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  1. I wanted to add an update with this pond. Note to self - do NOT choose galvanized water troughs. First, it leaked. Second, most of the fish and snails died. Third, the floating water plants developed a sickly green color and failed to thrive. Though it is intended to be used for animals to drink out of, it must leach out something toxic into the water. It also rusted in spots within a few months. The bigger Rubbermaid stock tank is much better. The plants and fish are thriving.
  2. I have a 20 long multifasciotus tank. The little guys are multiplying. I have an established 38 gallon tank planted with crypts and Val with a pH of 7.4 with a coarse sand substrate. Can this be converted to a multifasciotus tank using wondershell? Other suggestions?
  3. @Friller what do you do with your danios in the winter? And your other fish?
  4. I find it on my aquarium coop app then search for Ted Coletti on July 28, 2021. It’s an aquarists podcast.
  5. I have a few shubunkins, some rosy minnows and mosquito fish in there.
  6. Since listening to the podcast with Ted Coletti, I purchased the book and set up two patio ponds. I just love them!! Thanks so much.
  7. Thanks for all of the answers. I’ve decided to use the Aquarium Coop strips and go by those readings and to just stop stressing about the incongruities.
  8. I find testing nitrates really frustrating. For the API master kit, my nitrate reading is always red….which means it is 40 or more…..???? I can’t tell the difference between 40 and 100 with the master kit. With other test strips, I have the same problem. I can’t differentiate the pinks to tell what the reading actually is. I CAN actually differentiate the pinks on the Aquarium Coop strips which is so helpful. BUT….the Aquarium Coop strips read 25 ish but testing the same water with API master kit shows dark red which means over 40. I want to shoot for changing the water when the nitrates are 50 ish. I’m trying to feel comfortable about doing fewer water changes and allowing the nitrates to be a bit higher for the plants, but I’m frustrated because I don’t know what to trust. How can things be so incongruent?
  9. Does anyone use tank water on their roses? I just started this year, and my roses have a terrible fungus/black spot problem. Could this be due to the tank water from water changes? I live in Oregon and we have also had an unusually cold and wet spring, so I don’t know which to blame. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. I actually have tried search bars, etc, but I can’t figure out how to navigate the membership benefits. I want to watch past expert talks and I am a member, paid the $5 fee. I have looked on the ap downloaded to my phone, on YouTube under Aquarium Coop, on the Google website for Aquarium Coop. Is there one place where I can access all information instead of going from site to site? I believe that I’ve linked properly…I know that I’m not super savvy since I was born too long ago…..:🤣. Plus I can’t figure out how to actually join a stream instead of watching it later. How do I know when it will happen? Once again, sorry for the ignorance.
  11. I purchased 6 multifasciotus (shellies) about 5 months ago. I see 2 smaller (females?) and 3 larger ones regularly. There might still be 6, since they are shy and quick to dart into the shells. PH is 8.0. I would like to start a colony. Can I get them to breed with frozen and prepared foods? Or must I hatch out baby brine? I’ve never done this and am dragging my feet. It’s a 20 long and I don’t turn the light on much to keep the algae down.
  12. It is a 40 gallon breeder with aquaclear 70 HOB and 2 sponge filters. How can I increase circulation across the bottom?
  13. The smuts or gunk on the substrate, is it good or bad? I hate the gunk that flies around when the substrate is stirred, so I over filtrate and vacuum. Is there any benefit for planted tanks? Should I be working so hard to get rid of it in planted tanks?
  14. This is the second week that I’ve had my mbuna. They are about 2” and look very healthy with great appetites. At least half of them have dark, long, strings of poop. I’m feeding either Sera veggie flakes or Bug Bites spirulina flakes in the morning and Solient Green by Rapashy or spectrum algae discs in the evening with fresh cucumbers a couple times per week. Is the poops a positive thing like their GI tract is cleaning out or negative? Am I feeding too much?
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