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  1. Ok thank you, yea I already bought the bottled bacteria. Can you tell me the steps of what I should do for setting up this fish in cycle?
  2. Ok will do. What about the gravel and decor? It’s probably dead bacteria too? So just give the decor a rinse and start again? When I first got my betta it was defiantly a impulse buy and so the tanks where bit cycled . Just a HOB filter with decor and pebbles. Will the live bacteria I got help?
  3. But the filter media has not been used for way more than a couple weeks.
  4. The filters I don’t have anymore because they got multi surface cleaner split all over. But I do have the filter media that was once inside in a container with the same water it originally was in.
  5. they are in temporary containers. i just have to old filter media (which is a cartridge) which i am now switching over to sponge filter since the old filters got ruined.
  6. ok so i wasn't completely set on getting the eco-complete tbh. i will probably just get some other gravel to go on top of the old one. but like i mentioned earlier i just moved to my new house so i have the old things but currently i ave my betta's in smaller containers for the time being. so i cannot but the new sponge filter in to any established tanks because i don't have any. this is why i was asking these question since i have only had my betta for almost 2 years. so i am still new to this hobby.
  7. I know i said this earlier but this is what i should do? put in old gravel, decor, plants and let the old filter media float in the tank alongside the new sponge filter running. (with the zyme live bacteria) sprinkle in fish food every day and wait until the ammonia and nitrite levels reach zero with nitrate ranging from 1-40 ppm. (not over 40, if so do a water change) Last questions: Do i have to do water changes? if so when and how frequent? What plants do you recommend? for the eco-complete substrate, being with a Betta, 5.5 gallon tank and low maintenance.
  8. ok, so wait for this fish? and wait for nitrite to be zero and nitrate is present. how much should the nitrate read?
  9. right away after i setup the tank or right away after i let the old filter cartrige sit for a few days with the old gravel, live bacteria, and old decor?
  10. ok, thanks. i probably won't be getting the eco complete for a while until its back in stock at me pet store, but i will probably add the old gravel in along with some of the old decor and then cover the old gravel later with the eco-complete. as for the old filter cartridge. i will probably let it sit in tank for a few days with the new sponge filter running. i will also add the zyme live bacteria to help boost the process. how many days should it take so i can i add my betta in? also i have a master freshwater test kit with me. so what should all the levels read for it to be ready to go?
  11. Thank you for all the help. see the thing is that i just moved to my new house so i have the old tanks with some gravel at the bottom with water plus two plants that used to be in each tank. so i dont have a established tank to put the new sponge filters in. so from reading everything is this what i should do? put the old gravel and old filter cartridges in a mesh bag and let them sit in the tank for a few days WITH the planted substrate along side a couple of the old plants plus some new ones? lastly where can i buy those mesh bags? at a petco or petsmart?
  12. i love the look of what you can do with a 20 gallon tall or a 29 gallon.
  13. i also do have some of the gravel from there old tanks with the bacteria in it but i was planning to switch over to the eco-complete substrate for plants. but won't be getting that for a while so was planning to cycle it now without any substrate. will that work?
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