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  1. Ok so you think I should just continue doing water changes and redose with ich-x and maracyn?
  2. Hello! On Sunday I began treatment for my 2 Tiger Oscars for Ich. I used Ich-X and followed the instructions exactly. Monday I woke up and I saw way less Ich on them... however their fins started fading away. They were still very active and hungry. I changed water, added the Ich-X, and also added Maracyn. Today I woke up, Ich appears to be completely gone. Their fins didn't get too much worse, however it did not get better. I just got done changing the water, and redosed with Ich-X just to be sure I get rid of all of it. My question is, do I dose them with Maracyn again? Should I be doing Ich-X and Maracyn daily? I'd appreciate any help!
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