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  1. My airstone isn’t producing enough bubbles. It was working perfectly fine before. I’m going to bed so I won’t be able to answer questions until tommorow.
  2. With the salt in how often should I do water changes?
  3. How often should I put salt in the tank?
  4. I’m really stupid and got bilateral mixed up with unilateral pop-eye. From what it looks like one of her eyes is cloudy and swollen.
  5. I have a betta with bilateral pop-eye and was hoping to be able to add aquarium salt to her aquarium but I have ghost shrimp in the tank with her. Will the aquarium salt hurt the ghost shrimp if I add it? Also if it doesn’t how much aquarium salt should I add. The salt would be temporary until my betta’s pop-eye gets better.
  6. Is Real quick whats a RO, and with the distilled water changes how often should I do it and how much water should I remove
  7. I got their kit that test ammonia and all that other stuff, so I will have to look at the GH and KH testers
  8. I’m not sure how to to GH and KH, I just know how to test PH
  9. I need help with changing PH. So I have a betta and the PH is really high, And I was wondering how I could change it with my betta still inside. I have Seachem neutral regulator, so I was hoping to use that. My tank size is 10 gallons btw, Thanks!
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