point and keep in minding breeding kribs can be aggressive towards tank mates but I've bred mine with various community fish without any real issue, just some chasing around. I've kept mine with sponge filters and hang on back and I don't think it matters. Feed a variety of food, mine particularly like fluvial bug bites cichlid pellets. Fun fish. Again, if you have a pair prepare for fry!
  9. Celestichthys choprae is my favorite.
  10. Im no shrimp expert but it may matter where you are getting your starter shrimp and how well they are before coming into your possession. That said, having a very seasoned tank may help any new shrimp to constantly graze and get back any lost health. I think it's important to have alot of 'seasoning' in a tank to bring on new shrimp. Honestly my shrimp tanks are the most neglected looking ones I have. Algae on the glass, mulm, and I change some water maybe every other month. Hopefully things turn around for you, my initial foray into shrimp I lost almost half my originals until one day after months and months of frustration something clicked and they've been going great ever since. Blues, reds, and greens.
  11. You could make a few spawning mops to float or a bunch of plant cover and do Gardneri Killifish. I started with a pair in a ten gallon and just watched the colony grow. Lfs was more than happy to thin the herd when needed.
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