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  1. Hello fish friends! I’m trying to decide if the following behavior is bullying and worrisome…I have a community tank with one Molly and a nice sized Angelfish (Corys and emperor tetras too). They’ve gotten along great, my Angel is very docile. In the past few days the Molly has started eating/grazing off the Angel. Especially her long fins, which show NO signs of damage. Almost like the Molly is cleaning her. The Angel seems completely unfazed, doesn’t try to swim away. I’ve heard of SAEs eating slime coat but not familiar with Molly behaviors. For now he’s separated in a breeder box. Would appreciate any insight!
  2. Anyone else love this little setup from Petsmart? I didn’t use the see through HOB (ugly) and added an established sponge filter. With a coupon stacked on top of sale price, got it for $36! What a great deal. Can anyone talk about their experience with the light?
  3. Hey everyone, need your ideas…I have a 65 g tank with a bunch of pea puffers. It’s got Caribsea Sand in a gold color and the plants aren’t thriving. I’d like to switch over to something like eco complete topped off with black sand (also hate the light colored sand, never trying that again). Do I need to remove all fish to scoop out the old sand? I’m wondering if sand sediment in the water is irritating to fish. If I do, is it true that pea puffers shouldn’t be netted like we traditionally catch fish, don’t let them out of the water? How do you scoop and contain puffers? Logistically I can’t envision how to do this. Thanks for your time!
  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I dose double Prime during water changes. Yes, city tap does read slight green when I test for ammonia, it has since day one. I suspect that temp change/oxygen levels/stress is the culprit. The fish also seem a little stressed from the new lid, I guess to them it’s a big change to their environment. Last night I fed daphnia and hunting seemed to set the Peas right, no more hiding in the back. Haven’t had anymore losses since the four and the danios I moved to another tank are no longer breathing heavy and back to normal. This is my first large tank, lesson learned. Now I’ve got air stones on both ends of tank.
  5. Yes, but I’ve read that cyanoacrylate glue is aquarium safe?
  6. Sorry if it’s not clear 2 of the 4 fish started dying before water change. Last water change was over a week ago. I do wonder if the glue had anything to do with it…
  7. Thanks for the input! Yes, it went up about 2° when I added the lid. I have the heater on a thermostat, it’s set to 76° and Sunday afternoon it was 77°. Prior to the lid it was usually around 75.5°. That’s what I was worried about and why I added the second air stone Sunday afternoon.
  8. Hoping someone can give me an idea what could be going wrong… 65g tank setup since January, seeded with a sponge filter from an established tank. All inhabitants doing well, mostly pea puffers, a few danios, otos, one hillstream loach. Up until this weekend had an egg crate light diffuser for the top. Saturday made a top out of lexan polycarbonate. Glued hinges on using regular super glue. Water parameters stay stable, no ammonia or nitrite, nitrate around 20ppm. Sunday morning wake up to dead danio. Tested water, all good. Later in the day do weekly water change and discover dead hillstream loach. After water change find dead pea puffer. Monday morning another dead pea. The remaining puffers seem fine. The remaining two danios are breathing heavy so moved to a different tank on Sunday. After Sunday water change added second air stone and propped open new lid thinking maybe it was an oxygen issue? Other equipment in tank: HOB, sponge filter, heater. No other signs of disease on fish. All have been wormed, peas are fat and happy. Could the new lid have anything to do with the loss or is this just a coincidence?
  9. Hey y’all, I’d love your advice. Newly setup 65g flat back hex, 18” top to bottom, 4’ wide. Purchased one 48” 3.0 and set it to the standard Pro setting. No CO2. Fast forward a couple weeks and I’ve got Staghorn on some jungle Val, Java fern and Crypts. My other stem plants are doing great. Recently found this thread and lowered light intensity down to 35%. Anyone have a light schedule that you think would work? Prefer a long viewing window as possible. Thank you!
  10. I have a group of 12 Pygmy’s with some chili rasboras in a 10 gallon tank purchased mid January. This morning I found the cutest little fry resting on a Anubis Nana Petite leaf, my heart almost exploded. I was surprised to see a baby as I rarely see the Cory’s, maybe 3-4 at a time. I do overfeed the tank as I’m also breeding bladder snails for my pea puffer tank. I’ve got a huge water sprite plant, a big chunk of driftwood, and some botanicals in the tank, run a sponge filter. Feed Fluval Bug Bites, Xtreme Nano and Bottom Wafer. I really would love to see the Corys more often! Any advice on getting these shy buddies to come out more? Anyone know if they can handle live Blackworms?
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