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  1. Came out for first time in a week for a few minutes.
  2. Thanks for the link, I will try to get him out of his hiding place to snap a pic, prior to his getting sick nothing new was added withing probably 2 weeks, it came out of nowhere, he just started hiding and not eating. Since then, I have not lost any fish so I can only assume that it is isolated, at least at this point.
  3. Thanks, water is within normal parameters and there are about 20 other fish doing well, there has been no change since using the melafix, my only other idea was some type of general cure or parasite treatment.
  4. I have a good size leporinus, probably about 1 year old, 7 to 8 inches that I believe is dying. For the last week or so he has been hiding in his castle, vertical, not eating and breathing fast. I chased him out and did not see any outward signs of trauma or disease, he is the king of the tank. I tried melafix and some salt, my guess is some type of internal parasite as every other fish in the tanks is healthy including 2 other smaller leporinus. Has anyone had a similar experience and/or suggestions? He is not eating just to clarify, and he has a very healthy appetite typically. Thanks!
  5. I have a 125 community with a bunch of weird fish, however, it has probably 20 or more tetra other than cardinals, the weird thing is that I can't keep more than 2 cardinals alive in this tank. I have tried a few times to keep them in a large school as they are great to watch, however, they won't stay alive when all of my other tetras are thriving, my LFS more or less told me that it is what it is and for whatever reason they don't do well in my tank. After a few attempts I gave up and just built a larger school of the other types. Good luck!
  6. The paradise fish is on his left, looks like he is grooming, weird.
  7. In my tank among other fish I have a blue parrot hybrid and a paradise fish which previously bickered over territory, the tank is a 125 community. I noticed this morning that the blue parrot was facing straight up and it appeared as though the paradise fish was grooming him? This has now been going on for several hours, they appear to be rubbing against each other and shadowing each other, I can't figure out what the are doing, has anyone experienced this weirdness. ( I tried to upload a video from my phone, it won't allow it unfortunately). In essence the paradise fish looks to be touching the side of the parrot fish and the parrot fish is pointing with his mouth 90 degrees facing straight up to the top of the tank, I have also seen the parrot swim to the paradise fish and they start again.
  8. Thanks, yes, I am now using more Prime just in case and the Leporinus are not particularly hard to keep, they are quite hardy fish and very cool to watch, very strange for sure. I have already replaced one and will buy a few more, hopefully it does not happen again.
  9. I recently picked up my first mystery snail and compared to my nerite the mystery snail is off an on as the nerite is always on the move. After the first day I had to check to see if he was dead as he was not moving and was hanging out of his shell a bit. It has been about 2 weeks and he is still alive, nobody really pecks at him which is good so whatever is going on is keeping him alive.
  10. Thanks, at this point I have considered electricity as well, however, I turn off my power strip prior and the weird thing about the whole situation is that it only affected my 3 Leporinus, even the chemical possibility doesn't explain it. I suppose though that the city did add something and we are not aware of it, that can't be ruled out. At this point I can only go with some type of stress that this particular fish could not handle, hopefully it does not happen again, they are cool fish.
  11. I did a gravel vacuum, however, it was actually pretty clean as they are done bi weekly. I think that based on what I am getting in replies it was most likely something in the tap water and unfortunately I missed and the Leporinus could not handle it for some reason. I will get a tester for chlorine and going forward I will need to up my dose of prime as precaution(new bottle was used), it is city water and god knows what they do to it. As much as I hate losing them I am lucky there wasn't more fallout. Thanks.
  12. Yes, two airstones and several plants, just added a new large plant a few days ago.
  13. Today my 3 Leporinus in my 125 community tank died within hours of a 30% water change and I have no idea why, definitely bummed out. Prior to the water change which I do about every 12 to 14 days the water parameters were normal, maybe about .05 ammonia and all else normal. I have no idea what happened as they have been through several water changes like this one before and every other fish, loach, and snail in the tank are fine. The water temperature never varied more than about 1.5 degrees, I use a laser thermometer for the tap water. After each water change I add prime and Pristine as directed and a little carbon(flourish) for the plants. I tested the water after a few hours, ammonia at 0, nitrates around 30, all others the same as always, any ideas? I really liked these 3 fish and now I am afraid to get more.
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